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5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

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On 08/02/2018 at 2:24 PM, CandyRedRC46 said:

I think it would work, but they would have to promise/ ensure higher quality, actual performance merges and provide a legit dyno before/after. Also they could not ask more than a $100 over their standard header, any more than that for an ebay brand header, would be ridiculous. 


Hey CR, yes the old Sandy Bikes spares pipes were crap. But the newer Black Widow versions appear to be much better quality. Practicle SportsBike Magazine in the UK, has been fitting a bunch of their refurb bikes with these & they seem impressed with the quality & the performance.  Performance Bikes magazine did a feature last year on dirt cheap endurance racing. They got a dog of a Bandit 600 & stripped, cleaned & adjusted everything whilst removing the few parts that are allowed in the race series rules. One item that you can change is the exhaust & air filter, everything else engine wise has to be stock. They used Black Widow exhaust & after finishing the build the day before the race meeting & then having an electrical problem that meant they missed most of practice. They rocked up on the Sunday & won their class !  The exhaust looked good in the mag pictures & performed better than stock !  And that is NOT a performance version, just the bog stock replace my rusted out version.


So it looks like they have got their act together as far as manufacturing is concerned. Only time & the dyno will tell if they nail it for the VFR's.


How's your 6th gen doing ?



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