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  1. WOW! Way cool! You go girl! - Thank you Helen
  2. Let us know how your mounting of the SH847 goes, it is quite larger than the stock size. I just did my own r&r and would have used the SH847, but I didn't want to invent a mounting for now. Btw- thanks for the clear "drill" report on what is going on. Many guys just do half the test and I can't help with a partial test.
  3. Yeah -- It does seem to be pointing at the R/R, I look at the R/R as 1 or 0. Go to www.roadstercycle.com for a new one. FH020aa..... ---- 6th gen? I have a mounting kit for that. I do have a itch of a concern that the battery at one point was 10.26v. If it sits a few days and V drops down, well the battery may need to be replaced.
  4. Nice find Skids....
  5. I couldnt tell whether the photo was for example or he was working on his 5th gen, since he posted in the 5th gen forums....
  6. Your working on a 5th gen? On the lower bearing there is a cutout that you can see from the top on opposite sides. Get a steel rod around 1/2 inch in diameter and 2 long line it up on the cutout and tap the race out -- The rod goes in thru the top. --- I just did mine. It was easy.
  7. Something is amiss.... but if you follow the drill - battery first! After you verify the battery is good, then do the stator tests.
  8. ^^^^^^Necessity is the mother of invention..
  9. I cant see why the rack wouldnt fit an '01. It mounts to the rear hold handle bosses. - - I have one. - You could check the fische on Partzilla and compare. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/parts.html
  10. Read/learn how to do this testing...
  11. Go buy your own multimeter, available at any autozone, walmart, harbor freight.... - they are around $10 - $25 so you can do you own check. -- If its at 13.6v... well, its on the way to trouble...
  12. Jeez, I have no photos of my early bikes and riding days. -- Dirt biking was the thing when I was a young foole. I had several well used Yamaha enduros, 125, 175 and then a 250. Then I grabbed an 84 250 Elsinore. Whoa! That thing would run.. It was my first project bike too. I did port and polish, overbore and piston and the trick suspension of the day. Dayum.... Twist the throttle wide open from idle and the front wheel would stand up! Anyhoo back then the State of Ohio was deciding to put in I-675 Hwy in, and they started all the bulldozing, then decided that they were out of money. Wow! Instant 20 mile motorcross track! We would hold races on the bulldozed hwy. It wasnt perfectly flat, but did have some good whoops, jumps and stuff. OMG fun! - That went on for 3 or 4 years before they decided, "Well, maybe we should finish that highway." --- - That's where with the Elsinore I really learned to ride and it sticks with me to this day.... (Thanks, Ohio!)
  13. Seems like you have it all worked out... Voltage looks good. I wouldnt be concerned with 0.1 V difference while running... Anything at 14.0+ is considered healthy. If you are still concerned about the stator, do the stator tests from "the drill" As a BTW, ---IMHO, ditch the VFRness and wire direct to the battery. Again--IMHO the VFRness seems to create more problems than it fixes. (with respect, apologies to tightwad)
  14. Agree with that.... I am using 4th gen bars and not using the bar locators. @thatVFRguy - If you can handle a hacksaw and a file, just cut the bar locator pins off and you could save some $. Vega is right, Its not a drop in.
  15. So... Just downloaded all 596 images on my harddrive.... How do I delete them on PB, all in one shot and then how to close the account....?