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  1. Wow time warp....... I used to ride with white and blue motorcycle boots.......... Should I dig out a picture? Maybe not eh? :-)
  2. fitted on a 3rd gen
  3. With rear i meant the shock, it will be leaking or stuck solid. No disrespect with "gek" to you, whatever someone is willing to pay. :-)
  4. In the Netherlands we say "wat de gek er voor geeft" (try google translate! :-) Keny's '85 VF500F2 (so will full bodywork) as well as mine were <us$1000..... You need to budget for suspension as well since the rear will be well past it.... Bottom line is how much disposable income do you have and what feels a right price for YOU. As I met with the guy selling his RC51, I told him that it would only be a good day if BOTH of us were happy.... +1 with Captain...... we need a pic but it sounds like $750 at best to me......
  5. Putting on paint stripper and leaving it overnight, I managed to get those extra crispy baked on decal remnant off. Using a scotchbrite pad for good measure.
  6. aye, she had two FIAMM Freeway Blasters....... Having been the horny type she was, this fits well on the hot blooded SP2...
  7. https://www.mdi-online.nl/vaf/product/list/?bouwjaar=606&category=%3F&mdi_onderdeelsoort=721&merk=43&model=2262&q=%
  8. Still get Thurn's newletter, so here the news that +23mm bar risers are available for the 3rd/4th Gen RC36 (1990-1997). As well as 5th gen RC46 (1998-2001) and 6th gen VFR 800 V-Tec, RC46/2 (2002-2012) for which he already had obtained TÜV approval previously. No need for longer hydraulic lines or modifying the upper cowl. Tince the forks themselves are angled, the bars will also slightly come a bit more towards you. Price is 79 euro + shipping (a copy of the TÜV document is +49; but you'd only perhaps need this if you are in Germany) info@thurn-motorsport.de ++ 49 9352 6734 PS: I donot hold any shares or bonus scheme with Gerhard :-)
  9. At last, a bit of "redslut" on the SP2!!! Also got rid of them pesky little clear lens front indicators and fitted a set of OEM's I picked up cheap! (still need a pair for the rear; but not rush since the PO chopped the OEM rerar inner cowl for an aftermarket undertail..) The headers are stainless, so I did a quick check if Autosol+scothpad would make an impression, since I had the Ohlins refurbished. that's just 2 minutes (too bloody cold outside still), so am hopeful I will get her shiney...
  10. take the top cover off the fuel pump and see if it does this: http://vid113.photobucket.com/albums/n206/Dutchy_748/VIDEO0064_zpscda3d494.mp4 the "points" on top should be "clicking", for that is how the pump operates, by having the inside come up and by "shorting", lest it slide back. IOn the vid you see the brand spanking new points.
  11. Ahh yes, The Snake... Cheers Gradus!!!
  12. That burning sensation is not his thumb..............
  13. PM sent
  14. Well knobber, Here's to your and your engine's health! :-)