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  1. 100% agree! They have convertible fronts that can lift from the forks or triple (2 tools in one! You're saving money already!) and SSA rears that can change the handle to go forward or rearward. Its just as easy to use the fork stand to take the wheel off, and you have to unbolt the horn to use the triple anyway.
  2. I've been riding an F6B around all week. It's got side rads and fans that pull from the side and push the air out the front. Exactly like the 5th Gen, except for the second fan. Biggest difference is an analog temp gauge. I bet if your bike was showing the needle near the top of the "normal" range you wouldn't give it second thought, but seeing that exact readout on the display makes us focus on the temp.
  3. I'll ride the Cherohala in 3rd at 8-9k and be jealous of everyone I pass wishing I could hear what it sounds like. Now I know it's as awesome as I thought!
  4. Wow, I've picked one up a couple times! I stuck one into the trunk of my car and then got it back out again. All I know is that it is Heavy AF! Don't think I would have tried it if I had known...LOL
  5. Still might be the flapper. It's a common question from new VFR owners. Raise the tank, pull the vacuum line off the flapper and plug it with a bolt or golf tee, and test ride.
  6. It's no myth, just another reason the 5th Gen is superior!
  7. I don't recall if there was a specific build thread but I can give you a quick overview. First off, buy the Suzuki mirrors, aftermarket SUCK! '00,'01 mirrors are needed. Remove (or break) glass and take apart, you only need the base and stalk. On the Gixxer mirror, take the lens off and take the housing off the stalk. Make the best use of all the hardware to mount the Gixxer mirror on the VFR stalk. If you de-dumbo, you can make the turn signal bulb housing fit into the Gixxer mirror. It won't go naturally, you have to make it work. Run the wires outside the VFR stalk and into the upper fairing, then cover with heat shrink tubing and run it to the regular connector.
  8. It may need a thermostat or water pump. They're fairly easy to do. Might just need to have the rad cap off while it's on the side stand and run the air of the system.
  9. Looking good man! Especially the Clutch! I'll let you know if we get back out that way.
  10. I don't have any suggestions, but I'm curious if it started counting up again or staying on 0?
  11. Oh yeah, didn't catch that first time around! Should still run the fuel pump?
  12. The obvious things are the kill switch and the tip over sensor. Just double check they are on and upright. It's been known to happen, and the stupid tip over sensor had me stymied for a weekend recently. The tank does look fantastic though! And the wheels and Wolf exhaust...
  13. Look around, there's a lot of plug-n-play LED headlights these days. Same with gauge lights. I think I went with Superbright LED.com this last time I put a set together. Decent prices. Headlights I got from Lifetime LEDs.com. Expensive, but they come with a Lifetime Guarantee. And I've already had to get a replacement set. I don't do a lot of night time riding, but I did the other day and I totally love them! Not over bright, or blue, just really crisp white light. There was a very long thread on the forum regarding the headlights if you care to search for it.
  14. Lack of resistance in the FI light system usually causes the light to be on constantly. You can see how when you prime the fuel pump, it will go from bright to less bright after the system is primed. Needs to have a regular incandescent like on a lot of older FI bikes. Thats literally the only incandescent bulb left on my '99. I tried a newer one last year since it had been a few years since I originally converted, but still comes on at half-ish light. I've had good luck with Custom Rewind for rewinding my stator, if you decide to replace yours.
  15. No, it was the Yaris here as well. Nice job getting all that in it!