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  1. Hi, I'm in a pickle. I've bought a bike and rebuilt the carbs along with some other things. I've never even heard it run and I'm soooooo close to trying to crank it over (tuned it by hand and it moves smoothly). Read the full story here. I haven't had any replies about my recent issue so I thought I'd post it in this forum...I've got some pretty itchy feet to try and turn her over on my day off today. I just need to figure out how to get the fuel feed hose to attach to the carbs. It's so simple but as you can see from my picture I'm either missing some sort of adaptor/bridging piece (? 16199-MAL-505 TUBE ?) OR the previous owner has managed to lodge a piece of plastic connector into the feed hose. I would really appreciate a guiding voice here. I'm thinking of pulling the plastic part sitting in the hose out and just connecting it to the t-joint. It seems it would make sense but I'm far from a mechanic! BJ
  2. Fuel tank vent

    Hi there to the 5th gen community. I am hoping someone might offer some advice. My bike's fuel tank seems to overflow if i fill it past 14 liters. I first noticed it soon after i bought the bike about two months ago. I filled the tank and it seemed to randomly dump fuel onto the tarmac until the tank was below half, on the gauge. I had the tank off yesterday and pulled the pump mech and the gauge mech and found nothing, except that the tank was re-coated on the inside at some point and the gauge mech seems badly rusted. By riding without the fairing for a bit, i have realized that the fuel drains via the vent pipe, which is the smaller diameter pipe of the two dedicated to venting or breathing. There is also an 8mm tube which is the overflow from the tank filler. It doesn't leak from there, but from the vent. I cannot figure out why or how come it would do that. Does the tank build up pressure ? How on earth would one remedy this ? Any Ideas ? Also the motor seems to be missing a bit after removing the tank. Is there a bleeding operation to the fuel delivery that i missed ?
  3. Hello everyone, Fairly new to the forum as I have owned my VFR less than a year, but I am looking for some help with a no start issue. I took it on a trip out to Colorado in the second week of June. Trip was 3400 miles in total and it ran great the whole trip. About a week after I got home I washed it up good in the driveway. Bike started fine in the driveway after it was washed and I rode it back into the garage. 5 days later I wen to fire it up and it cranks over, but doesn't start. Thought the battery might be dead so I charged it up, but still a no go. I haven't had much time to dig into it since, but I plan to get after it next week and I'm looking for some suggestions on what to look at first? Are there any known causes for a sudden no start? Could something have gotten wet when it was washed? When I turn the key to ignition, the dash lights all come on and I can hear the fuel pump priming. The engine turns over smooth, just doesn't start. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Any insight on what to look for or test would be appreciated. Today the LCD COMBINATION METER decided to go blank. No clock, no fuel, no temp, no trip, no odo I stopped for gas, not long, and the combo meter came back on. I stopped a short while later and the combo meter went blank again. It came on again before I returned home, but it went blank after arrival. After a search on the forum and preparing for this post, I went out to look at the gauge and the clock was up, but showing 4:34. So I'm guessing it came back about 3 hours and 34 minutes ago at the dreaded 1:00. I turned the key and the entire gauge came up (from memory of the prior odo reading, the odo is working and showing my mileage of the ride, but trip meters were zero) When I tried to set the clock, the gauge went blank again. It's late here so I will take a look tomorrow. In the meantime any suggestions will help. Dan '01 VFR
  5. Hi all. If this has been covered elsewhere, apologies. To business then. Every piece of documentation i have read relating to the Gen 7 tells me that it should be able to get about 180ish miles to a tank. I'm lucky if i get 100 (27-29 mpg). I took it out for a good long motorway run a few weeks ago (120 miles each way) and got it up to about 112 miles to the tank, averaging about 85mph in 6th Setup wise, ive got a DAM can and a power commander and it had been Dyno'd by the previous owner. My tyre pressures are checked weekly and I also use only premium fuel but several mechanics i've spoken to all say that that kind of difference in fuel economy is unusual. Most of my riding is around town in London so i'm not expecting miracles but still, thats almost a 50% drop compared to the advertised. Anyone else get similar figures or have any suggestions of what it might be and how this can be improved. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hello all and thank you for having this site available.I did some searching through the boards but didn't see a solution to my problems.I picked up a 83 750 that runs and is in pretty good shape. My intentions were to fix it up and resell in the spring, but as I learn about the bikes history I may keep it.The last guy disconnected the fuel lines and ran it off a separate tank due to rust in gas tank.I cleaned out the rust and sealed the tank. From what I can tell the gas flows from the rear of the tank, to the fuel filter, to the fuel pump.. Up and across to a nipple on the left carburetor... Is that correct?My throttle side handlebar isn't locked in. By that I mean the throttle tube and switch housing moves freely along the handlebar.I've taken apart the switch housing but don't see any studs or places where the switch housing would secure into the handlebars.
  7. VF750 Fuel pump relay operation

