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I’ve been focused on selling my last moto (SV650) for the past few months, to make room for the VFR to hibernate for winter. So this week saw the SV leave and the VFR finally get some indoor storage. It hurt me to keep it outdoors just under a cover for the past few months, it was just necessity. 


That said the most most moto related thing I did this week was safety wire my Thanksgiving turkey. 




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I recommend laying a few strips of bacon across the top of turkey - gives it more flavor and helps keep it moist.  And, you know, bacon 🙂

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Yesterday was a decent sunny day for MidAtlantic/CNJ with some wind and partly sunny 45 degrees F, so I took a nice ride on my local loop to see how the liner on my Astars Andes Drystar worked.  Seems good to about 40 F no issues.  I like the longer cut and coverage over the typical shorter race style jackets, and the textile ‘touring’ fit was very comfortable in the colder weather. My new Held summer gloves (Airstream II) were fine too, my hands really didn’t bother me at all after 60 miles of riding both highway and backroads in cooler weather.  Also the new Shoei (RF1200 Flagger) worked great without the breathguards in place, the pinlock visor system (first I’ve owned) is worth it.  I’d highly recommend any of these items for both hot summer as well as down to cooler fall riding. 








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