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  1. rg-one

    Vfr 916

    Very cool - Honducati I've always loved the 916 tailsection
  2. Every now and again I accidentally bump my horn button, usually while I'm stopped in a parking lot doing something. It's embarrassing, this would magnify that 10-fold!
  3. rg-one

    I Am Back !

    Wow, that was a very nice piece to read. Thanks for posting that! In my neck of the woods, 2007 was a very bad year for accidents too. More than once I have questioned my mortality if I continue to ride. But I sure can't seem to get it the riding bug out of my head. I think about bikes and riding them every single day. Maybe winter isn't such a bad thing after all, gives me some time off to re-evaluate and if anything, it's 4 months of not worry about a big forest rat jumping out in front of me or a truck crossing into my line :thumbsup:
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