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From: Frank-N-Motard-VFR




This bike was damaged



So I bought a second bike mainly for the plastic and other repair pieces (after I got pushed over by a driver on her cell phone).

And ended up with a mess like this





Which is killing my single car garage BTW

So I mentioned here on this site that I am looking for a renthal bar set up because I really don't want to have to exact bikes to roll with, and someone responded. Now I am horse trading for parts.

I got an idea I wanted a VFR-Supermoto-Daily Driver-Dual-ish Sport like thing. I really want to narrow the bikes back end (no wider than the seat) and make the front end all about business. I will make air ducts and a small fairing to cover the back of the cluster and remount the head lamp. Also add some racks for pelican of military aluminum boxes.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent my house trading pal tonight in regard to removing the bars, cables, and triple clamps.

Him-Did the process go smoothly? Any hiccups to look out for when I pull mine apart?

Me-Yes, there are a few things.

Here is what I remember.

I removed all of my plastic. You may not but the view helped. there are two star drive bolts under the ignition on either side of it actually. You can loosen all the upper clamp bolts but may need to use a ball pein hammer to tap it up, I did. This is of course after you remove the bar ends, the grips, clutch and brake, and last throttle. Then you will need to tip up the tank and take a look down by the sticker on the frame. you will see the round throttle cam with bith cables. To the left you see both little screws that hold the bracket holding the cables. You will need a 90 degree bent number 1 phillips screw driver to fit between the frame and bracket. The angle was too steep to go in and not strip the screw. The screw is small and soft metal. Dont drop it! Once you take the cable free you can do as I did. I taped a wire to the cable before pulling it back through. That way I can pull the cables back in the same way. The cable drops from the throttle down the sanction and around the front of the right sanction. It then goes behind the brake line on the left side, behind the left sanction. then it starts follow that mess of wires in behind the frame headed right at that cam and bracket location.

I really do not know how you will be able to see without removing plastic, it is dark and deep in there. You may need an LED taped to the end of your nose.

Any other questions let me know.

Here are the pics I took to follow the Throttle Cable Set ((TCS) I just made that up).



Tank up



TCS and cam pointing to the front of the bike. NOTE the tight little space for acces to the screws.








Face view of bracket



Bracket flipped



Tape holding chase wire to TCS



TCS as it travels directly back behind frame



TCS as it travels out of frame towards front behond the brake like and sanction



TCS travels between the sanction and around the outside or front of the right sanction



Sorry turn your head to the right, this is a top down shot of route of TCS

I will try to keep good records and try to be clear about my goals and steps to get there.

Everyone feel free to help bump my in logical directions when I need it.

And be kind this is my first BIG post on this (less the "Did Honda get it wrong"? I posted).

David "Livestrong" Chamberlain

Source: Frank-N-Motard



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