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  1. Custom Rear Mudguard Tidy

    Hey All, First time VFR owner and first time poster. I've been a Triumph thoroughbred for a while now - owning both a Street Triple and Thunderbird - I decided I wanted something a bit more sport touring. A few family friends own VFR's from various generations and I have heard nothing but good things about them. So I decided to buy a 2009 VFR800 to add to my stable. The previous owner did some tasteful mods to it such as Honda hard bags, leovince exhaust, tail tidy and a double bubble windshield. To add my own touch to it I'm adding a few mods to it myself - honda logos on lower portion of the fairing, reflective rim stripes and a rear tire hugger from red fox (waiting for it in the mail). In addition I wanted to create a new tail tidy as I noticed without any form of mud guard, the tail lights get coated in road grime and dirt and muck which reduces their effectiveness (plus they are getting sandblasted.) I am making a new inner rear fender to cover up the gap in between the exhaust behind the tail tidy. My ultimate goal is to cast my prototype in carbon fiber. Take a look and let me know your thoughts or if you have any suggestions.
  2. Exhaust collector (balance) box

    Anyone know if the collector box off a VF500C (V30, Magna) will bolt onto a VF500F/F2 (interceptor)? They look the same and as the bottom ends of the engines are the same so I assume it would fit but nothing beats personal experience. There are quite a few decent condition Magna boxes on Ebay but less F boxes.
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you're all well and in good spirits. I got my 'beast' just under a year ago and she was broken, battered and neglected. There was no MOT, the chain and sprockets were rusty, chain adjuster was seized, the oil was jet black and there was massive hole in the cat. But to be fair... it was quite clean: I got it in the middle of winter for a very reasonable price, so I then embarked upon a journey to restore her to her former glory! The list includes: -2 new Michelin Road Pilot 4 tyres -new D.I.D chain and sprockets -new tapered steering stem bearings -new front brake discs and pads -new battery -fitted an independent hazard light kit wired straight to the battery with blinker relay and diodes -powder coated wheels and nose cone bracket in gloss black -puig double bubble screen -side exhaust conversion (yoshi can) -pillion foot pegs and grab rails removed and honda blanks fitted -new rear wheel bearings (including needle and sprocket carrier bearings), all replaced with genuine Honda parts -eccentric hub cleaned and re-greased, chain adjuster is now free to move -new oil and filter, new coolant, coolant reservoir also cleaned -new spark plugs -K&N air filter -removed chain guard and sprocket cover and cleaned out years worth of grease and dirt -exhaust studs and nuts all replaced with stainless steel This is what she looks now: As it was coming up to winter, I thought the stock headlights could do with an upgrade, so I fitted these: I'll stop rambling for now, but I'm very pleased to be a part of the VFRd community! :)
  4. Thinking of getting myself a smaller pipe, maybe a straight pipe. Looking to see if anyone locally in SoCal would want to pick up my gently used Akropovic exhaust and how much they're willing to pay with all the hardware. Thanks all!
  5. Please forgive my laziness and lack of research, but I have a simple question for those who understand what a 'cat' does ... If I remove the entire stock exhaust system from my 2001 (pre-VTEC) VFR800 and replace it with this complete Delkovic system ... Link ... ... then how will it affect the running of the bike (given that the sensors previously attached to the Catalytic convertor will now not be attached to anything)? Thanks, in advance, for your replies. Andy
  6. Hello all - I have successfully mounted a newly ceramic coated set of 1998/1999 catless headers to my friend's 6th gen. I have unsuccessfully mounted a stock 6th gen canister assembly to the 98/99 headers. [We will be installing a Power Commander V, so will not require 02 sensors or associated bungs] Sorry I don't have photos yet, but I'll be able to post some by this Saturday. The 98/99 headers have a couple minor dings from their life before the ceramic coating, but nothing major. I do not know their history. After aligning the stock 6th gen exhaust canister assembly to its mounting points, it is 5mm too high, 15mm too far left, and rotated a tad so that the support bolts wouldn't line up even if position was correct. This is the same stock 6th gen canister assembly that earlier fit the stock 6th gen headers on this motorcycle with no problem, so I suspect the new used headers are the cause of the problem. I have used all new OEM copper crush washers and all new OEM exhaust sleeve gaskets and have torqued the cylinder exhaust studs very gradually and evenly to their specified torque. Having read MVinOZ's thread here and seeing how much bending of exhaust he did with leverage and force, I attempted to use some leverage of my own to persuade the canisters to move into place, but stopped when I thought more force might sacrifice a cylinder stud. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting the headers and canister assembly to line up when the components prefer to misbehave? The motorcycle's owner suggested heating to bend via running the engine or using a butane torch. To me, it didn't seem the engine would generate enough heat that far back in the exhaust system to help persuade the exhaust. I am researching whether direct application of a high heat flame [Like a torch] would be detrimental to the ceramic coating. Thanks for any assistance!
  7. Hello I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a Titanium Race-Tech Arrow exhaust with carby (carbon-fibre) end tip for my 2014 VFR800. I've noticed in reading other posts for slip-ons that some arrive with sealant. I've also read, spoken to other riders who mention the use of gaskets etc. I am unable to find info on Arrow's website, so here goes: Do I need any other material in order to properly install this slip-on? Do I need a sealant or lubricant, etc.? Do I need any additional gaskets? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
  8. I'm new to the forum but I've already received some amazing tips re: mods. I just purchased own a Y2K 5th gen CA bike with only 11K miles that is 100% stock. Next week, I'm taking delivery of a '99 5th gen from FLA (49 state) that has 44K miles and loads of rare aftermarket bits. My plan is to swap performance/ ergo parts onto the low mileage CA bike, then re-sell the donor bike as stock. I have read that 49 State bikes have a few key differences namely cams, ECU and no O2, cats, etc. Since my plan is to sell the donor bike with stock parts, would swapping the ECU, cams, headers be worth the time/ effort? Guessing it would only effect power/ torque slightly, but better for fine tuning via PCIII. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Pics of my Y2K:
  9. hi Guys, new to the vfr forums, thought I would show you the exhaust system I made for my '14 vfr. its a 4 into 2, so the front two cylinders and rear two are independant. the mufflers I made from 100mm pipe I flattened in the press to form an oval shape. primaries are 35mm ID going into 55mm ID, so she is , um, pretty big lol. results so far are very pleasing, nice note and no melted bits. has anyone got a map for PCV that they are happy with sharing with me ? the base map on the power commander site is for a pretty stock bike, figured there must be something else out there. Im running the usual airbox mods, BMC filter and autotune. cheers.
  10. Recall and a Gutting.

