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  1. Mohawk is the only one on VFRD/VFRW that I know is running Carbon Fibre wheels. Very sweet!
  2. If I am going to work on wheels and brakes only, I have a stand for that, but this go around, I had a boatload of front end and internal front end work. After stripping the body, I set a 50 pound dumbell on the tail frame and the front end lifted. Then I have this sweet cycle jack I jammed under the header and removed the dumbell, for getting to work. Doing fine with that. ....
  3. Old news, but when I was working mine, I had a 4th gen. I liked the rear brake on the 4th, so for calculations, I looked for mc combinations that would come close to a model of the rear 4th gen. The 2 answers via calculator were the 14mm and the 3 pistons and then 1/2" and the 2 pistons.
  4. Some guys use the two stock lines on the rear or some do the bridge thing. I did one stock line and the bridge ... .(I think I was first)
  5. I'm running SP2 calipers and master cylinder. Very happy with it....
  6. Sounds awesome!!
  7. I'm running a BMC if that is any help.... http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/18291/i/bmc-air-filter
  8. Very nice! Welcome!
  9. Great find! Cant wait to follow this mod thread....
  10. I'm dense - thanks for that. - I was looking in the swingarm section -- Its unobtainum there... Looks like I'm doing a chain and sprocket job..... I usually look between ProCaliber and Partzilla....
  11. I noticed that the front sprocket is not listed for sale(for that matter the rear too) in any of the OEM Honda parts catalog anymore. (Damn!) What is everyone doing as as an alternate?
  12. http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/FilterXRef.html
  13. Very nice riding!
  14. 1. RC51 hardware is fine - although --- 954/F4i and a few others use the same casting for the caliper. Brake lines are usually custom. 2. Do not reuse the stock m/c -- you need to replace with a 14 mm m/c -- F4i/Rc51/SH quite a few others are stock 14mm. 3. Yes , shit can all the proportioning valves and all lines that go with it. 4. -- I am guessing but since you are doing a delink, all the ABS gear goes out with it Don't know anyone who has done a delink with ABS. The peanut gallary will chime in....... md