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  1. Hello from Serbia

    too slow amigo.....
  2. So I might have done a thing......

    We all you get are adds from some riders gwar site, dinner suggestions and the rare real post..... I joined that forum, but me still hanging out here does indicate something.... You can take the VFR from the man, but not the man from VFR
  3. Can't go wrong with the PR's. the penultimate set was Pirelli Angel GT's which did flawlessly in the wet But once in Finland, they were pretty much gone. So new shoes for riding through the Baltics, Poland etc were due. Last set were Metzeler Z6's (those the Finnish shop had ready in stock) They did a good job as well. Would have used those up as well, were it not for that oncoming cager going a left turn w/o noticing me... Yes, plenty thread left on those.... (Later sold that rear tyre and the front rim+tyre to a CBR900 owner...)
  4. 030917vfr.JPG

    The seven sisters.... nice!
  5. So I might have done a thing......

    Rode one for you yesterday...
  6. New here

    Welcome to VFRD from across the pond! The "R's" little brother says hi too! Pity rearseat covers are as rare as hen's teeth for this model.....
  7. New garage tenant!

    If u want the shop manual in PDF, pm your email address...
  8. The one that came with the new bike I bought in 1997.... Later years the RR became "ribbed". I did instal a VFRness wiring harnass early on. Eat, work, ride, drink, sleep. REPEAT... :-)
  9. New garage tenant!

    Euh... I reckon so. Once temps reach 103C they should switch on. I have the rads as per OEM.
  10. New garage tenant!

    Here one from a Dutch fellow SP (we dont call them RC51....)
  11. VFR 750N

    That's ingenius!
  12. Did a similar thing on redslut with the (ok functioning) RR. Had the 2nd headlight switched on permanently as well, used the indicators as running lights, added dlrl leds, Garmin. Apart from being #farkles, they'd use up current/voltage the RR would not need to convert in heat. The oem flatpack RR lasted some 40k miles IIRC. Latch still ok?
  13. New garage tenant!

    Nice one!! I can relate.... :-)
  14. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

  15. 4th Gen never ending charging issues

    Hi Miles, Joshua = wiremybike so when you wrote so to me this is personal. Having bought from him (and met him in person), I am a happy customer. Unfortunately looks like you had to be the execption to the rule and from what I see, yous reached an agreement on the returns in the end. Ofcourse, you donot say good things when they didnot happen to you and no amount can be put on "upsetting moments". I have no idea what town bills are, but are these Joshua's fault? You put in an eBay RR right? You were given plenty tips to follow up, which you didnot do because you know better. Yes, some 4(+?) weeks after you installed it, you found the VFRness to have corrosion. Could be from "new"could be your climate. Probably the 1st, but why rule this out? As for the failed connector, you donot know if the RR caused it or not. Joshua was out of stock, can happen. Had you asked here, one would have turned up for sure (pretty sure I have one in my shed). Anyway, your "nightmare has ended" so I wish you safe travels.