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  1. 6th certainly does. Not sure if anyone has tried an 8G, but the overall engine architecture should be identical between all 800s. The 8G swingarm seems to mount to the 6G cushion with 6G parts (I mocked it all up on my '99)
  2. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    I see MPH on that display. Old habits die hard across the pond as well.
  3. Done / To-Do / Addons - Suggestions?

    The GSXR signal mirrors aren't a direct swap, but look great. Also don't have that "home" position you're looking for. All those types tend to have the wrong angles to mount to the fairing.
  4. VFR History Lesson Required!

    I saw a European import '98-'99 over here once that had a cat/con. I think we figured out it came from France, but not 100% sure.
  5. First vfr

    Nice silver 5th Gen! Years ago I bought a used set of bodywork and tank from Canada in silver.
  6. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    I think SebSpeed has the 1200 spoked rim if you want to contact him about offset, etc.
  7. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    The offset on the spoked wheel was very shallow as compared to any other VFR wheel. With enough time/money/machine work anything is possible. Just wasn't feasible for the project in mind.
  8. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    Didn't work out
  9. Hello & Intro

    Nice looking 5th Gen! Those pegs hellindustires is talking about are probably a generic Honda item. I swapped a spare set I had from when I had an '01 RC51.
  10. changing your fan to a blower fan

    If VFRs had a bar graph temp gauge instead of numbers no one would ever think twice about it.
  11. My 5th Gen

    Looks great!
  12. Starting up issues

    Take a look at RoadsterCycle.com and check out the page with video DIY tutorials. It has Mosfet and non Mosfet videos. If it's stock style it's non Mosfet.
  13. Clutch replacement

    That's about all you need. Soak them in oil first is right. And you'll need a gasket for the cover. Easiest and cheapest thing to do is bleed the clutch line first. That might be all you need. I replaced my 5th Gen plates only at 75,000 (edit- 92,000 miles) or somewhere around there. Only did it because I was replacing the cover anyway and found that the springs and plates looked the same as the new ones. Measured the thickness of each plate and the whole stack and found no difference. Same with springs. I just re-read your post and you don't describe any symptoms or say what makes you want to change it. If you just think "it's time" you likely don't need to.
  14. 99 800vfrF1 project bike

    There are R/R testing DIY videos on Roadster Cycle's website that are very easy to follow and understand. I've bought his stuff, and he's very helpful if you have questions! Same with Custom Rewind. I've been running a rewound stator from them for many years now.
  15. That's very cool! I de-Dumbo-ed my '99 and modded GSXR Mirrors with clear lenses and Switchback bulbs. I think they look really cool and make me more visible, but not really for the idea of any additional down road visibility. Because they are up high I did notice the other morning that they shed a bit of light into the corner of the front inner fairing where my heated grips switch is located, so I can finally see it in the dark! I also have Lifetime LED headlights, so it's all nice crisp white out the front.