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  1. New Shock

    Well, if you read the workshop manual, it should have a section on removing a shock, fitting is the procedure in reserse Try the Downloads section I'd say.
  2. Handlebar Muffs

    Columbian cargo plane exploded mid air???
  3. Big Airbox Mod

    Hi Mohawk, none of your pictures in the OP are visible unless one clicks on the icon. What you could you (and I did for my older posts) is go into edit mode, you will see them iin the panel and (re)insert in post again for each pic.
  4. Handlebar Muffs

    All SP2 riders are equal, but some SP2 rider are more equal brave stupid than others... -George Orwell- Clearly, this isnae me.... My pal is of my age, so you'd think he was smart enough already. Well, he at least admitted that this was indeed not a smart thing to do. Once home, his next action was to wash of the kilo's off road salt....
  5. Photo3

    Isn't this the bike that got bitten by The Dragon?
  6. How to lift RC36 to replace shock without centerstand?

    With the optional "front lift arm" you can lift the front. With the rear shock out, you cannot use the swingarm to pull the rear down. But use a longer strap to the subframe. Or place a small jack (with a bit of wood) under the oilpan, up enough to raise the front.
  7. London calling...

    And still some venture out... .
  8. London calling...

    Snows are getting heavy now over here......
  9. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    +1 with one exception.... I once pulled over at a gas station in Germany, running on fumes... Close to Luxemburg, the home of cheap gas, on offer was E85, so I thought is was 85 octane... (we normally have 95, 98, 102 octane) Euuuhh no. it was 85% ethanol which I found out soon enough, stuttering and spluttering..... So no, RC36's donot enjoy ALL fuels....
  10. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    To repent, post some new pictures of your bike.....