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MBD Strikes Again!


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Far better to anneal the copper by heating and drop in water 

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1 hour ago, Thumbs said:

Far better to anneal the copper by heating and drop in water 



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She's all done (for now).


In no particular order:


·       Full brake caliper strip & clean

·       New caliper seals

·       Fit braided brake hoses

·       Clutch bleed/braided hoses

·       New brake pads (Honda)

·       Front & rear suspension service

·       LED lights conversion all round

·       Blue LED dashboard lighting

·       Fit voltmeter

·       New Iridium spark plugs

·       New oil/filter

·       New air filter

·       Coolant flush

·       PAIR delete

·       Snorkel & flapper mod

·       SV’s

·       New Metzeller Roadtec 1 tyres front & rear

·       Techspec tank grips

·       CF-look chain cover/hugger

·       SS bolts (fairing, axle + pinch bolts, brake disc bolts)

·       Mirror extenders

·       CF-look fuel filler, tank pad & key cowl vinyl

·       New number plate


Still to do/considering at some point:


·       Hi-level end can + VFRD headers

·       PC III

·       Mosfet r/r

·       Find & fit clear LED indicator bulbs (flash orange)

·       New number plate

·       Comfort seat (Top Sellerie)

·       Brake levers

·       louder horn

·       16-tooth front sprocket

·       Oxford Products sat nav mount on steering stem


Most of the above is blingy, very little has made the bike lighter or more powerful but that wasn't the aim, mainly because I have neither the knowledge or skills to accomplish the sort of things Mohawk and others have managed to do. The main point was to refurbish a bike that hadn't really been ridden for 16 years and keep it such that it will still be as rideable in 20 years time.


I've yet to go on a decent ride with her as it's been 34 deg C / 90 deg F yesterday and today so a little too warm for my liking but I will be getting her out for a good run soon.


Massive thanks to all those who have proffered advice, you know who you are, this was a big thing for me and she's pretty much turned out as I wanted, so thanks. :beer:







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1 hour ago, ducnut said:

@Skids I hope there was an upgraded R/R somewhere in there? 😉

Oooh yes that is on my other list, just forgot it. 

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6 hours ago, jroberts427 said:

Looks great. Got a link for the LED headlamp bulbs? 




Justin, no I didn't keep a link to where I purchased them but here's the box with a QR code.


Plug and play.



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Took her out for a bit of a run this morning, just to make sure everything is working as it should.


I'd forgotten just how smooth and flexible this engine is. I don't know what exactly is responsible but it is butter smooth at low revs/low speed. I can sit there happily in 1st or 2nd at 25000rpm purely on the throttle and she's easy to control. I'm guessing that the 'new' Starter Valve balance sequence has done the job but maybe it's a combination of all the things. Who knows. Either way, the engine is a peach.


The brakes are also phenomenal. Not quite the planet-stopping power of the 1200 brakes, but not far behind and I love the balanced braking you can get when gently slowing using the linked-brakes; I'd completely forgotten about that as neither of my other 2 VFRs has it.


Suspension is very stiff, at least compared to what I'm used to on the Crossrunner. Felt every single bump on the back roads, but she feels very solid. I may have to play around to see if turn in a little quicker.


All-in-all, so pleased. Thanks all for the help.  :beer:

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Would be interested to know about the HEL lines. I had a 2001 model some years back and removed the dual brake setup as I felt it never worked, and wanted to install braided lines. The brakes felt a bit wooden but ok. I just got a 1999 50th year model, 11k miles, super condition. Like you I've had it in pieces and its 100%. I am keen to replace the ageing rubber lines but this time retain the Dual setup. I have a Haynes and am no stranger to brake bleeding. Was the dual bleed a real PITA?


I also have a 1200 as a daily ride (replacing 2001 800) and its great. Its my 2nd 1200. If you are into slight modifying, I found the SebSteef ECU flash a vast improvement, and I also got a DAM end can. 


Your 800 looks lovely BTW!!! Hoping to get out on my "new" 800 in October while its still dry and cooler.


Meant to say, recently I have been taking brake lines to a company in Dorking called VenHill. They do kits, but you can also take what you need to them and they literally copy the same length etc. The connecting ends swivel and lock so you can get the pipe route just right. 

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In addition to the WiLD headers that I've just put a deposit down on, I have just ordered a GPR hi-level end can.


Hopefully the 2 will go together well.




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@Maccers Hey Maccers, sorry but I completely missed your post above, only just saw it as I posted about my new end can.


I returned the HEL lines, managed to get a full refund too so kudos where it's deserved. There's a thread on the issue I had so I bought some Galfer instead. I'd fitted a set of these to my previous 08 VFR800.


The Galfer lines are superb, much better design than the HEL at the headstock join and the brakes are a significant improvement imo.


Bleeding the Dual CBS can be a challenge but if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can. Always worth a calliper strip, clean and rubber renew if yr removing the lines anyway.


I'm lucky because I also love my VFR1200. Sebsteef ECU flashes are very well thought of by those that have had it done and along with some suspension work and a DAM end can the bike becomes a truly outstanding motorcycle, imo.  :beer:

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