    Hi Guys and Gals, So spoke to my nearest Honda motorcycle dealer Rick Gills Motorcycles and Paul from their parts and service was very helpful. Turns out my bike hasn't had the recall work carried out as shown by a lack of punch/stamp below the J on the head stock VIN stamp. As shown below. There should be a dot punched/stamped there below the J if the recall work has been carried out. So if any of the Aussie 6th geners are reading that's what to check if you have a bike with a VIN between JH2RC46U*2M400005 to JH2RC46U*5M700241. (Don't know if the mark is standard across the world/regions). So the part(s) have been ordered and I'll get a call in a week or 2 to book it in for the work. On the exhaust front I got some great feedback (for once ) with Gumtree. A couple of interstate riders willing to help out but shipping would have defeated the purpose of keeping the cost down. Ended up getting a pair off of a great bloke named Simon locally on Monday for a 100 buckaroos. Local exhaust shop said $25 a side to weld the ends back on so I got to it last night as shown. I marked approximately 6mm in from the centre of the weld to cut with the hack saw. Sorry about the photo quality. A bit of persuasion and BFI and I got it out.. Got the other side done and called it a night. In total it took about 1 hour and a half and a few beers. I dropped the cans off at the exhaust shop this morning, as they are flat out and my job is no worth much to them it could take a day or 2. I'll be annoyed if I can't try them by the weekend. I'll try to get some audio recording as well to put up. Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Cheers.
  11. Note: There are several versions of the mid-pipe for the 6th Gen Staintune exhaust. The hanger and shape may differ. Note 2: If your Staintune exhaust is second hand, inspect the hanger mount-point on the mid-pipe for cracking. This is a common failure point and Staintune will repair/replace for free, or you can have a local welder take care of it (voids warranty). Note 3: Some Staintune systems for 6th gens are one piece. You can follow this guide, just know your mufflers are pre-attached. Remove Seat Disconnect license plate light connector. Remove four 10mm bolts. Bolts closest to the rear can be tight, gently pull upward on the light to provide better access. Remove two 12mm bolts. Pull license plate wire out of under-seat compartment. Remove license plate/light assembly. Loosen exhaust clamp. Loosen muffler hanger bolts. Both have 13mm nuts under the seat. Remove both hanger bolts. Be careful when removing the last bolt, as the exhaust will be able to drop down to the tire. Gently swivel off the exhaust, and remove. Remove the OEM lead gasket from the outlet pipe on the catalytic converter, as this is not needed. Wash your hands. Take a well earned beverage break and marvel at how heavy that stock exhaust is! Now, let's install the Staintunes! Remove rear most bolt on the right passenger foot-peg. Mount the Staintune mid-pipe, noting alignment with that passenger foot-peg bolt hole. Install provided longer bolt and nut to the passenger foot-peg. If you need one, it's a M8x55-1.25 bolt and matching nut. I replaced the other three passenger peg bolts to match since they were not a hex type. (M8x50-1.25, (2) M8x30-1.25) Tighten the exhaust clamp. Slide the left muffler onto the mid-pipe, and install / tighten the previously used hanger nut and bolt. Staintune text should be facing the outside of the bike. Do the same with the right muffler. Feed the license plate light wire back into the under-seat compartment. Reinstall the two 12mm bolts. Reinstall the four 10mm bolts. Reconnect license plate light connector. Reinstall the seat, start the bike, and enjoy!
  12. I bought this VF500F earlier this year as a project bike and my second ever motorcycle. I have been working on making it look better and work as it did in the '80s(while modernizing where I can). I thought I was buying a 1985 VF500F, but have since found out from the MTO history documents that it is an '84. Its got 56 thousand km on it, but it runs and it was cheap. I have been told that one of the previous owners restored it using a few donor bikes and based on the frame paint and what not I'd say it has. I have been taking it apart and learning how it works so that I can fix up anything is out of date or falling apart. It has been fairly straight forward so far using guides and chatting with people on this forum, but I have a few questions and am looking for general advice. I've been thinking about the exhaust on this bike for awhile. The bike has some sort of upgraded 4-1 exhaust on it and I think I've identified it as the Hindle 4-1 pipe. It shows it's age though. There is rust pitting and an odd cloudy texture on the metal. How do I resurface the pipe? Also, the can that was on the end was a SuperTrap, but its kinda broken and I'd like something lower profile too. I have been considering leaving the end open as a straight pipe, except the end of the pipe is messed up and has an adapter bolted straight through it. To fix this I want to remove the end bit of the pipe and fab my own stainless side exit. Would this be viable? Will it mess with the tuning too much? I am aware of the carb jetting I'd need to do in order to make it work and I can do it. All that I've been reading from GAZ's topic about building his own pipe has put me off though. I'd also like to know what having this pipe means compared to stock. Besides the exhaust I am open to advice for things to fix. So far my list of things to do looks like this: Tires Repainted wheels Lights Speedometer Redone seat Chain and sprockets Wobbly clutch lever(How do I fix this?) Carb sync and clean Carb jetting Mirrors I am going to link an album of pictures here for the pipe. http://imgur.com/a/RmqqA P.S. - I am not keeping the original look of this bike, but I am a huge fan of the engineering behind the VFR series and I've wanted one of these since I first got into bikes. If anyone in Ontario needs red plastics or stock parts I can hook you up. This is an ultra-low budget D.I.Y. build, since I'm 18 and in school(before anyone suggests super sonic builders who can do it for me). Why is mine red?
  13. 57ebcf7256477-header8.png

