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  1. I am having a problem with my VFR750. It has a problem revving up under load past 6000 rpm. I have been told that if I adjusted screws that are circled that it would fix the problem. Here is an explanation of what is happening. When I am riding it will do fine in the lower rpms up to about 5500-6000 rpms. After that when open up the throttle (from half throttle to full throttle) it surges a bit and the rpms will actually start falling slowly while losing acceleration/torque and it sounds as if it bogging. I worry messing with the carbs. I am hoping someone has had this issue and has a fix. Thanks. If anyone has any questions please let me know.
  2. 4th Gen no charging while running

    So i thought I solved my electrical issues with the VFRNESS and new RR. Last RR was junk and caught on fire, replaced it with a RR from wiremybike.com. After I spliced in the new plug and put in the new RR my battery started dying on me. It would take a charge but wouldn't keep it, got it load tested and came up bad, so I replaced it. Now with the new battery I have zero volts coming back to the battery from the bike. Think it's the stator? How can I test it? Thanks, Miles
  3. I recently bought a 1995 Honda VR750F and it was low sided at low speed. So naturally I am in need of a right upper and middle fairings. I got on ebay and came across fiberglass reinforced plastic fairings made by a company called CWC and sold by a person with the e-mail of cwc.carswantschange@gmail.com. They seem to be of good quality. The right middle fairing is $159 + $59 shipping. The upper right fairing is $219 + $59 shipping both coming from Poland. They are white gelcoated along with all the mounting holes drilled and tab work ready for mounting. Does anyone know if these are legitimate or not? Also since I want to paint the bike white I was curious if white gelcoat was durable enough to leave as is.
  4. Hello All, I just bought my first motorcycle and I am having an issue. It's a 1995 Honda VFR750F. I have been riding it for about a week no more then 30 minutes at a time around town. I just took it out to some country roads and the highway for little over an hour. I stopped to pick up a pack of smokes before I went home. I got on tried starting it and the lights dimmed and the starter barely turned. So I had to push start it to get it going. What could this possibly be? Also, the battery is about 1 ½ old. The previous owner bought new and rode the bike once then it sat for a year. So I don't believe it be bad already. Thanks for the help.
  5. I'm about to remove (or try) to remove the exhaust header on my 4th gen to fix an exhaust leak. Pretty sure it's coming from the rear headers. Has anybody done this on a 4th gen that can provide some useful tips, hints, etc?
  6. Why does my bike die?

    I hate electrical problems! So after winter hibernation bike starts and runs fine except when I connect the battery leads for my heated gear (coax) or charger (SAE plug). It doesn't matter which is connected to the battery. Dashlights work but when I hit the start button, I lose power. Turn the key off and on the dashlights come back on but dies when I hit the start button again. All is good when I remove the leads so it's just the battery and VFRness connected. It worked before and I'm not doing anything differently from before. What could it be? Any ideas?
  7. 4th Gen running problems

    Well guys I went to start the viffer this morning and it started up on choke and I walked away to put my gear on. Then I heard the bike start to run super rough then proceed to die. Was difficult to get started again, wouldn't take choke, ran super rough, struggled to Rev up at low RPM'S, little bit of smoke out of the pipe, and sounded aweful. Almost like I was on 3 cylinders. I put some seafoam in it and ran it for a few but nothing cleared up. Had to go to work so I just put it back away. Any ideas what it could be? Anybody have this issue? I unplugged and reconnected the coil pack but that's as far as I got. Carb issues maybe? I ran two tanks of gas through it over the weekend and doesn't ever sit for more than a couple days at max. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Miles
  8. Ok guys so I've been busy dialing in the viffer. I got it dyno'd when I first got the bike and was running a bit rich, but the power curve was good and it ran great. I fixed the busted main header on cylinder 3, put on a non restrictive mid pipe, plugged the air box mod hole, put in a Piper cross air filter. Hoping I'd lean out a bit. I dyno'd it the other day and I'm even a bit richer that before. Dyno tech informed me that having better airflow could help make a richer environment for I'm pulling more volume and air which pulls more fuel as well. Which means I have carb work in my future. He said start by going down 5 on the main jets. I understand what that entails; so what size are the factory jets? Also I don't know if there was prior carb work done, if they aren't factory jets how would I tell the size of them so I could go down from it. I'm newer to carb work but I've been researching how they work and to better understand what I'll be doing. Just unsure of the specs for them. Any info helps and is much appreciated! Bottom chart if the first run on the dyno, top chart is the run I did Saturday. Also they changed the software and there's a 5% accuracy difference in number. So no I haven't lost power, I just have to lean her out a little to better my numbers.
  9. Bar risers from Germany

