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8 spoke VFR wheel $200

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This 8 spoke from a 1990-1993 VFR 750 fits 5th and 6th gen VFR 800s [1998-2009]. I bought it from a vfrd member and have not modified or used it since I purchased it. $200 plus shipping. I have other 8 spoke wheels, so am listing it for sale.


It is important that potential purchasers have full disclosure: the wheel is out of true and the lip has been machined in some way, possibly to flatten the out of true section. All modifications and damage are shown in photos. The previous owner told me the wheel was straight and 'in good condition', he did not tell me it was out of true or how it got that way. The wheel's right side rim measures 1.6mm movement side to side. The right side tire mounting surface is out of round by 0.5mm up/1.0mm down. The left side rim measures 1.2mm movement side to side. The left side tire mounting surface is out of round by 0.5mm up, 1.6mm down. All measurements were made with a digital indicator gauge on a fixed arm with the wheel turning on a balancing stand.


I took the wheel to Dr. John's Straightening, a professional straightening shop in Orange County CA with an excellent reputation. Jim, the wheel specialist at Dr. John's elected not to attempt to straighten the wheel because of the material removed from the lip.









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