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VFRD Wild Header New - 8th Gen For Sale - $1000

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These VFRD Wild headers are from the most recent 2023 run, brand new, never installed for the 8th gen, 2014+. I put a deposit down almost a year ago planning to pick up a 5th gen project bike and convert it to front-mounted radiators but never did find the right bike and other priorities and projects have come up.


All total, delivered, these were just over $1,150. I'd like $1000 plus shipping costs from US zip code 95603. The box is 17"x17"x36" and 11 lbs. If the buyer wants to arrange their best shipping and provide me a label I can get them shipped out, or I can estimate shipping and add to the sale price.


10% of final price will go back to VFRD.



More info here:



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