    I've just discovered the fuel cut-off relay on the 750 has shat itself. I have a spare to use, but I was wondering what the function of the relay is? From what I can gather, it's just a faster acting relay similar to the indicator unit? It just cycles on and off at a quicker rate? Just wondering if there might be a cheaper alternative aftermarket solution. cheers ian
  8. Hi folks - 2002 VFR800 non-abs w/ 54,000km. PCV w/included 02 eliminators, Autotune (installed but did not yet get around to enabling and trying it), PAIR delete / blockoff. Flapper / snorkel eliminated, Leo Vince slipon system. Bike has run excellently since I got it 4 or so years ago, including with the PCV and Flapper/snorkel delete. Last winter I did the PAIR blockoff plates (using RTV to seal them, I destroyed the rubbers while farting around trying to get those little bast*rd screws out before I read about the vice grip method), removed the plumbing, and installed new OEM spark plugs ($). Also added Leo Vince slipon system. I know and expect that I will smell extra gas fumes with the PAIR delete - this was the case, no problem. However I found my mileage was down significantly - I can't say exactly how much (set my SpeedoDRD incorrectly after a gearing change, so the mileage reading is off) - but lets say 150km / tank where previously it was 250-300... so it was significant. The bike also felt like it was lacking some pull... it ran properly, did not feel like it stumbled or misfired, VTEC engagement was fine, temperature display was fine - but it just didn't feel like it was pulling as hard as previous, the exhaust was really stinking like fuel, and also perhaps of note is that I swear the bike itself is getting hotter than it used to (*temp reading is normal, but the frame really seems to heat up and I think its more so than previous - hard to say with certainty though). Since it ran OK, I didn't do any real troubleshooting, and I really didn't ride it all that much last summer. I want to deal with this now though - looking for assistance? I have read up on FPR failures, as this seemed a potential suspect - now my bike hasn't run since November, so I think it was fairly optimistic to pull the FPR vacuum line and hope to see fuel in there - but take a look at this pic, the tip of nipple on the "T" had a shiny coating that smelled like fuel when I rubbed it off with a Q-TIP. Actual vacuum line itself appears to be bone dry; I blew some compressed air through to make sure its not plugged (its not), and no fuel or anything came out. Also, potentially of note, when I opened up the airbox I see this from what I believe is the crankcase breather (stuck a Q-TIP in this too and it appears to be a light spray of oil, so I don't expect it is a problem but figured it was worth a pic): Any input, suggestions, tests you think I should do - let's have it, I want this solved. Reality is that my bike is currently in storage (with full access); I can move it to an area where I can start it but it will be a PITA so any thoughts on things which should be tested without actual running would be preferred :) Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to get all of the pertinent info out to minimize the back and forth... so now I say... HELP! Mike
  9. Hi everyone, first post and hopefully in the right section. I am having trouble starting my '89 FK. It was running perfectly a couple of days ago until I changed the exhaust downpipes to a SS Motad system. There is now no spark or voltage to the coils and the fuel pump is not moving any fuel. The starter and engine turn and all lights and fuses are good. The fuel pump works when connected directly to the battery. I intially thought the problem was with the fuel cut out relay but I then checked for a spark and nothing. I then suspected the kill switch but that is working fine. Looking at the wiring diagram it could be the side stand switch but the bike is in neutral and I have tried with the side stand up - still nothing. Any ideas? I am going to remove the tape around the wiring loom and check for any breaks. Should there be a complete circuit between the two pins going to the kill switch from the wiring loom (female) red connector (Black and Black/White wires)? Really stuck and if anyone has any ideas they will be greatly received.
  10. Hi All: I've got a new to me 2000. Its got a k&n and will soon have a delvick on it. I want to look into a mapping system but do not seem to find much except maps in the download section. Do ya'll think I'll need something? Realistically I want the bike to run well but it is my street bike. I have another go faster bikes. I want your thoughts on Power commanders or other FI modules. What one would I get? I would like more power, who wouldn't but the bike will remain mostly stock. It will have an air filter and pipe, what can I expect from a fuel management system I'd be very happy with 100hp at the rear wheel.
  11. Vf500F Starving For Fuel