    From the album Eighth gen header

    Eighth gen header, arrows showing exhaust merge angle
  14. Stumbled across some nice high res pictures of the 8th gen's header. Very interesting design. It is a stark contrast to the 5th and 6th gens, as the front 2 pipes merge and the rear 2 pipes merge, before hitting the cat. Also worth mentioning is the single o2 sensor right before the cat, as opposed to the 5th/6th gens two o2 sensors. You can zoom way in on them here on their ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-Honda-VFR800F-Interceptor-Exhaust-Header-Pipe-Manifold-18150-MJM-D00-/232031761742?hash=item36062bb54e:g:oqAAAOSwdzVXm5tR&vxp=mtr
  15. So I just got off the phone with Two Bros. Awhile ago I had bought a partial left exit system online and wanted to see if they could help me out with the pipes I was missing. The tech told me that "back in the day" they would just measure the angle and length of the pipe needed and build a jig to weld up the tubes. After the run of systems that they built, they would get rid of it and not record any dimensions of the exhaust. Basically, I would have to get 100 dudes to sign up for a new left exit system and they would build it. I don't have high hopes for that coming to fruition, I doubt there are even 100 members on here who own a 3rd gen. So I'm appealing to a forum member who could maybe give me dimensions for the parts i need. The pipes missing that I need are the rear header pipes, coming off the engine. I have everything else. Or if you guys think we can get 100 members signed up for a system, throw your name in below.
  16. 6th Gen Delkevic Exhaust

