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  1. I was there last winter. Spent the winter down on the desert. Lots of tourists that time of year. Lots of Hardleys.
  2. milesbandit


    Okay, I'll confess to being a bonehead: What year is that beauty, and what was the engine size? Was this the first Interceptor? Please don't hurt me.
  3. Is this somewhere near the John Day Fossil Beds? I was riding up there this weekend. Possibly the best roads this side of Mecca, but don't tell anyone.
  4. milesbandit

    Milesbandit's pics

    The usual bike and ride pics
  5. Thought it was my bike, right down to the seat with yellow piping. Sargent? I get compliments almost every time I ride it. Gotta love the yellow VFR.
  6. milesbandit


    Very cool. I'd have skid marks on more than my bags.
  7. milesbandit


    Avons always. On this day it was the Viper Supersports You look in great form. Wish I could ride like that. I haven't run Avons since they stopped giving away free calendars with naked women.
  8. milesbandit


    Road rash me, baby.
  9. milesbandit


    Is that smoke or a little fog?
  10. milesbandit

    PNW Ride

    Hey! That's me on the yellow bike! Or it could be keithbob on the yellow bike. Anyway, it was a great day. I see you aren't washed out to sea, keithbob. Hope you kept your carpets dry.
  11. Love the yellow bike. That's a beauty.
  12. For long rides in cold weather, I also use the foot warmer inserts. At a stop, you can feel the warmth. At speed, your toes don't get so cold.
  13. milesbandit


    I was going to guess Utah or New Mexico, but it looks like Tecca is planning to fall into the Grand Canyon and die, so you're probably right, it's Arizona.
  14. HA! Round here in my small town, just wearing my high-viz vest, some people look at me like I must be queer.
  15. Very nice. Is that a ticket or what?
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