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  1. The advantage of turning the fan off is so the stupid thing isn't fighting against the air flow when you're at highway speeds and just keeps the engine from cooling down. Stupid that they didnt tie the fan into the speed sensor. I've had to pull off the highway several times to let the fan finally turn off so the engine could get back to normal temps.
  2. rangerscott69


    I love using my bike as a transporter. I strapped down a milk crate to go a 100 miles to get a transfer case for my vehicle. Just glad it didn't leak gear oil all over my bike.
  3. Just checked and Im using the 6th gen airbox. The tops of the throttlebodies are different. There is no mount for the two coils so I drilled holes, used zip ties, and used sealant around the holes. If you use COP's than no worries there. There is also an extra 1/2" port on the left that I plugged with sealant.
  4. From the sounds of this... and please correct me if I'm reading incorrectly between the lines, are you going to be using 6th gen injectors on the 5th gen engine? I've often wondered about this with the 6th gen multi-orificed injectors getting better atomization if a swap is worth it...You need to swap the entire throttle body assembly then. The 6th gen fuel injectors won't fit in the 5th gen fuel rack. Way different size/length.Rangerscott69 has done this. It works fine. You can use the 5th gen ECU. Does the 5th gen air box fit on the 6th gen throttle bodies or do you need to use the 6th gen air box?If Rangerscott69 is listening... how did this mod turn out? Performance, ride-ability, mileage, power... any comments? Worth the swap or just neat to do? ...ooops, sorry for the threadjacking Been fine. Not really worth it to do the swap. I just did it it, just to see if it could be done. I wanna say Im using the 6th gen airbox because there is a difference but Ill have to pop the tank. Havent farted with it in a good while. Waiting on slave cylinder rebuild parts. I do have a problem with warm up idle. From 140f to 170 the idle wants to dip down and stay at 1000rpm. Once it passes 170, she idles normal. I just havent taken the time to checkil it out.
  5. The Denso COP's on any bike should have the same female/male connections so the harness can pretty much come off of any bike with denso COP's.
  6. Ha. I never saw that I was mentioned in this kick ass thread. The COP's ran fine while I had them installed. Just took them off because of vacation trips and just wanted to eliminate any problems. There are others that have been running them longer than I have with no problems.
  7. Bike ran fine when I had the cop's installed. Haven't had them installed some time now because I haven't really been able to enjoy my bike. When I'm on her, it's because I've had to go out of town with her and don't like "testing" things while I'm hundreds of miles away from home. Going on a week long trip and when I get back and if I remember (LOL), I'll put them back in.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. "Might" be a hotter spark. I know there are dirtbike guys that'll run a coil off a different bike to get a hotter spark. The only way to know for sure is to get both and put your tongue on them and see which one knocks you out longer.
  9. There was a batch of those that got out and they're pinned wrong. There's a thread on them somewhere here.
  10. I know those vehicles. LOL I'm gonna go the paper route. OEM filters are over priced and I've used K&N's on both motorcycles and vehicles and I don't think they filter that great (uh oh argument starter).
  11. I made a purchase on ebay for an item and they are gonna cancel the order. I should be getting a $50 coupon. So....if I do I might order the oriscope thingy. I still need to replace my vehicles clutch so we'll see.
  12. I got the adjustable length and tip over flip up ones. Loveing the gold color to match the rotors.
  13. Hey K. Have you thought about megasquirt? I don't know of anyone using it on a vtec'ish engine. People seem to rave about it since it's so customizable. I wonder if Honda changed up the ignition with the newer models? You're still using the newer 12 point injectors, correct?
  14. You can get single and dual beam HID bulbs. Some are only single because the auto/bike uses multiple bulbs like the H7 bulb. They only come in one filament that's why bikes have two sets. 5th gens use H4 bulbs that are dual filaments.
  15. Dang. You've posted in almost every light thread. If you want white stay with 4k-5k. Any higher and blue will start to show.
  16. Not yet - me and Kostritzer were giving suggestions on how to go about it locally. I mean, heck I've got an oscilloscope and low amp current probe but I'm a bit far away. :) Oh yeah, you mentioned a small inexpensive oscilloscope didn't you. Can you shoot me a PM with the brand and if possible a link of a vendor to purchase it from? The shop ones I keep seeing are way beyond the tool budget for now. DSO Nano on eBay. Most of these are clone hardware - no big deal - but there is also a newer Nano V2 and also a DSO Quad which has four channels! All of them are limited to about 1-2mhz, mine realistically tops out at about 150khz before it starts to alias badly. Plenty good enough for auto electrical work though. I saw those. It looks like they got cbeapy mp3 players and hot wired them and reprogrammed them. LOL Im thinking about getting the cool quad one. Just need you to sell this to me because I dont know what else I would use it for.
  17. Hey guys. Sorry no updates. Im about to pass out from work and the heat. I wejt out of town last weekend to see family. We went pawn shopping and wouldnt you know. One place had a snap-on osci scope. Looked like a 60's tv on a roller stand. LOL. They wanted $600 for it. I think itll play pong.
  18. Yea. I noticed the different wiring yesterday while looking around. I thought it would be best for you to find out yourself than for me to give away the surprise. LOL
  19. No because I believe the gsxr uses the same gapping. I'll double check once I get back into town.
  20. Ehhhh.......not sure. What type of business would most likely be using them?
  21. Well, I'm running Raid 0 on my desktop and I think one of my harddrives just took a dump so my time is going to be switched. Yea! Happy birthday to me.
  22. The best was on my way home. I was stopped at an intersection then took off slow when the light turned green. I held the throttle steady but fumbled and the rpms dropped some. I romped on the throttle and my rear just spun threw the intersection until I let off the throttle. These are rare occasions and I get gitty when they happen. The great thing is the rear never fish tails. There's not a dyno even close to me so I use the "feel" dyno.
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