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  1. VFRD Fall Ride

    Maybe Miguel can coordinate the multiple posts lol. At least we have the topic advertised.
  2. Or mount the Chinese plastics and save the originals...
  3. Hope I'm not stepping out of line, but thought I would post this since there isn't anything on VFRD about Ben's Fall Ride although it is on the Facebook group. Sept 28- Oct 2, Thurs - Mon Ride Fri Sat Sun official. Econo Lodge 1420 N Main St Marion VA 24354 276-783-6031 Manager is Will. $62 per night.
  4. Sw-Motech Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate Failed!

    I'm having similar problems, but thankfully caught it before I lost the top case. Luckily, kebrider noted my case was a bit loose and we found the quarter turn screws to be failing. I will be replacing the adapter plate screws on both bikes. SW Motech should fix this problem. Not sure it is necessary that these adapter plates are quick release if the trade-off is damaging $400 worth of gear. I'm surprised the screws on the VFR were the first to go because the top case has only been mounted maybe 10 rides. Sorry for the pic quality, but if you squint really hard, you can see where it is broken. Which replacements did you use? I messaged Twisted Throttle to see what they recommend.
  5. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    I avoid "growing up" for that very reason! The general plan the next several months is work 1 week, ride one week, repeat. Not sure if anyone stopped at the cross site. Kimball and I went for a hike but I don't think we went far enough or it was obscured by vegetation. I saw it yesterday coming back from week number two of mountain fun and it still looks to be in great shape on passing glance.
  6. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Yes, how does $100 shipped sound (assuming you are in the US)? PM me if interested.
  7. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    We definitely need more eyes on this situation. Very difficult to spot awful roads in this area.
  8. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Umm, or join in on the Fall Ride. Let us know your plans either way. I'm sure kebrider and I can join you in your search for awful roads in the area. We still haven't found them yet, but keep looking every every ride. I even made I40 interesting this year by adding fog and rain on an otherwise pitch black night.
  9. I was hoping to run most of that going home, but the weather didn't cooperate the past two days. I'm sure there will be a next time!
  10. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Glad I could bum around poaching rides with various groups. What a great week with fantastic friends! My new S21s still look virtually new, must have slowed down this week. The final leg of the journey was I-40 from Knoxville to Winston last night to beat most of the rain. If you haven't ridden through the mountains on a 60 degree night in a light fog / misting rain in the comfort of the VFR with Xcreen, heated grips, and ADVmonster LED headlights, you don't know what you are missing. The only rain I had to ride all week, thankfully, with minimal traffic.
  11. STILL sorry I missed this one due to track day carelessness, but glad I could lead / follow the Northerners around some of the finest roads NC has to offer. Sorry for all the wrong turns, but I wanted to give the full kebrider experience. The Canadian / Wisconsin crew is wicked fast.
  12. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Chillin' at kebrider's house after a beautiful day of riding. We left shortly after Curt and Rob and were the last two out of the parking lot. After a grueling 200 yard ride to Sonic to top off our stomachs, we braved a few light sprinkles up the highway, but these cleared as we hit Sanderstown. 28 was a little damp south of the highway section so adjustments were made, but less so as we progressed. The Dragon had very few damp spots and it turned out to be a picture perfect evening to destroy rubber. Killboy probably has a few pics and I posted a shot from the Overlook on FB. Probably headed to the Dragon again today. Why not? I might try to steal The Girl's WR since there needs to be some taste of motard before I buy one, myself. The first one is always free, right?
  13. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Speaking from the perspective of an experienced twisty mountain rider with zero fabrication ability, I chose the following (for my 6th gen ABS): 1) Traxxion AK20 cartridges with Penske triple clicker because I wanted to maintain the VFR look with the benefits of some upgraded technology but without having to fabricate anything that added to the level of complexity. These are pricey but able to dial in the balance of performance and comfort which I desired. As a fellow medical professional, the cost of hospital bills far outweigh saving even a few hundred dollars on suspension. It has paid for itself if it keeps me off the ground just once. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the kits made by Traxxion, Daugherty, Cogent or any others. FWIW, Daugherty seems to be the best for meeting a low price point. There is certainly a black magic to suspension that requires a lifetime of dedication and expensive tools, and I would rather stand on the shoulders of giants for my baseline setup than try to cook up something, myself, just to save a few bucks or find some mythical level of performance and comfort that will be achieved to 90-95% of "perfection" even with extensive fine tuning that can only be done by the rider with knowledge of how adjustable parts work. Sportrider has a fantastic article on fine tuning suspension that is worth memorizing. 2) Spiegler / LSL SS kit with EBC HH pads because I wanted a more upright riding position to limit the effects of being old and out of shape on a day of sport touring. The brakes have much better feel which allows me to utilize the skill I have improved over the years and are more than enough to activate the ABS in dry conditions. 3) Don't forget tires, which are arguably the most important link to the road and make all of the above relatively pointless if the tire doesn't stick to the pavement. I will forgo this discussion for obvious reasons. All this being said, we reach a performance barrier the VFR simply cannot cross due to the laws of physics without infringing on ever important safety margins. As mentioned, there are multiple options for modification, but I don't think any will allow me to run the Dragon faster than the local I chased on an R3 with only custom pegs and upgraded tires without infringing on safety margins (I rarely drag knee while touring). A KTM supermoto will assuredly pass us all sipping a latte and this margin is even greater while riding roads that make the Dragon look straight. Speaking from experience of another local on the Dragon and a member of this forum, going faster only ends one way and it isn't any more fun after a point. I know I am preaching to the choir on this forum, but without a doubt the best way to improve speed and safety margin is to become a better rider, through education and experience, along with the above mods. If you haven't already, spend some time at California Superbike school or equivalent. While riding their track-prepped S1000RR, you will become closely acquainted with the law of diminishing returns when you swing your leg over any VFR. Nonetheless, I still ride one because speed isn't everything. I hope I didn't go too far off topic and you find your balance of cost and performance for your needs.
  14. It was thrilling until it wasn't. Should be a blast as usual! My main concern is pain distracting the riding along with proper throttle control. Beer drinking is much simpler. Sometimes I wonder... The worst part was it was wet that morning. Granted, I wasn't flat out, but I was still on it fairly hard. That afternoon, the track was dry except for in a few places where water was seeping from a high water table. There was something about the pavement / fluid there that didn't agree with adhesion from a wicked 200hp.
  15. Bad news, I unintentionally lit up the rear on my track day and high sided over some wet pavement, then tumbled down the road for a good ways. I'm ok, and should make the Spring ride, but will probably be leaving Wednesday or Thursday while the bruises heal and swelling goes down. You guys enjoy the local roads I sent and make sure they are in good shape for when I come through. I seem to have difficulty staying upright of late.