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  1. Another VFR 750 Naked Build

    These panels (in good shape) are worth a penny or two and help pay for "stuff" :-)
  2. Under dressed

    Great looking bike, until the crank gives way...
  3. got yourself a wee mirror on the inside of the top lid now?
  4. And in the fastest color too!!! Could have done with bigger NACA ducts, but hey, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  5. Veefer Madness

    There's Andy, there's Seb and now we have Paladinreed too!!!
  6. Vfr 750 - 92

    "In the olden days", bikeshops would give you a discount if you burned up your (already worn) tyre in front of the shop. Lucky numbah eight!! byebyethanksforthemiles.MP4 Them days are gone.... PC, green, noise pollution and all that...
  7. A bike mag dyno tested 3 different bikes with, regular, super (higher octane) and "V-power". No discernable increases were recorded to justify any premium in price.
  8. The SP's PO's mechanic did put on a new chain set on last year, but my guess is he was not into cleaning much. Clatty bstard.. Spotted this wasp, sniffing for his forebears that met the cowling at speed?? Finally got round to using a decal I bought in 2012... How does time fly eh?
  9. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    In the end, it is all a numbers game we choose to play or not. Dropping say 25 pounds (and still enjoing good food and drink) will up power/weight ratio of our bikes and less fat encapsulating organs, dropping risk of illness. And then an oncoming cager takes a sharp left turn. It is all numbers.... Not picking argument here, and with most of you not knowing me from Adam, my advice is free and freely ignored :-) This should even pull Fat Bastard from Austin Powers
  10. Can't resist posting, probably already did......
  11. Mine did not buff out very well............ But then again, already had a pre-condition.... Each city (even Dagauvpils) has its Johny Cash, walking on an 8AM Sunday morning sidewalk, to help me right redslut on a deserted petrol station... Morale of this, you WILL scratch your cases at some point/level in the future. donot worry about it. But they do make for excellent frame sliders... (admittedly, up to a point...)
  12. Wow.... interesting data from my Garmin device 3 clicks to get from 160 to 190 and one minute. The Garmin tracks time/averages per section, making is impossible to determine "real" acelleration. Took her a minute But she is no torque monsta! One day will check out the SP2
  13. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Sure pal, your waist circumference is???? No cheating! firemedic, go test ride her for an hour and you know is she is for you or not. 6.1 myself, I rode a 6th gen for a week up and down the Dragon, Blue Ridge etc. No issues size wise. If you want torture rack.... (but LOVE the pain..)
  14. One other route is -if still need- advanced riding/cornering training if riding fast is what you are after.