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  1. Great ride report. I grew up is CS, and go there often. But rarely ride my bike down there anymore. I need to, those are great roads. Up here in Northern Co, is good....but not that good. You just can't beat the mountains in that area!
  2. Well, CAD files for the current mounts don't seem to be around, or nobody is sharing. Which slows this down a little.. I am also surprised by the lack of interest in these. Seems like people have tried and failed?? Love to know more detail about that before I spend more time and money on this.. Thoughts??? Or should I just throw on a set of Rizoma mirrors and call it a day?
  3. Okay....I know...to much time has passed. What can I say. Anyway, I went and took some measurements of the CBR1000RR mirror (new VFR mirror), and some angle measurements. Not the easiest thing to machine (or model) but it is doable. The length of both mounts are within 1mm of each other. The tough part is the shape, they are not simular. But by using a loft I was able to blend them pretty well. I don't have the new mirrors yet, so I had to guess a little on the bump and cable routing locations. (Needed to see if it was possible first) It would install pretty easy. Assemble the new mirror to the new mount, and run cords. Then just mount it to the bike by turning the mirror 90 degrees. Presto. (of course there will have to be a left and right for these) I have asked some members for some engineering files of the current mount to save time...and money. Just be be sure the profile is perfect on on the bike. So, if I can pull this off I will ask a machine shop I know to give me a price if they are ordered 20 or more at a time. Or...if there is someone here that would like to run them (Darth Bling?) I will hand over the 3D files. No one is going to get rich off of this. But.....I do think this set up is the way to go.
  4. I am still doing it. My dirt bike needed some TLC befoer a Moab trip and got me side tracked. As well as taking off my VFR wheels to have them painted. But the mirrors will happen.
  5. T, So you are already working on the adapter base plate for this conversion?
  6. Best looking VFR I have ever seen. I LOVE it!!!!
  7. Yes I did think of that, and have some laying around. My only concern was that I think I will need to tap holes into the adapter due to the different angle required. Delrin does hold a thread pretty well though, and I could always press in some inserts. And the machined surface is VERY nice for plastic. Need to find the best option to buy them, price, etc. Then it will make up its own mind as to the best solution. Don't think I will make them and sell them like you did...maybe. But for sure will post how I did it and share SolidWorks files for anyone that wants them.
  8. Well I went and messured, and whala, they are .5-1 inch longer! The only reason you "see your elbows" is because the CBR mounts them so much more narrow than a VFR. As far as which year CBR1000, it is the 2009 version than has the cool mirrors/blinkers. So what is need is a machined alum. block that the mirrors attach to to get the correct angle. Then a second set of holes (threaded) to mount them to the bike. Easy? Design wise yes, machining....I may have to use a CNC, maybe. Powder coat the mounts black, and paint the mirror housing body color. I think it would look sweet...and what it should have been from the factory. Even the blinker has a very simular design langauge to the headlights on a VFR
  9. While I like the Darth version (nice work), I still prefer the new CBR1000 Mirrors. I think they have nicer lines, and a cleaner look. Two more plus points: They are Honda (Ride red my brothers), and if you did paint them, they would look really sharp due to the design. Which, I have alway loved Ducatis with painted mirrors, or MVs.
  10. So, I was looking at a new CBR1000RR, and thinking, dang those blinkers mirrors are nice......real nice. Wish I had those. Then, "why not". Sure the angle is not the same, but the mount profile is very close. Nothing an alum. angle adapter couldn't solve. And hey, I AM a designer with a full machine shop. I looked around, and yes, there are some easier options on eBay, but they don't look great. And....a bonus, the design would look GREAT painted to match since you can take the paint all the way down the stock. So, has anyone tried this yet?? Photos?? Thoughts? Not exactly a cheap experiment.
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