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  1. London calling...

    Enjoy your toasty warmth indoors Leon. I must at least go out to get to work and back. Coming from a Mediterranean climate the last half of my life and a tropical one the first half... I just had to make one of these... Starting to think I might have to winterize the bike. I thought Oxfordshire was milder. No snow last year.
  2. London calling...

    So it's supposed to be an all terrain trail bike right? She's got dual purpose tyres on. It's been snowing hard all day. Guess it would be looking for trouble... The photo was taken 8 hours ago. Hasn't stopped snowing since.
  3. Any Fried Stators Yet?

    Care to expound on why?
  4. Any Fried Stators Yet?

    So inquisitive minds now wonder if the Stator (may need rotor to accompany) and r/r from the 8th gen might be "graftable" onto the 6th gen as a definitive fix for 6th gen Kentucky fried stators? Crappy connectors aside.
  5. London calling...

    Lights are ample on unlit roads even on low beam. Just need to adjust seat to high position which apparently is possible. Smooth in all senses of the word, acceleration, braking, maneuvering. I'm happy with the bang for the buck. It's too easy to go too fast on this thing. Very fun to ride. My knees and feet are still frozen even after half an hour in front of heater and radiator.
  6. London calling...

    The bike works well. No unusual sounds. No leaks or such. No odd vibrations, not even at speed. Brakes are solid, responsive, smooth, pads are almost new. Chain and sprockets seems in good condition. No cyclic whirring or vibes there. Automatic choke did its job. Charging system does its thing, solid 14.5 V DC with lights on. Actually 14.1 with lights off. Tyres are virtually new. Stainless headers and exhaust in good nick. A few nuts and bolts are rusted as to be expected with a 15 year old bike in England. Couple of marks on the paint but no dings or cracks. Well waxed and shiny. Heated grips tend to work better on right hand side. Left mirror stem needs replacing but it works. Outer petrol tank cap either needs snugging down or the seal needs replacing. He will provide the seals. Bit of water around the overflow collection area under the cap. Gobs of torque. Bit of a gurgle from exhaust on engine braking. Not actually backfiring so not sure it's not normal. High windshield perfect for my 195 cm (6'4") height. Steering bearings I think are alright, not 100% sure, could be the (known) soft front suspension. Plush ride. I'm enjoying the ride home except for my frozen feet. Stopped to defrost. Topbox very handy. I think the bike will serve its workhorse purpose. Will get commuting included as I already said I would prefer to. So far so good.
  7. London calling...

    On top of it all there are maintenance works being done on the railway line so I have to get off before my destination and take a bus which will take much longer than the train would have. Looks like the seller is willing to pick me up where I have to get off the train instead of having to catch the bus. Very generous and considerate of him. Certainly gives a good impression facilitating gear and pick up! Who ever said they were all Pommy twats? (His words)
  8. London calling...

    Nope. Missed previous train by minutes which means arriving two hours later, which was the window of sunlight I had to get back to Oxford. Will be travelling in the dark at significantly colder temperatures. Bugger. Thank science for GPS devices, navigating unknown territory in the dark is that much more difficult. If this were the amazing race I'd use the express pass. I need a packet of Manup pills...
  9. London calling...

    Yes, I finally came across the info regarding needing a green slip. I hope they don't mean one of those in the attached picture. I actually got a slightly better (by 40p) quote on (comprehensive) insurance selecting social and commuting use versus merely social. Odd. Unfortunately I seem to have clicked on the latter option and will try to swap it over by calling them, or by email, as I'd rather the description of the use I give the bike be as accurate as possible, although if I did break down while commuting I can always say I was on a day trip somewhere. As a nurse I don't work the typical 9-5, Monday to Friday schedule. Yes it's sunny, very few clouds but nippy, as in nipples are harder than Chinese algebra. That is an understatement for a guy who grew up in the tropics and spent the last 15 years on the Mediterranean coastline. At least the rain has held off until tomorrow. Thankfully the bike has heated grips and hand protectors/deflectors so that'll help. Could do with a heated seat. My toasty Swiss brand (IXS) textile suit would keep me warm if it had arrived on time. The soon-to-be previous owner is sorting me out with some secondhand gear. He has also ordered some spare parts for me but they haven't arrived either so he'll be sending them on. Neither of us have been able to get our printers working so we will have to go without the bill of sale. I figure it's surplus to requirements. From what you've all mentioned and what I've read with the tear-off section of the V5C I'm sorted. Tax once I've got that (I assume that is the green slip). The question is, will there be enough hours of sunlight left to press "avoid motorways" or "scenic route" on the GPS for the trip back on the bike?
  10. London calling...

    The quickest way to get there appears to be via Victoria Station. Using bus and then train, or train-tube-train. On the way back, on the bike, obviously I'll take a more direct route. My Tomtom GPS will guide me home. I can't work out whether I can pay the tax before I have the tear off slip from the V5C or not. Bloody red tape. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-direct-debit
  11. London calling...

    I live by the riveeer!!
  12. London calling...

    I'm seeing that the insurance mob Bennetts is offering breakdown cover, overseas riding and riding other bikes on the back of compulsory, voluntary third party insurance, so not comprehensive but that's ok, for £12.43 per month. Does that sound good? Seems good to me. I could pay £8.33 without the breakdown cover but much prefer roadside assistance. I should be heading down Hastings way on Sunday 99% certain I'll be riding the bike home the annoying thing is from Oxford to Hastings it's only a couple of hours on a bike but it will probably take me four and a half hours by train into London and then down from Victoria Station to Bexhill on Sea edit I have also a quote for £13.30 full comprehensive same as the other one but with comprehensive cover
  13. London calling...

    The 1050 is a very nice bike, one of my best mates had it for several years before recently moving onto the 1200. It's maneuverable, easy to ride fast, gobs of well dosified power in any gear, ABS, good wind protection for the rider, but his pillion wife got battered around by turbulence and he got a great offer for the fully electronically adjustable 2016 1200cc model second hand. Was tempted by a 2014 1200cc at £6000 but really can't justify the cost and it's a waste of so much bike I'll only be commuting on 20 minutes each way 3 or 4 times a week and the odd outing (very infrequently over winter for sure).
  14. London calling...

    History check clear