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  1. Now go button it up and go try it out.... No more Pop! Pop! Pop! Heh heh... I assume on a 6th gen or possible 8th, the job wouldnt be that much different.... Cheers all... For real, I sell the cover plates at $29.95 plus $7.00 shipping (US) -----I make these... Perfect laser cut, deburred and hand finished by yours truly....
  2. Tape up the connector and next you can pull that sucker outta there....
  3. Clip any zip ties on the long hose.. typically it has one or two clipped to the harness.... Also next step is to get the frickn connector loose from the pump to the harness. On the 5th gen, its on the left front side... Its a royal sumbitch to get apart!!
  4. Pull the hose loose from the air cleaner box port...
  5. There is a pump hanger mounted to the airbox, unscrew that... I had the aircleaner out.. .dont drop the screw into the venturis!
  6. Now your gonna need new pair valve covers...... Hey mello dude, where did you get the cool pair valve covers?
  7. Another while I'm at it, grabbed a Qtip and sprayed the brake cleaner on it and swabbed out the "seats" really good... Clean! Clean!