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2006 VFR passenger handles, tool kit, filter screen, etc.

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Sold the 2006 VFR800, and I have these parts left over 
1. Passenger handles with bolts, washers, and cover caps

2. Took kit

3. Some kind of filter screen  (?)

4. Fork protectors (?)


(1) Complete passenger handle parts (minus the underneath spacers) for a 2006 VFR800. It should fit 2003-2009 VFRs, so I’m told (please do your due diligence). 

(2) nearly complete tool kit. I think it’s missing the handle to the screwdriver 

(3) also, some kind of oil (?) screen? 

(4) fork protectors? 


The 5 pictures show everything you get.  If you don't see 5 pics, let me know and I'll email/DM them to you

$100 OBO + $25 S&H = $125

IMG_1543 copy.jpg

IMG_1544 copy.jpg

IMG_1540.jpg IMG_1541.jpg IMG_1542.jpg

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