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    R.I.P. redslut
  1. After 19 years in the attic, I ended up giving away redslut's brand new OEM silencer to a good home... :-)
  2. Header repair? What happened? Enquiring minds would like to know... :-)
  3. Most if not all insurers demand additional security locks that meet specific standards. But most of all, you want to make things hard for the bastards. In addition to locks I always look for something to lock onto.. Trust is good (some) Control is better
  4. You feel "special" on a RC51, but others have discovered the secret too! Walking towards the track at Assen.....
  5. Celebrated the win. Remembered the loss.
  6. Spoiler Xmas came early Winning AND lapping JL :-)
  7. My brother won won 2 (bleachers) tickets, so off we went tonight. Raceday on Sunday. Party VIDEO0188.mp4 Country roads :-) VIDEO0181.mp4 3AM, time for a few hours sleep...
  8. Share prices of Duplicolor's Black Paint daughter company will SOAR!!!
  9. It will be "awesome"!!!
  10. Nope, same whistling while riding the RC51. Here my review I posted at Revzilla "Always look on the bright side of life" and on the shielding bright light, this piece of kit does a grand job. Clearly manufactured by Arai from Japan versus Ali from China, very well. Owning already a clear and a smoke visor but not wanting to carry either as "spare" all the time, this seemed the perfect solution. With the sun visor down, great! No discernable extra wind noise. Perfect blended vision. Happy chappy. Put it in the middle or high up position and a distinct whistle appear which rises and falls with the variation in speed. Not a happy camper. For reference: with the entire visor up, there is no whistle. With main visor down and sun visor 1/2 or completely up, I can make the whistle go away by placing my hand over the rubber strip on the sun visor, but that was not in the design brief I reckon. Or tilt my head 20 degrees down (which then stops the whistle) which doesnot allow safe viewing of the road ahead. Both on my -pretty much sitting straight up- Honda VF500F2 and my -Ducati here I come- Honda RC51, this annoying whistle is always there. with the sun visor 1/2 or completely up. Acceptable for a 10 second ride though a tunnel or a shaded forest section. But absolutely not for say riding home in the evening after a day riding in the sun. So no, for me, on my bikes, this is not what I expected and see this as a unfortunate purchase. But as always, YMMV Ride safe!
  11. I will cheers for the Italians, going to the circuit on Sunday... Go Rossi!!!! Go Dovi!!!! (make it a hat trick!) :-)
  12. At high speed (ok a mere 160kmh on the VF) it hold up well; no discernable extra wind noise. With the sunshield UP though, there is a noticeable extra whistling. If I tilt my helmt a tad forward, it disappears. So the combumation with my VF it is not perfect. I will hold on to my clear lens. I will try tomorrow on the RC51 as the position it a bit forward/lower. The screens are optically perfect, to be expected as they are made by Aria and not Ali :-) Some comment that the sunvisor should be longer/lower but I find it just fine Oosh oosh.... in the bush! 33 celcius today (thunderstorms have arrived since) Aaahhhhhhh, some shade under a tree and a light breeze (and a Macna cooling vest... ), time for a wee snore with birds singing in the trees.
  13. They did this before no?
  14. after you cleaned the connector and put some tiny dab of grease, use a narrow tie-wrap? Looks like is might go across diagonally just fine. A bit more involved: using a tiny jewellers screwdiver "unhook" the wires (with the male/female metal connectors) from the housing and GENTLY compress the females so the males will slide in a more snug connection.