    Hello All, I've been looking into getting an exhaust for my 2004. I was looking to decide between the full exhaust from Delkevic or slip on DS70s. My friends said that I'd also have to run a power commander to re-map the AF ratios when deleting the CAT, whereas with the slip-ons I wouldn't need to. Anyone know for sure? I'm not really interested in forking out $900 on an exhaust and PC for an extra few horsies.
  17. VFR World says yes. Anyone one back that up? Any pictures of such an animal?
  18. Annoyingly enough I managed to finally get that Two Brothers Exhaust of my VFR just to find out that with it I managed to pull a part of the manifold with it. I checked it afterwards and it looks like it is rotted right through. While there are new delkevic systems out there I need to count my bucks as I also need to get my front rim fixed, chain sprockets, rubber, and exhaust... *sigh* I like my VFR and can't wait to ride but she sure is putting up a fight. If anyone has a working Manifold Set and wants to get rid of it I would gladly take it :) Thanks Phil
  19. "pro-Race"

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRO-RACE-PR-S4-CARBON-GP-CAN-LINK-PIPE-FOR-HONDA-VFR-800-V-TECH-2002-ONWARDS-/301825626170?hash=item464635903a:g:7UoAAOSwFGNWRKKE If I'm understanding correctly that would work like a 5th gen high-mount exhaust (not undertail)...? Anyone have pics of this installed?
  20. I'm looking to purchase a Y2K with a low mount Staintune, can it be converted to a high mount?
  21. Hi guys I spotted a 4th gen header pipe assembly for sale on e-bay and am considering making an offer. It is in the next suburb over from me so very close by. I have a 3rd gen bike and have heard of a few people fitting the 4th gen header to 3rd gen bikes in order to save some weight and get rid of that ugly- as-sin collector box. I know that I would have to lose the centre stand (more weight saving so don't mind that, and have a paddock stand at the ready), but what I am not sure about is other potential issues: - I like my current muffler (sound / looks) but I know that the muffler to header connection is different on 3rd gen & 4th gen. Can a 4th gen header be easily modified to take a 3rd gen muffler? - any other stumbling blocks or is it a straight swap other than centre stand / muffler connection issues? Thanks in advance Malcolm
  22. I have a firend that has a 1984 VF1000R whit a set of aftermarket exhaust/silencers. Hi is however looking to find a OEM set in good condission, but whit no luck so far. Anyone on this forum happen to have a set that you can think of selling, or know some one that have? My firend would be happy to get a set. Reason is he likes to get it approved as a classic, and it then need stock exhaust. Local laws. Kenth
  23. Down Under Sound

    Got the 06 some Tunes!
  24. Hi all. I have a 2009 VFR800 with only 18000 kms on it. It was hard to control it on 'commuting' speeds, so I tried to do starter valves sync and took it to a mechanic. After the sync it became really smooth, but agressive - I ride the same way I did, but I always get +5-10 kmh -) But now I have some strange sound coming from the bike at idle and low rpms - sounds like popping or gurgling, I'm not sure how to describe it - but I made a video . Would anyone be so kind to watch it and help me figure out what the problem is?I think it's a problem because it became really difficult to start the bike after that sync - I have to press the starter two-three times and only after that it will start. My mechanic says he doesn't know what to do with this, so I'd be glad for some insight on this. When he did the sync, he told me that 3 valves were in sync, and only the first one (the unadjustable one) had really low pressure, so he adjusted that one. My bike has the following mods: - O2 Eliminators - PC5 (Dynojet's fuel map for LeoVince Exhaust) - LeoVince Exhaust - PAIR hose blocked P.S. Sorry for my bad English -))
  25. Picked up a used Carbon Fibre Leo Vince SBK Evo II set of slipons for the VFR... And because we all like sound effects, here is a video of my '02 VFR with (a)stock exhaust, (b)open CAT, ©Leo's with spuds out. https://youtu.be/trnz7tcGZOE Updated pics: