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Front end conversion - was yours worth it ??

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I got to sit on Mini-Carvers 5th/6th Gen at the last Summer Summit in South Dakota. (Yeah, he offered to let me ride it but he's about a foot taller and the bike is definitely set up for him). Super well thought out and executed. He showed me the cast-in boss on the Fifth Gen engine that he bolted the VTEC solenoid to-like Honda knew someone was going to do this swap. A RWB 6th Gen WITH cam gear whine AND dual Staintunes!?  Outstanding. If I win the lottery...  Oh, his dad rides a 6th Gen WITH a TORO Charger, yes quite the team.

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23 hours ago, mello dude said:


Hey MiniCarver --- I think you may have the near ultimate VFR there with the 6th based and 5th engine plus 8th wheels and monoblocks.. 

>>>>Wow, just frick'n WOW! --- If I get your way, I would love to see it in person. 


You Carvers blow me away.. :beer:




If you get my way I'll let you ride it lol. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.


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