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  1. Doug, That's an interesting pic! The cans sure do look like Kerker units. The time frame would put them on the market when Kerker was a stand alone company. IIRC, the Berger family bought Kerker in '91. They already owned 'Trapp at that time. They moved all operations from Sacramento,CA to Cleveland,OH in '94 which was when I got involved.
  2. whitetip.jpg When using Silent Sport, pack it in tight! Rex
  3. I don't recall Hot Tip (could have been after I got axed), but they did make systems that were called "White Tip" (cool shark logo). These were systems that had the header Jet Hot silver ceramic coated. Rex
  4. Medium or coarse stainless wool is the ticket. The reason most aftermarket mfgs. don't use it is $$. Also, they don't get to sell you repack kits after the initial purchase. The best non stainless repacking material is called SilentSport. When I was R&D Mgr. at SuperTrapp/Kerker back in the mid '90s, we started using SilentSport for all of the 'Trapps. Good stuff, made in Germany IIRC. www.silentsport.com Rex
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