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  1. Spark Plugs

    Download the workshop manual http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/files/file/251-2015vfr800zip/
  2. Instruments going dead

  3. How to recharge old K&N filter

    Mine always returned to its original colour.
  4. Also drop one tooth off the front sprocket and the bike will feel livelier. These are the simplest, cheapest and most noticeable ways towards your goal.
  5. How to recharge old K&N filter

    Same way I used to do it. Except I just used dishwashing liquid. Shower stream applied only to bottom side for same reason vacuum only applied to top side. I then used the same Krafft chain lube in aerosol to oil it (very liquid type oil, no Teflon or waxy stuff) that I used to use on my chains (every 500-800 Km) and got great mileage out of my final drives with. I tested both oils to ascertain similar behaviour at operating temps. I was happy they were similar enough and the bike ran just fine. No spluttering or signs of lack of power at high revs.
  6. Comfort on VFR

    Sounds reasonable. Saddlery is understandable, upholsterer's possibly more accurate. Let us know how it is.
  7. Unleash the full factory potential!! You missed the recent, exhaustive grand debate then? More than about 5HP, not without a blower, major bucks and extensive mods. You can slowly pick away at heavier components to increase the power : weight ratio, starting with the OEM exhaust.
  8. No power, wont jump start

    The suspense is killing me...
  9. Universal switchgear

    Well firstly we need to ascertain that the location where it mounts on to the Handlebar is the same diameter from the 6th gen to the 8th gen, which a pragmatic mind would think would be the same... but the very reason you are changing the switch pod is precisely because of the lack of pragmatism in Honda's ranks. Then a quick look at a wiring diagram might help to ascertain whether or not it has all the functional parts you will need: high and low beam, horn & indicator on the 6th gen I don't know what else you might have on the 8th gen (you've deactivated the automatic turn signal cancelling circuit). Then we will need to swap out the Pod side connector housing if it is different to the 8th gen bike side connector, which I imagine it is and in which case we can reutilize the Pod side half of the connector from the original switch pod... but once again if pragmatism goes astray we might find ourselves with the female and male terminals around the other way from one gen to the next, so some soldering and some new terminals would be needed for either end of the wires, just one end, whichever side takes your fancy, but I would attack the pod side and leave the bike side in original condition.
  10. Universal switchgear

    Choke lever ceased to exist during 5th gen production as of and including the year 2000.
  11. Universal switchgear

    Couldn't you just use a 6th gen one?
  12. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Simple, just include a switch to turn it on or off according to each individual's criteria. Just like you can with the traction control. Funny thing is if I'm not mistaken, all cars now come with ABS whether you like it or not and I don't see people complaining about big brother issues.
  13. Class Reunion

    Nothing like a well trimmed bush!!
  14. You are more than welcome sir!!