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Found 13 results

  1. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    The 2018 Summer Summit 4 July 10th - 13th (Tue - Fri) Custer, SD Accommodations: The Rocket Motel - Reserved under VFRD SumSum 4 605-673-4401 | Don & Brenda (owners) | www.rocketmotel.com They have 27 rooms available at this "Blast from the Past" family owned motel Doubles/ Kings: $99/ night ~ Family (3 bed suite): $129/ night Note: 1st night deposit charged, but refundable with cancellation, within 72 hours of 10th The Rocket Motel is now fully booked! Suggested Alternative: Chief Motel (just across the street) 605-673-2318 | www.chiefmotel.com Tuesday: Arrivals Wednesday: Area Rides Thursday: Area Rides/ Dinner/ Wrap up Friday: Departures More details to follow as they become available. Bookmark this thread for updates. NOTES: - If you are trailering your bike(s) please inform Brenda or Don when booking so they can arrange/ reserve space. - Group passes to several of the area national parks/ monuments/ sites will be arranged and tagged with ride routes (once completed)
  2. After a summer of scouting, touring, remembering, riding and experiencing - it's time to chose a site for the 2018 meet.
  3. From the survey results of SUMSUM3 held in Montrose, CO, (2015), the location will be changing. This summer, I'll be heading out with my research & destroy partner, to scout out new potential locations for a "possible" SumSum4, slated for summer 2018. If you have interest in attending, suggestions for a location and/ or interest in helping out with the event, should it come to fruition, please chime in. If you have no idea what a SumSum is, I suggest you search the site as there are plenty of references and threads from other members.
  4. The 2015 VFRD SUM SUM <3 is Aug. 18 - 21st (Tue - Fri) Montrose, CO http://www.vfrdiscus...-sumsum-3-page/ Red Arrow Inn 970-249-9641 1702 Main St. Montrose, CO 81401 Rooms reserved under "VFRD SumSum" Tire Deal for VFRD / SUMSUM 3 Attendees! Highland Motorcycles 970-240-2197 www.highland-cycles.com Call and order which ever tire you want for $10 over cost. Installation: $50 for rear / $25 for front & $3/tire disposal fee Must be ordered minimum 6 business days prior to the 17th/18th. Secured with a cc Tag this page to receive update notification. As additional details become available, it will be added here so please keep the comments to a minimum. Additional Shirt, Long Sleeve special edition shirt is available for $45. I've ordered a few extra shirts, so those attending may have a chance to purchase an extra. I will en devour to keep the attending list up to date on a weekly, daily basis. REGISTERED ATTENDING: didit CVVFR Veefer800Canuck Kanadian Kawasaki Kraig Lee 2002 MaxSwell Cageless-in-Seattle Q-Dawg Dragonfly Sparrow75 motormike jmtech Mrs jmtech huntinggunns VcFR clwesel FSAE rangemaster Reddog gswanson Axel7 Mrs. Axel7 ki-speed HispanicSlammer ZiaVFR Shade 00Yeller + 1 vfrcapn Cogswell COS_VFR Belfry
  5. The 2015 VFRD SUM SUM <3 Will be Aug. 18 - 21st (Tue - Fri) Montrose, CO Well, I hope to see you here.Host Hotel is now ready to take reservations. Red Arrow Inn 970-249-9641 1702 Main St. Montrose, CO 81401 Initial Room Block of 12 rooms in place, under the name VFRD SumSum <3 First Block Rate is $99 / night plus taxes. Price may change once sold out. They can only offer a maximum of 30 rooms blocked at this time of year. There are other hotels in the area, well within walking distance. But ya wanna be where the action is. More info, registration page and downloads to come.
  6. Summer Summit 2009

    Lee2002 on top of Pikes Peak right before the summer summit
  7. Summer Summit 09 014

  8. Summer Summit 09 013

  9. Summer Summit 09 013

  10. REGISTER HERE: http://sumsumx2.eventbrite.com/ The second all regions Summer Summit meet will be in Montrose, CO. This event is held once every three years, open for all VFRD members to trek to the central US for a few days of riding, meeting old friends and making new ones, putting faces to the members, drinking some great local brewed products, getting tips and taking tricks that others have discovered, all for the enjoyment and riding of our VFRs. The (first) 2009 SumSum was held in Dillon, CO and hosted some 62 bikes ranging from an '84 Interceptor through every model year. At first, many scoffed at how early the information was posted for reservation and registration, then many wept as they waited too long to book time off and missed out on one of the best regarded events. Don't be sorry. Tuesday to Friday, August 14 – 17th Host hotel: Best Western Red Arrow 1702 E Main St., Montrose, CO 81401 p: 970-249-9641 A preliminary block of 20 rooms has been registered under the name VFRD at a rate of $89 / night +tax. FCFS - Once filled, a second & third block will be offered at progressive rates. For those who are Best Western Gold Crown Rewards collectors, the hotel will honor a maximum of 2 nights per room booked, for redeeming points to free nights. This is fair trade as we will no doubt have the entire hotel booked. Even better, use them at hotels on your route down. Overflow / optional rooms are available at the Days Inn, not ¼ block down the street. (room deal and contact info to come) Preliminary Itinerary: Tuesday: Arrivals, check in and mingling Wednesday: Day ride, trade & equipment show Thursday: Day ride, evening social, wind up dinner Friday: Departures, day social & rides Event sponsors, details, registration inclusions & method will be coming in the following months. This is the preliminary announcement to commence hotel booking and allow you to arrange suitable time off for travel, meet and return. This thread will grow with information as it becomes available. No need to add your name here as a registration page will be created, most likely through Eventbright.

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