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Hello from Nebraska

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Howdy folks. I figured I might as well join a forum or two for my new (to me) bike purchase, a 2010 VFR1200.  I decided after a few years of tinkering, fixing, and building my 1975 GL1000 Goldwing that I was tired of dealing with carbs and wanted something more powerful and better handling that could also still cover longer distance rides.  I have always wanted a VFR1200 ever since they came out, and while many people seem very split on their opinions of the bike, I can say that it feels like Honda asked me what I thought the ultimate bike was and built it.  

This is my GL1000, and she has been an incredibly fun old bike, especially after fitting progressive rear shocks and RaceTech front springs and Gold Valve emulators with a fork brace.  A Hydraulic clutch conversion and a few other upgrades later, a bit of a diet, and some Suzuki Sunlight Copper Pearl metallic paint make one nice looking machine (if I say so myself).  However, it is time to move on, so she is going to a new owner soon.  


Anyway, on to the reason I am here.  I went out and got myself a younger "hotter" redhead.  I was actually not planning on even buying a bike for a couple more months, but when I saw this bike up for sale for a really good price, I had to jump all over it.  After the ride home, she has a tick over 10k miles, and has a House of Kolor Orange Pearl Metallic paint job (previous owner was a paint and body shop owner).  It also has some Throttlemeister bar ends and came with a few extra goodies like a Corbin seat, taller clear windshield, and Honda Panniers.


My next steps are to get new tires, as the front is worn very poorly, and they are skirting on 5 years old.  I also plan on sending my forks and rear shocks off to Daugherty Motorsports to get setup for my rather large self as this suspension was definitely not intended to handle all 6'4 260lbs of me.  While I know the high end Ohlins stuff is worth its weight in gold, I am not a hardcore corner carver/track rider, so it's all wasted on me.  Plus I have read nothing but great things about DMr setups on these bikes.  The only other things in my plans for this bike is a DAM slip on because I don't like the look or sound of the Two Brothers can that is currently on the bike, and maybe some lighting upgrades.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, and sorry if the pictures are too big.  I look forward to reading through other mods/upgrades and various discussions on this amazing bike.

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