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  1. Well all be. Looks like I just may be able to make it this year!!!!!!! I will know in a week or so if my booked days off get approved or not. Snakeman
  2. Powdercoating Rims: Dangerous?

    Mine have been done for 10 years now and not a single problem. I have gone over the rims a few times looking for stress cracks in the coating and never found anything so to me this also means no rim issues as well. And I really beat the tires up at times on some of the roads i have road.
  3. Vfr Can't Keep Up With V-Rod?

    I was out for a nice all day ride last year and when I stopped for lunch in a small town south of the city of Calgary, Ab had a group a Harley guys looking at my bike. When the sat down they asked if it was mine and What was it. Lunch continued with why ride that , and you need a big boy bike, and then the well i can take you comments. I went along knowing what was going to happen. I was done, hit the can and then started getting ready to leave. Guess who else was leaving and the taunts started, now these guys had a drink or 2 in them, i don't drink and if i did still would not on the bike . So as I started to leave Longview they rolled up behind me and gunned it up beside me. Well let me tell you. Those Dam VFR gods were all smilling on me that day and the tunes were putting me in the right place. Dropped a gear hit the gas wheel up and GONE. Wheel down started going through the gears with the only v rod of the group right behind me...not once did he get in front and as we started hitting the curves, to then twistie sections he gave up. Several miles down the road is I was stopped taking a pic of my bike with a lake backdrop. The harley pulled up and the v rod was pissed that I made him look bad i guess, anyway he was swearing and what not, while his buddies were asking what i had done to the bike etc. Anyways I jumped back on to continue my day trip and yelled back. Want to try again !!! V rod looked pissed but just walked away. Fun day and story short, it was my day not his..did it really matter, No! I saw some amazing scenery got some great pics,and got to ride my bike for a nice 7-8 hrs of a day.
  4. Accent Lighting

    I have put accent led lights on my 99 and it only cost me about 60.00 and an evening installing them. I have red under glow in the front fender for the wheel, under the rear end to light up the rear wheel, inside the upper cowl to give a nice glow down the front of the bike and lastly inside the side fairing giving off a nice glow out the vent openings. I ran everything into a switch just under the rear subframe so that it is easy to reach under and turn them on or off. Sorry no pics at this time. Snakeman
  5. I think you should have a new handle/nickname.......something like " The 6.5 Million dollar Man" Good luck and heal fast.
  6. Ok, finally Done for sure!

    Thanks guys. Now I can start my helmet!!
  7. Ok, finally Done for sure!

    So I had posted this a while ago but had said I was not happy with it. SO, I sanded the clear down to where I could work on it some more. Adding the webing coming out of his hand and fixing the hands an feet as well as the teeth. I am now happy with the end result and just need to polish it smooth tomorrow.
  8. 100hrs later

    Yes it is. I am sure a pro could have done it in at least half the time, but i'm not a pro. I am very proud of the work I have done, and hope that I do become much better at it. I have seen a few things that I need to fix on it and will be very soon. Thanks for liking what I did, it feels nice to get the feed back.
  9. 100hrs later

    I am both plus one or three more other personalities as well And yes that is the seat cowl by the way, i forgot to answer that for you.
  10. 100hrs later

    Yeah! There's a thought, you should do helmets!!! C na, just my stuff for now.
  11. 100hrs later

    Thanks, but I'll stick with tinkering on my stuff for now. If i screw up , only me to blame me! lol I am working on my old Spidey mask Helmet, and am starting a new one with a black spidey tearing off of red spidey. If it turns out close to what my mind see'e it should be a sweet one to wear.
  12. 100hrs later

    Thank you
  13. 100hrs later

    Thanks, I am still very much a student at airbrushing, but am having fun.
  14. 100hrs later

    And the newest scene is done on the spidey bike. Now that it is cleared i see a few things I would like to redo and may still anyway. add a little more detail in Lizards skin and add a web from spidey to Lizard. What do you think?
  15. GET BENT!!!

    Late yes it was, in fact I have not gone to bed at all yet. Been up doing books so I can get the dam taxes, and had to drop the girls off at the school at 5 : 30 or a school ski trip. Maybe i'll get a mid morning nap and take the bike out for a ride since the roads are dry and the temps have been great here. The lines look great on the bike, but really to whole Dam bike looks awesome!!! You should be very proud of it.