    Still get Thurn's newletter, so here the news that +23mm bar risers are available for the 3rd/4th Gen RC36 (1990-1997). As well as 5th gen RC46 (1998-2001) and 6th gen VFR 800 V-Tec, RC46/2 (2002-2012) for which he already had obtained TÜV approval previously. No need for longer hydraulic lines or modifying the upper cowl. Tince the forks themselves are angled, the bars will also slightly come a bit more towards you. Price is 79 euro + shipping (a copy of the TÜV document is +49; but you'd only perhaps need this if you are in Germany) info@thurn-motorsport.de ++ 49 9352 6734 PS: I donot hold any shares or bonus scheme with Gerhard :-)
  10. 4th Gen Dyno charts/results

    So I'm curious, what kind of power is your VFR 750 making? Also what modifications have you done to get there? I have a Two Brothers full system, factory style paper filter, and someone cut a hole in the air box for whatever that's worth. No idea if it's been jetted, but the carbs looked untouched with factory Philips head screws.
  11. I'm seeing a small spot on the garage floor near the water pump on my '94 4th gen. Flashlight shows a bit of green on the inside of the lower fairing at that location as well. haven't pulled the plastic off yet for a closer inspection b/c every single waking minute seems to be chock full of sh*t for me to do on the weekends. Went to Ron Ayers to get a part number, and...there's no price listed beside it? Are these things gone from The Mothership? A water pump??? C'mon...CERTAINLY these are still available, right? Ron Ayers is showing part number 19200-MZ7-010.
  12. Long Story but here goes nothing, Back in October of 2016, My dad bought me (a 16 year old) a 1996 VFR with 40,000 miles for $1500 which was basically like stealing it ;). Once we brought it home the next morning I was already tearing the thing down not knowing anything about it and did it slowly and carefully. After that Day 2 was degrease and clean the whole bike which was tough because the previous owner didn't have any knowledge of the bike or how to fix or clean anything at all. Then it was time for all the actual maintenance. What I noticed after we tore all the fairings off was that all the really important expensive small things were missing like screws and fairing pieces, etc. The bike first got all new fluids and filters (oil, coolant flush, brake fluid, clutch fluid, etc. After knowing that the previous owner never did any maintenance we decided to take the carbs off for a cleaning not knowing that they had never ever in 20 years been taken out.... It was hard work but carbs got cleaned and put back in. Meanwhile to clean the fairings we got a wild hair and decided to use NuFinish Scratch Remover on all panels which very surprisingly made everything look as if it was new and shiny. The last thing we did was a front suspension rebuild. We ended up getting new springs (Racetech 0.95 kg) and OEM seals and bushings along with Pro Honda SS8 10w fork oil. After the front suspension rebuild we noticed that the rear was too low in ride height and sag and ended up finding a jack up kit on ebay from Lust Racing that would raise the rear 1 inch. All in all the things that costed the most money was buying the original screws and little tid bits from Honda. When it was finally finished we all took it for a test ride and wow did all those little things make a difference. Here are some of the pictures of before and after and some maintenance pictures. P.S. In some of the pictures you will see my dads 1996 Honda CBR600F3 that is completley stock and unmolested and yes it has a mint stock exhaust.
  13. Hello all, My name is Miles and I'm a newbie on the VFR forums. I'm also new to owning a VFR as well; i have always wanted one since i was interested in street bikes but wound up buying new for my first bike (2013 Aprilia Shiver 750). That thing was great! Unfortunately i totaled it early last year and was without two wheel for a bit of time. While out searching for a new bike i realized $2500-$4000 was out of my price range but i was determined to pick up a 4th Gen Honda VFR. I discovered the existence of CoPart after my Aprilia was sent there to be auctioned off. I starting looking through there for my future viffer; alas a 95 popped up in Eugene, OR totaled with 10,021 on the clock. It looked like complete hell but with mainly cosmetic damage from the wreck, i knew it was the one. $600 later and a nice road trip to OR and it was mine. Man oh man was she dirty and just bad all the way around, but the oil was clean and it started right up so it couldn't be all bad. Right upper fairing, side fairing, lower fairing, coolant bottle, windscreen and mirror were destroyed. The rest of the cosmetics were covered in rhino liner and rattle can trim black to hide the fact that they were all so messed up. Tires were old commuters that were complete trash, chain was rusted and toast along with the rear brakes. Suspension was shot and the bearings are all questionable. I knew I had my work cut out for me, also knew my bank account was gonna take a few hits on the way as well. I started documenting the bike after i tore it down due to my sheer excitement and forgot to photograph the immediate condition it was in when i got it. It wasn't needed though for it would just cause a world wide cringe of all VFR lovers. With such low miles and the immensely poor condition it had to of sat for a very long time. Which worried me heavily that i would be spending some good cash to get the carbs redone (i don't trust myself with very small super vital parts, they scare me). I decided i wanted to ride it over the summer rather than just have it sit for who knows how long until its done, so i rocked the naked look with some quick shotty fabbing to get me by. First was OE style air filter to replace the aftermarket massively over oiled filter, oil, plugs, coolant ect. The coolant came out a chunky brown slurry full of corrosion, years of neglect, and the tears of every Honda engineer who helped create this