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  1. Nice bike. Wouldn't mind slipping her into gear, I mean, wouldn't mind slipping my gear into her, sorry, I mean, wouldn't mind slipping into her gear... I will get it right...
  2. Perhaps the wire from fuel pump to ground is open (cracked, broken inside the insulation) or the grounding point is soiled or there is some resistance along the ground side of the pump. I assume you didn't use the pump's wires directly to the battery but some spare wire, effectively bypassing the pumps wires so I think that is all that's left. Unless the behavior of these pumps is such that there is a mechanical difference to their functioning when dry or immersed. Perhaps it's on it's way out and is unable to deal with the fuel ( load ), but can pump air.
  3. Where are you taking the reading from? Directly on battery terminals or somewhere else? If somewhere else, that may reflect general loss across the wiring loom. If at battery terminals, it's a little low but enough to maintain battery. The crux is the output at idle. If any lower at idle it may not be enough and battery will suffer.
  4. Tell me you didn't ride that bike any significant distance in those "shoes". The Labrador sticker is definitely different. It's amazing how permissive the USA is on modifying (cars and) motorcycles. Spain was never very permissive and is becoming even less so. They won't often allow even known and proven performance improvements like braided steel brake lines or aftermarket discs. Depending on the roadworthy inspection center you happen to go to they can even get fussy about homologated aftermarket exhausts, etc. You can forget about swapping out forks for USD ones. Mostly people have to put all the original parts back before passing inspection and then swap them out again.
  5. Try synchronizing the starter valves first. Important to have a clean air filter. Then check if bike left the manufacturing plant with O2 sensor electrical connectors the right way round, apparently some units had theirs mounted incorrectly (download workshop manual, search for a thread here explaining how, it's easy to check).
  6. How did you do what you did to get that photo like that? HDR effect? Was it via Photoshop or some specific HDR conversion software?
  7. +1 Or replace with a more betterer water-proof connector. Did you test resistance across the connector?
  8. Far out... So we don't know which one was the culprit.
  9. I don't know if a very slight UPWARD movement is a problem. Lateral yes, vertical not sure.
  10. Of all the things... still, glad it was so painless in the end!
  11. Off topic I guess but I just saw this arvo someone selling on Aliexpress thinks that handsome mug will boost sales...
  12. The dimples are a strange form of anthropomorphism in their imitation of the cellulitis on human bums.
  13. Don't mean to be negative, moreso preventative... If it rains your instrument panel and electrics may suffer.
  14. The op is precisely unsure about how to spend his money and has canvassed other people's opinions. No one is bullying anyone into anything nor disrespecting anyone on this thread as far as I read it. To the op... I've always bought second hand. I wouldn't be concerned about 7000 miles on a VFR. Not the miles, only whether it has had some unusual freak mechanical history or crash. The deluxe option sounds good to me. All those extras will probably cost more if bought separately, unless again going second hand but that requires time and possibly dealing with some imperfections. I've always preferred this path myself as I just watch and wait for the perfect deal but admit package deals can be attractive. Obviously you can't fit ABS to a basic model. I believe ABS has proven its worth these days, unless you learnt and seriously prefer old school. Sorry but the gold wing and other model you mention I have no experience with except to say they are completely different bikes in terms of concept. Bigger, heavier, comfort oriented models for grand touring objectives. Will you be riding with a fussy pillion? That may tip your scales one way or the other. A warranty is always helpful but at 7000 miles and if no dark history, the bike has really just been run in.