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  1. My name is not Delors, so no offense taken. Nor meant as I wrote either.
  2. My brother, like me, is a very loud snoarer, so 2 tents it is
  3. Define "cheap"? is a grand+labor cheap? If you are after REALLY REALLY cheap, learn to ride properly? And with that I mean in accordance with the VFR's V4 engine characteristics and road conditions. Not to be mean, but if you can only ride spiritted in the rain with a slipper clutch... It takes skill to operate a mc, it is not a video game PS: try a VTR1000-SP and you will NEVER want for a slipper on your VFR...
  4. Hi Ho Hi Ho Off to WSBK Assen we go! Opted NOT to take the kitchen sink but camping gear instead...
  5. The best crash is the one you walk away from.... Good luck with the replacement!!!
  6. separated at birth?? Joking aside, that is some skill/ingenious you display here! well done!
  7. fixed that for ya! Each time I walk past the rack with duct tape in the DIY I look for the red one..... Thank you for the memories (and that you bought that C3..)
  8. Yeah mine (1st check at 90k km's) were peachy too; only one was a bit wide. (red) NACA;s are the BEST!!!
  9. That's a good idea! I can move the Gilles' "in" by 7mm; used their spacers as the tapered M8 bolts I got with it (not Gilles) are too long are barely clear the swing arm w/o the spacers. Ordered new shorter stainless torx ones; if that does not solve it, relocating the peg is next! It sure helps to know a friendly welder (who likes single malt too). Need to see what that will do to the actual spring coil though....
  10. Aye, Gilles they are! Rode some 300+ km today and the "action" is just superb. Wee snag is that the side stand point where one boots his boot to kick it out is obscured by the longer rod to the gearbox axle. Used a few spacers since the mounting bolts are a tad too long/too close to the swingarm. I will figure/tinker something out! Really pleased with the feel of the radial clutch MC; the EOM is not "jeavy" but I reckon it is even 20% lighter still. My wrist is thankful! My dealer is inquiring if he ordered the "wrong" one from the distributor as the lever adjustment know touches the tacho at full lock. Pending that I'm holding off ordering the brake MC too..... (and pending funds ) I *do* love the feel (and looks, I admit...) of the Galespeed...
  11. "I never said the SP would not be farkled"... Had a spare side-stand lengthened by 15mm as the rear is raised which led to an "interesting lean". Much better Too nice to let it pass..... Spring is in the air!
  12. From their website
  13. *IF* you get it off yes.... :-)
  14. Send pm to The Dutchy if he does not chime in today :-)