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  1. Vote On What Gen The 2014 Vfr Is

    Definitely an 8. Can't wait to get one!
  2. Body Work For 2002 Vfr

    That's what I thought about the Chinese knockoffs. I'll check with Mason city in a couple of weeks. Thank you! Jim
  3. Body Work For 2002 Vfr

    Hi All it's been a rough year for my bike, I crashed on the highway and it's finally time to replace the bodywork. I've noticed that there is a Honda Part numbers for the body work and it looks like it's the complete package. Has anyone bought the replacements and had issues with fitment. I'm talking OEM. I also thinking about Nice Cycle's bodywork. I'ts 800 bucks for the complete set. (Opinions? anyone) I've also had some of the mount points on the bodywork have come loose and broken off. Are these parts Complete with screw holes? I'm looking at PT #'s COWL SET, R. FR. SIDE *R157* (ITALIAN RED) 64310-MCW-A00ZA COWL SET, L. FR. SIDE *R157* (ITALIAN RED) 64320-MCW-A00ZA Thanks in advance! Jim C
  4. Tires- Metzeller M5

    My bad, this is from the Sport rider tire article...Truthfully, the Sportec M5 Interact just has that heavy, durable feel of a sport-touring tire compared to the others in this group. And the wear rates almost seem to confirm that assessment, with the Metzelers looking basically like they’d been nicely scrubbed in. Read more: http://www.sportrider.com/gear/146_1212_2012_street_tire_test/viewall.html#ixzz2FWv9eSDK Ride on!
  5. Tires- Metzeller M5

    I read that article they said it felt heavy and was more of a sport touring tire. Funny since they come stock on the BMW S1000?
  6. Oil Pan Replacement!

    Thanks, I'm just going to stick with stock components. I think the only things that arent't OEM are the brake pads, oil filters, air and chain. Thanks for all the ideas! After Christmas the tear apart commences!
  7. Oil Pan Replacement!

    Already been pillaged...I got the oil pan and plug, and associated little bits for about 130.00 bucks. Bike Bandit's reasonably priced. DOH!
  8. Tires- Metzeller M5

    I've been running the M5's for the last year, I toasted the front. I think I got 3500 out of it. the rear is going to be changed out shortly, probably mid January. I typically go on twisties and the roads a pretty abrasive, not that much straight highway riding. I also run the whole width of the tire. Those pesky little lean angle indicators get wiped clean off. I run them slightly less than max pressure. They might have a bit more heat in them due to that. So warmup hasn't been an issue. Overall they have great grip, I would never go with the sport touring tire Z-8/ Z6 that I once had. M5 has much better grip when leaned over. I'm sold on the Metzler's. My rides a 2002 800. I ride with the hard bags and a small air compressor. (just in Case), So some additional weight not 30 lbs and I'm light 142 lbs. Ride them hard. You'll like them, just be prepared. You'll be buying a new set next year. Jim
  9. Oil Pan Replacement!

    I have the shop manual, you really have to remove the headers huh? Well Since there isn't a Real Gasket I'll be using permatex. Thanks folks. Wish me luck!
  10. Oil Pan Replacement!

    Has anyone replaced a 6th Gen Oil pan, I stripped the plug. I stuck an oversize plug in there and now that's leaking. So I ordered a replacement pan, plug, washers etc, I've never done this job so I'm a bit intimidated. Any info would be awesome! Jim C tincan1@gmail.com
  11. A nice shot of all the bikes!

    Great day and I forward to another ride Soon!
  12. 5/26/12 Group Ride

    A Great Ride Memorial Day Weekend to Mt Hamilton, The Junction and Mines Road.
  13. GOPR4456

    Very Cool!
  14. Best tires for the VFR??? Updated 2011

    My update, since I posted I've gotten both Metzeler M-5's Front and rear. Nice improvement in grip. The M3 front really gave me confidence in the twisties of Nor-cal, Mt Hamilton and Mines roads wet and dry. Now with the M5 Combo I've been able to go all the way over with a passenger and still have really great grip. Zero chicken strips. Wifey just hangs on for dear life! They do wear out in about 3-4k. I tend to ride fast on abrasive roads. Just my .2 Jim