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Marchesini magnesium rear wheel with RC45 hardware $750

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This 17x5.5" Marchesini magnesium wheel is in like-new condition - $750 plus shipping. It was intended to be part of a 5th gen VFR single nut rear axle/hub conversion, but will work for a 6th gen or 8th gen single nut conversion as well. A 5.5" wide wheel doesn't have the clearance issues for 5th/6th gen conversions that a 6.0" wide RC45 wheel does. The Marchesini weighs 3.6 pounds less than a stock 5th/6th gen rear wheel. The original owner purchased this wheel and hardware as backup for another wheel exactly like it. He did his conversion back in 2011 when it was possible to drop by your local Honda dealer and order rear axle and hub parts for an RC45, which turn out to fit the 5th gen very well. This is wheel #2; wheel #1 was sold mounted on the original owner's 5th gen. This wheel has been in storage since 2011, and is still fitted with the first tire ever mounted to it, a Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa - manufacture date of tire is 2010 [See photo]. Because it has only been used for a few hundred miles and has never had this or other tires removed from or mounted onto it, the wheel is free of any rim chips or other blemishes. The RC45 tension bolt, castellated cap nut and other new RC45 parts in the photos are included in purchase price.





Tire manufacture date 29th week of 2010



The Marchesini can be purchased as a set [shown below] with a stock front 5th/6th gen wheel mounted with like-new Brembo 320mm full floating rotors, for $1200. A separate vfrd classified ad has more details about the front wheel/rotors.

















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