machine. The bike was actually un-rideable as it was, sort of like a rocket powered sponge on hard plastic tires. So tires and suspension was next, a cool $1500 later for a rebuilt front end and some new Q3 tires and she felt great! Also dyno'd it at 93 HP right out of the scrapyard with no carb work!!!! She ran fantastic. Turns out it also had Two Brothers full system on it which is pretty cool, except for cylinder 3 header was almost completely cracked all the way around it almost broke in half coming off. The muffler was attached to the collector via Shucks $3 pre-bent 2.5" pipe with screws running through it as spring holders, which was then duck taped together and wrapped in an exhaust wrap to try to hide the shame. Talk about a bad exhaust leak! I put about 1200 miles on it over the summer while repairing cosmetics and fixing issues as they arose. The bike is such a blast i love it, even in the state of always being 50% 100% of the time. Until winter struck, now its go time for fixing it up with no excuses! I started to get a leak from the water pump which didn't really surprise me due to the condition of the coolant when i got the bike. I resealed the front cover with a new gasket and flushed the system a couple of times, it started leaking the next day. I repeated the process to no avail; it was leaking from the weep whole and the pump was shot. I ordered a used pump from the UK and it looked so much better than my own. I replaced it with no issues the used pump works great. There was a rather large bulge on the outlet hose of my old one so i took it apart to see what it was and it was just a huge pile of corrosion that had sunk to the bottom of the system and congealed, i couldn't believe my eyes. I had forgotten all about the clutch master and slave until i started to lose engagement and had trouble shifting into a couple of gears. I opened the master to find about a half an inch of dark pudding....i had to scraped it out with an actual spoon, needless to say it was overdue. A quarts of brake fluid later and i had pressure again and clear fluid moving through the lines. When it was time to replace the old chain and sprockets i discovered a leaky slave with no surprise. I'm in the process of rebuild that right now along with bringing life back to the dirty rear hub while its apart for the rear disc swap. I'm going with 16 45 on gearing with a DID 530 chain. The wiring was a complete joke, totally hacked up by some previous owner who thought splicing was done by tying wires together and throwing a piece of electrical tape on it was good enough. The tail end of this thing was such an atrocity it's mind boggling. Someone wanted and integrated tail light and no blinkers so badly that they actually cut the blinker mounts out of the plastics, and reshaped the tail fairing of the bike to only accommodate the taillight. They even cut holes in the taillight and stuffed some unregulated led bulbs in it for blinkers along with the 50 cent led's to replace the factory brake light. When those failed to give any illumination they used an old piece of the fairing to stuff into a slit the cut in the taillight to separate the lights! You can't make this stuff up. My lights also constantly fluctuated to the point my fellow riders would pull aside thinking i was flashing them for some reason, nope just me and my permanently flashing lights. I purchased a new REC/REG and a VFRNess and it solved that issue right away (awesome quality on the VFRNess by the way). I fixed the tail the best i could for what it was, but i already see cracks beginning to emerge (fiberglass to plastic joints will never hold for long) the fitment of the thing is atrocious, but with the new Project R led taillight in it does actually look fairly slick after 4 hours of bracket fabrication... For the paint and cosmetic it was pretty simple for me because I'm an auto body painter so i do it day in and day out, just a full weekend and a few hours after work every day and she was sparkling new. I went with a color names Sapphire Black because i couldn't decide on blue or black, so i did both! in the dark, or shade, or if you're looking at the bike from an angle (the flop of the color) in industry terms the vehicle is straight black. Only when the sun or light source hits it directly does it show the deep blue pearl hiding underneath. It took a little time to modify the paint to look how i wanted and I'm stoked on it! Also my wheels are getting powder coated white as i write this :D due to a very bad paint reaction when i went to spray them, sandblasting and powder coating is the choice for wheel coating. I have wheel bearings on the way for when i go to put them back on, figured might as well while they are out. I'm going with a smoked Zero Gravity DB on the windshield to tie it all together. I'll begin putting all of the fairings back together this week, my front stay fairing and gauge cluster mount is bent to hell though...i did some pulling on it at the shop but who knows how bad it really is. So as an offering to my future self i ordered a used one off Ebay that will be here Friday. I'm also going to get the Delkavic DL10 high mount exhaust to show off the SSSA when i have the proper funding, looking forward to getting it all put together here in the next month or two. I have tons of photos documenting most everything i have gone over in my write up, i also have a few good videos as well. But i believe I'm going to make a YouTube compilation of the "VFR Chronicles" so it can be viewed as one big long video of the debauchery that went on to make this thing what it is today. When that is complete I'll be sure to post a link to it for your enjoyment :). If you read this whole thing you are a champion and i truly appreciate the time you took to analyze my poor sentence structure along the way! I'll try to keep updating as much as i can going along in the future for anyone who is interested in my little adventure into the 4th Gen world! Thanks, Miles
  14. Clear skies and road

    From the album Fall 2016

    Fall rides are the best :)
  15. colorful 4th gen

    From the album Fall 2016

    Fall rides are the best :)
  16. One I know has a nice 1992 3rd gen that got stolen about a month ago, he got it back today. All locks ( ignition, tank look) are damaged and needs replacing. What I wounder is need they be from a 3rd gen od do also 4th gen fit?
  17. Guys, I have a 4th gen VFR with 25k that I've had for 5 years now and I've done lots of upgrades to it (attached). I love the thing and can't imagine selling it. But I've always lusted the RC51 SP2 and finally in a place where I can possibly afford one that has not been abused. It's actually in MINT condition, first owner, factory everything down to tail light, including dealer brochures. Except for the Jardine full system and a PC3 (attached). But I'm on the fence because all the white noise in my head. it's a 14 year old heavy bike with outdated machinery compared to newer stuff. Why am I spending so much for something this old when the 2017 CBR is supposed to kill everything. also the fact that I probably won't get much back for this bike in terms of resale value since it's a small market etc etc. Then on the other hand I am a VFR owner and there's a plethora of reasons for owning something so unique, beautifully engineered with a rich racing heritage. So here's your chance to donate your 2¢.
  18. hello! im new here and actually new to posting on forms completely for that matter! i search and read thru them allot. and have gotten some good info from here so i figured i would give it a shot and see if i can get some extra direction or info! i bought a 1997 vfr 750 from a friend that owns a local bike shop. it was dropped off a U-Haul truck while trying to load it and bent the tail pretty bad so it was a perfect start for what i wanted to do, i already planned on building a custom tail. im a welder fabricator for work and went to technical collage for motorcycle technology and have owned many bikes and still own all types of bike so im not new to any of this but can always use advice from people who have more knowledge on a specific bike. so some info on the bike... when i got it home first thing i did was charge the battery fresh fuel and fired it up ran great! good start, then i striped it of all of its outdated ugly plastics! haha went over the whole bike completely i mean EVERYTHING! found the forks are bent son they came off one of the clipons was cracked so i ordered risers and dirtbike bars and went that rout because that was the plan anyways. did the pair blockoff and got fid of all of that crap. and started on the tail. i started with a ducati monster seat. had to get a little creative on bending the square tubing for the tail ;) but it came out great. i then made the undertail skin and box. im now in the middle of thinning out wiring and figuring all of that out. taht brings me here. right now im planning the dash. i wanna do a minimalistic dash few led lighsts thats it. dont think im going to do any gauges. all i want is a low fuel light signal light high beam light side stand maybe... i cant figure out the low fuel light.. so this is where im stuck. i have SOOOOO many more pictures i will probably add in the morning just wanted to start it up and see if i get any responses. THANKS!!!!
  19. I retire in April next year and although I’ll have plenty to do I thought it was a good excuse for a project - something to keep me occupied in the bad weather and the odd evening. After lurking around the forum for some time I’ve decided on building a VFR750 4th gen from scratch. I’ve been looking out for parts and have already got a small collection including frame, subframe, swing arm, rear brake caliper, loom and rear wheel. My plan was to get the original shock that came with the swing arm serviced but decided to get a new Nitron shock instead. I want to complete the rolling chassis while looking for an insurance write off or similar as a donor bike with the intention of building something near standard but to lose some weight if possible along the way. I would also like to fit a Koso gauge, left sided exit exhaust and an alternative fairing. The wiring loom has a burnt R/R connector which needs replacing and I’m well aware of the problems with the Honda R/R from the forum. I already have a R6 unit on my VFR400 and I’ll probably get another unless theres a preferred alternative. The swing arm took me a week to dismantle, the hub assembly had seized badly and I had to soak it daily with penetrating oil, patiently dismantling it part by part. Anyway here are the initial collection of parts after cleaning, fitting new bearings, polishing and powder coating. And after assembly Now I've got something thats starting to look like a bike its hard not to dive in - afterall it's something to do when I finish work. For now I need to lookout for parts and gather as much information as possible particularly instrumentation set up, alternative exhaust systems and fairings.
  20. VFR750 taking shape

    From the album VFR750F

  21. VFR750 components

    From the album VFR750F

  22. What's up guys! Unfortunately I sold my beloved VFR and crossed over to the dark side (Harley Davidson haha, what was I thinking)!!! I was cleaning out the garage the other day and I found a jet kit I bought but never got around to installing - I posted it in the classifieds but I figured I'd drop a quick post here if anyone wants it. I know for sure it'll fit the 4th Gen, not sure about any other models. PM me if you're interested, thanks!!
  23. Hi again folks: there's a 4th gen bike for sale here which is very cheap because the engine apparently has a faulty exhaust valve. I am yet to speak to the owner to see how he knows this for sure, but I also wanted to know how easy it would be to replace this valve. Is it something within the competency of a good DIY mechanic to do without the need for specialist tools? The engine has over 100,000kms on it. Thanks
  24. Last year I had to replace all the rubber pieces on the carbs of my 4th Gen. Had no problem getting the Orings and gaskets from Partzilla, but the two fuel lines that connect the front carbs and back carbs were discontinued. I ended up using fuel line from the auto store and while it was a tight fit I made it work. Fast forward to this year and the fuel line was leaking again. The main problem is that the fuel line is bigger than stock and less flexible while also needing to bend at 90 degrees to fit together at a 'T". While looking for better quality replacement fuel line I decided to look at other Honda models and discovered that the parts from a 97 - 03 VF750C Magna looked similar. Looking at the carb assemblies of both models I found a lot of the same parts. Like the main bracket that connects the front carbs to the back carbs. Also the 'T' joints that provide fuel to the carbs. I took a chance and ordered parts 16197-MZ5-670 and 16198-MZ5-671 -> 97 - 03 VF750C instead of parts 16197-MZ7-640 and 16198-MZ7-640 -> 94 - 97 VFR750F And the Magna parts fit perfect. So far no leaks, but the real test will be how well they perform next year and the next 16 years like the originals.
  25. Evolution

    From the album 2007 RWB

    Couldn't resist lining up my 6th gen behind my 4th gen.