    As some of you already know, I got myself a 1985 VF500F. Well its made 1985 by the frame number, but technical its a 1986 model, as it don`t have a fuel bump! I have a problem, the bike starve for fuel at times. So someone kindly did give me this link.http://www.daughertymotorsports.com/howto/tankvalve/tankvalve.html A thing I might do, but seem this is a problem for bikes whit a fuel pump, my do not have a fuel pump. I have had the fuel tap/pet cock up, the screen was clean and all seem in order. I have tested the fuel cap, it let air pass the small hole, tested whit compressed air. After the check the bike did run fine for about 300km, then rideing to work today, it started to starve for fuel again, turn the pet cock/fuel tap to reserve didn`t help. But turning the bike to left side, like rideing a left curve did help. Did stop at first petrol station to be safe, filled up 9,3 liters.............it should be a 15,5l tank, so how mutch is for spare/reserve?3,5l? I have filled up ~12l at most whit out hitting reserve. Anyway after the fuel stop it did run fine again the rest of the day. So suggestions where to start to look next? Something in the tank that sucks into the screen of the fuel tap/pet cock? Ideas are welcome. And one more thing, my bike is a Swiss market bike.............
  12. Booster Plug?

    Curious... has anyone heard of / used the "Booster Plug"? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BoosterPlug-Honda-VFR800-VTEC-2002-2013-RC46-Forget-the-Power-Commander-/111613527059?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19fcaf4413&vxp=mtr I have a PCV for my '02, so its not something I'm interested in, but I came across it on eBay and it is cheaper (but not so cheap you already know the answer) which made me wonder if it worked or not...
  13. So I just finished cleaning the carbs on my 3rd gen VFR and I noticed there is fuel dripping out of tube #39 (see diagram below) at the top of the carb assembly. Obviously it's not running well. It's dripping out enough that it's leaving a pool on the garage floor. What the heck does this mean and how can I fix it?
  14. 26 - Lida Junction - got gas?

    From the album 2014 California

    © Lorne Black

  15. As many of you may have seen, we have been able to successfully reflash the 2010-13 VFR1200 (F & DCT models) with fantastic results. We have acquired an 2006-09 VFR800 ECU and have begun the process of disassembling the code. What We would like to know is: Who might be interested in having their ECU reflashed to get rid of any restrictions (ignition timing, top speed limiters, rev limits, etc.)? What, if any, issues with the 2006-09 VFR800 that we may be able to fix with an ECU reflash (for example VTEC engagement RPM, fueling, surging, of other issues in the power curve)? With this information, we will know if it is worth it to proceed working with this ECU and market, and what items to find in the ECU. I would also like to know if there is anyone with this motorcycle that might be interested in letting us run it on the dyno to test ECU modifications (it will be worth your while). I believe that we are the only aftermarket company that has reverse engineered Honda's flashing protocol to be able to flash the Honda Keihin ECUs through the harness connectors WITHOUT drilling or cutting holes in the ECU. Thanks for your time! Don Guhl Guhl Motors 717-618-4212
  16. I was browsing on fuelly.com recently and noticed that the VFR800 is the 5th biggest group of motorcycles recorded on the site. There's 381 VFR800s of all generations and this of course means a pretty decent sample size for comparison. What's also interesting is the huge spread or variance in mpg figures - using UK units here - anything from 35 to 64mpg! That seems extraordinary - how can anyone be getting over 60mpg??! My 5th gen has strugged to do any more than 150 miles to a tank and i'm averaging about 39.6mpg so far (UK). Based on other similar vintage bikes that's definitely in the lower quartile and it got me wondering: Do VFR riders generally ride a bit more sedately and do longer trips hence the much better average economy? Or is my bike sick and in need of some attention? Or is it more likely I'm riding the nuts off my bike at every opportunity and therefore economy isn't too good? Or are some people just recording very optimistic figures? It's got such a great engine I find it hard to ride the bike gently so how do some VFRs manage such great economy?? NB if you're thinking gas is really cheap why does he care it's because in the UK it's the equivalent of $10 a gallon!
  17. Greetings VF braintrust! I have a 1985 VF750F which I had running but now it barely idles at 1500 with full choke and as soon as you twist the throttle the slightest it stalls - then when you fire it again it reves up to 3000 and quickly falls to 1500. I thought it was the fuel pump or relay and got different ones of each - that did not seem to be the problem. The fuel pump moves some fuel ... Any thoughts? I am wondering about whether CDI's are calling for fuel (if that is indeed part of their role)? Thanks for any advice! Ted from Alberta [Ps - the roads are dry up here and even though it is cold I would still ride!]
  18. I just received my Rapid Bike 2 Module Friday and installed it yesterday. I've got some pictures and information on it, if anyone is interested. I already started a thread on vfrworld and I will post up the details here too if any of you guys are interested. The Rapid Bike module is a piggy back computer like the bazzaz and power commander but it has way more features and allows 3 dimensional mapping of both fuel and ignition curves. My Ignition map My fuel map
  19. 86 Interceptor 500 Starting Issue, possibly a fueling problem? I have bought a 1986 Interceptor 500 and it has some sort of starting issue. When it is warm, it starts well. There seems to be no problem. However, when it is cold it is very hard to start. It starts, runs for a little while and then gradually dies. However if I use the choke, and by judicious very small throttle movements, it may be able to be got running. I am reluctant to start disassembling anything until I have a better idea of what may be the problem. This model has no fuel pump and appears to have no lines going to the fuel tank other than that which is connected from the tank to the carbs to delver the fuel. I wonder if anyone here has any idea as to where to start looking. Thanks
  20. Hello once again ! I will try to put this as short as possible. Thank you for your patience =D. So I recently bought a Honda VFR 750 RC36 1990.. The bikes look is modified (I am finishing what PO started)I think the only related to my"problem" in this could be the 190 rear tire. The engine is as far as I know complete stock (except the wings slip on). So here is the thing, the bike starts from the first crank,even if it sits for month, no choke needed.Works like the perfectly healthy bike (i noticed a little knock sound while idleing,but I think it is because of too low idle (it is about 800rpm, even lower when hot) or maybe the clutch bearing (since the sound almost completly go away when I engage the clutch). If you rev it a little in neutral the throttle reaction is amazing and fast..There is a issue with temp. gauge.. The gauge never goes up past 1/4 no matter how long the ride is,and it is obvious that the bike is warm (vent/cooler starts while waiting on the traffic lights,huge amounts of hot air coming from a bike, so I am not suspecting a thermostat) While riding: 2 things I noticed: 1st there are no quiet detonations/backfireing like on "normal bikes with slip on" but while engine braking there pops a LOOOUUUDDD BOOOOMM.. The loudest I heard on the street bike ( and I had a few "poper bikes"). If I accelerate little more aggressively and then let off the throttle the pop would be even louder. 2nd. I was riding it like a granny all the time so I decided to give it a little speed. So I opened the full throttle in 1st, the bike jumped to 10 000rpm and kinda stoped there , shifted it to 2nd opened full throttle bike jumped again very fast to 10 000rpm and just stoped there.. No more power producing from there, it didnt sound like the limiter, it just stand there powerless and couldnt pass that 10 000rpm.. And now the problem: While riding it granny style , low rpms etc for entire gas tank. the best I could get is about 22MPG , or about 60 miles per tank ( while gauge got to red reserve mark i tanked it to full, and got 60 miles to that same gauge position). While looking at the consumption experience from my other bikes and from other vfr owners this is brutal.. And gas is very expensive here.. The bike is probably running rich ,but there are no hard gas smells or something. So as this is my first vfr, does this bikes have some known issues (except R/R) to be related with consumption , or should just classic carb detail clean, new air and fuel filter , carb sync, spark plugs do the trick? Thank you!