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  1. 99 800vfrF1 project bike

    There are R/R testing DIY videos on Roadster Cycle's website that are very easy to follow and understand. I've bought his stuff, and he's very helpful if you have questions! Same with Custom Rewind. I've been running a rewound stator from them for many years now.
  2. That's very cool! I de-Dumbo-ed my '99 and modded GSXR Mirrors with clear lenses and Switchback bulbs. I think they look really cool and make me more visible, but not really for the idea of any additional down road visibility. Because they are up high I did notice the other morning that they shed a bit of light into the corner of the front inner fairing where my heated grips switch is located, so I can finally see it in the dark! I also have Lifetime LED headlights, so it's all nice crisp white out the front.
  3. LOCO RC46

    Wow, nice work! Brand new bike! (That was me with the rear peg tidy)
  4. Mounting Shindengen SH847

    I think it was the second way you described.
  5. Mounting Shindengen SH847

    A friend has one in the stock spot but only using one bolt. Seems to work ok, not a lot of stress on the R/R. Thread locker wouldn't hurt any.
  6. Engine cutting out randomly

    I've had similar in my 5th Gen, but without the ABS light since I don't have ABS. I did have my R/R die and take my battery with it. Load test the battery after it's charged. It may show full voltage but not have any cranking amps. Then start in on the various stator and Reg/Reg tests. RoadsterCycle.com has a page of YouTube links to various tests including a very helpful Reg/Rec test. Plenty of threads detailing stator tests here on VFRD.
  7. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    It seems to me that the C stands are interchangeable, it's just the bolt that threads backerds in the 6th. But I don't recall if I've ever tried it. Probably most who want different pegs by this point are going sporty and want the C stand off anyway. Side Stands are definitely not interchangeable and you'll need a 6G stand for a 6G rear cushion.
  8. R/R issue or worse?

    There are videos on the R/R testing procedure on RoadsterCycle.com website. I found them very helpful.
  9. 8th gen engine into our 6th gen?

    I'd venture to say no one has tried that. I'd also guess that it would be easier that fitting a 5th Gen engine, which has been done. Biggest difference I can think of is the front mounted rad, which possibly could mean different water pipe angles in different spots. But the main engine case dimensions should be the same. I guess it's up to you to be the pioneer on this one!
  10. Ventura rack question

    Sometimes you see it listed as 98-02 (often on eBay bike breakers), sometimes 98-00, like my service manual. 🙄
  11. Build your silencer... VFR800F 2014

    Wow! Clearly not just a clever screen name
  12. Seafoam! Cures anything...
  13. Reg/Rec testing

    Appreciate the tip, but I've been singing his praises for years now. First found him when I was looking for connectors to wire in my FH012 I got used on eBay from an R1. Very helpful gentleman providing the terminals and plugs I needed despite not buying his R/R. I think I'd like to try the SH847 but he's only selling it as a full kit for double the price of the FH020 with nothing extra, which is all I need since I'm already wired up for either. Already got a rewound stator too.
  14. Reg/Rec testing

    Maybe it's been covered, or it's in the service manual, but I've not run across a good instruction for testing the Reg/Rec itself. Usually it comes down to battery and stator testing and if those are pass then it's the R/R. Take a look at Roadster Cycle's page of help videos. He's got a simple and informative how-to on it. I even figured it out and was able to learn a new setting on my multi-meter! http://roadstercycle.com/Roadstercycle.com Videos.htm
  15. What was Corbin thinking?

    I think they were developed more with the day ride in mind. Throw some rain gear and water bottles in there with your visor cleaner and powerbars, etc. and you're good to go. I certainly never cared how ugly my GIVIs were/are when on a long touring ride, just that they were functional. (And they are that, in spades!) They work on the 5th Gen aesthetically but with the same smaller than the cavity inside opening. They are just hideous on the 6th! I'm not sure I've ever seen a pic before, certainly never one in the wild. Can't imagine they sold a lot, based on the number of VFRs I've seen over the years. Funny how GIVIs are ugly on 5G and Beetles aren't, but on 6th Beetles are ugly and GIVI looks pretty good. Conceding of course that OEM look best on 6th.