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5th/6th gen OEM wheel with Brembo full floating rotors $550

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[Right side]

This OEM Honda 5th/6th gen wheel with 320mm full floating Brembo rotors has seen very little use, and has been stored since 2011. The wheel and rotors are straight and true. The rotors are intended for a CBR900RR [see closeup photo of Brembo information printed on rotor], but were adapted to a 5th gen VFR front end conversion with VTR1000 forks. Braketech makes caliper adapters to fit the 320mm rotors to standard fork mounting points for Honda OEM Nissin calipers [adapters not included]. The tire is the photos was mounted in 2011, used for a few hundred miles, and has a manufacture date of 2010 [see photo].


[Left side]







Tire manufacture date 16th week of 2010



This front wheel with rotors can be purchased as a set with the magnesium 17x5.5" Marchesini as shown below for $1200. Details and photos of the Marchesini can be found in a separate vfrd classified ad.


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