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  1. That pic is a deal killer right there! Lol!
  2. Another new member!

  3. Cam reinstall - timing help needed

    Thanks for that Stray. If I would go that route, probably would go connector forward... I looked up prices on the popular online parts places and it's going for around $150....
  4. 99 800vfrF1 project bike

    The depth of motorcycle tech guru's (geeks?) on this board is the best of the web... A while you are at it, your gonna want to know.... https://www.procaliber.com/ http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/parts.html
  5. 99 800vfrF1 project bike

    Go here for R/R www.roadstercycle.com Stators --- OEM or some people have been going to www.customrewind.com -- Custom rewind -- havent tried that personally, but tempted for next time. And since you are screwing with wiring - at some point you will need... http://www.cycleterminal.com/index.html
  6. Cam reinstall - timing help needed

    Couple charging system notes --- Really-- you need to cut that stator connector out of your system with a direct solder up and marine heat shrink or a over kill overlap butt connector crimp it job with the heat shrink also.. That connector is the number one reason charging systems die.... Also - hope you put in a HD 30 amp fuse box in between the positive lead from your R/R to the battery. - Without it, and something goes amiss, it will be quite ugly. (Suggestion - http://www.cycleterminal.com/fuse-boxes.html ) MetriPack 630 40 amp capacity Would like to see a photo of your mounting on the SH847.... I have been tempted to go with one but conserned about the fitting. Cheers,
  7. 5th gen brake delink, front brake won't release

    I'm being a bit of an ass but IMHO replumbing the existing linked brake gear is a exercise in futility such as you are experiencing today. Plus now you are carrying around 5 pounds of unsprung weight on your forks. Most of us that wanted normal brakes have gone to the step of changing the forks and adding Honda sport bike calipers. There are plenty of examples on this forum, but the simplest way for the 5th gen using Super Hawk lowers on the VFR800 uppers. That will allow serveral available Honda calipers to be a straight bolt on exercise. Photos to follow..... I know this doesn't fix your current dilemma - Wish you the best to work it out and get riding... Beers to you
  8. OK - sounds like you got the good battery and a multimeter. - Time to do "The Drill" as below. - Write down the numbers! GL
  9. Mounting Shindengen SH847

    Well yeah, thats where I'm going with this, I make/sell a flip plate for the FH020AA as a direct bolt on to stock for 6th gens as in the photo. So I'm thinking I can make one for the SH847. (Laser cut) But I dont have a 6th at the moment to screw with.
  10. Mounting Shindengen SH847

    Is there room in there to mount the R/R somewhat horizontal like the stocker is? Like this.....
  11. VF1000R questions

    Phillip - welcome to the site - I think you will fit right in, there are quite a few guys that do plenty of bike mods. Post up some photos of any of your projects. There are a couple of very nice resto jobs of VF1000Rs here, and sry for the moment I cant remember their names. I'm sure they can help. For the clutch, Honda bikes are a bit stubborn, but for me the easy way out is to use a speed bleeder on the slave outlet. Then sloooooowly pump the master cylinder and pressure will build up. http://www.speedbleeder.com/ A maybe for parts is.... http://newmotorcycleparts.net/ Again - welcome this is a great VFR site.
  12. 4th Gen no charging while running

    Do "The Drill" ....... write everything down...
  13. MyVFR With The Wife - 5

    Wife #5?
  14. Universal switchgear

    Hey Katie - keep in touch on your work for this. Maybe photos and all. I know if I bought an 8th gen, I would do the same.
  15. Riding quotes

    Wow thats gorgeous!