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  1. FallRide Pics

    Great meeting you, Mike. Sorry I couldn't chat longer, but we were on a mission to eat. I'm sure you will love your 4th gen. If it isn't enough, you can always buy one more... I'll work on individually optimized treatment plans for next year. You were missed, Rick! There are a number of FB posts that I will not be duplicating here in case you haven't seen them.
  2. Advice needed on second bike

    Just buy a 500X. It is a sportbike in commuter clothing. You can go anywhere from serious (check my sig) to stock and have fun either way. A GSXR shock and heavier fork oil is a great compromise. I love my VFR, but I can't tell you the number of times I wish I had my X for times of slow traffic, outright comfort, or gravel roads. Wheel sizes use tires of 120/70 and 160/60 so you can buy virtually any tire for any purpose. I'm a tire snob, and it's the main reason I didn't go smaller with any of the 300s. The 500 is just right. If you "need" more power, go SV650, FZ07, or any of the new Kawi 650s although you will probably be paying a little more. If you are considering dual sport riding, consider WR250 or DRZ400, although the 500X will do some of this fairly well. Tell Kimball the 400SM isn't a sportbike and he will agree. Good luck following him on any sportbike. The 500 made me a better rider. It's so different than the VFR and previous bikes, my brain had to adapt. Perspective is everything. I will have to look up this Schaaf guy...
  3. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Warning noted. I don't know anything about your Mister Happy and I won't bother to ask. This ride sounds like it shouldn't be missed after Corner Carver's description of the SD area from his exploits. This sounds like a job for the CB500X or whatever is it's replacement.
  4. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    I think Corner Carver may have dropped his in the parking lot somewhere, but that was just a rumor. You know how those boys are.
  5. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    Sweet. I plan to ride out Sunday and will be in Marion that night to join you mature hooligans. Is TheGirl staying with us?
  6. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    I'm in. Has anybody already made reservations for the PRE ride who needs a roommate?
  7. Under dressed

    Beat me to it.
  8. VFRD Fall Ride

    Maybe Miguel can coordinate the multiple posts lol. At least we have the topic advertised.
  9. Or mount the Chinese plastics and save the originals...
  10. Hope I'm not stepping out of line, but thought I would post this since there isn't anything on VFRD about Ben's Fall Ride although it is on the Facebook group. Sept 28- Oct 2, Thurs - Mon Ride Fri Sat Sun official. Econo Lodge 1420 N Main St Marion VA 24354 276-783-6031 Manager is Will. $62 per night.
  11. Sw-Motech Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate Failed!

    I'm having similar problems, but thankfully caught it before I lost the top case. Luckily, kebrider noted my case was a bit loose and we found the quarter turn screws to be failing. I will be replacing the adapter plate screws on both bikes. SW Motech should fix this problem. Not sure it is necessary that these adapter plates are quick release if the trade-off is damaging $400 worth of gear. I'm surprised the screws on the VFR were the first to go because the top case has only been mounted maybe 10 rides. Sorry for the pic quality, but if you squint really hard, you can see where it is broken. Which replacements did you use? I messaged Twisted Throttle to see what they recommend.
  12. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    I avoid "growing up" for that very reason! The general plan the next several months is work 1 week, ride one week, repeat. Not sure if anyone stopped at the cross site. Kimball and I went for a hike but I don't think we went far enough or it was obscured by vegetation. I saw it yesterday coming back from week number two of mountain fun and it still looks to be in great shape on passing glance.
  13. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Yes, how does $100 shipped sound (assuming you are in the US)? PM me if interested.
  14. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    We definitely need more eyes on this situation. Very difficult to spot awful roads in this area.