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  1. I suspect that all any of this is going to get you is lack of respect from owners of both makes. I think you would be better off just going badged as a Honda.
  2. Congratulations, Mike. 4" of rain over the last couple of days and a high school graduation today here.
  3. I feel it is the moral obligation of every motorcyclist to be an organ donor as we are statistically more likely to be donors. However, while it is important to sign the back of your license as a donor, it is much more important to have honest conversations with those who will be making decisions on your behalf when doctors come to ask for permission to harvest.
  4. You're going to need a a chain tool and a way to measure the plate-to-plate dimension and rivet head dimension, if you want to do it right. There are plenty of other ways to get the job done that you can find on YouTube and Google.
  5. Wix - 51365
  6. On a whim while replacing a leaking clutch cover gasket, I decided to pull apart the clutch stack and inspect the discs. Using linear extrapolation and based on OEM specs for new friction disc thickness and service limits, I calculated I would reach over 100,000 miles before I hit the service limit. I did this with around 40,000 on the clock and I sit at 50k right now. I'm not sure that I can assume linear wear, but I won't be checking back in there for a quite a while based on what I saw and measured. I'm not a small guy but I'm also not brutal on the clutch. YMMV. (literally)
  7. I just replaced my chain and sprockets with the RK kit 1086-020W. It fit correctly. I'm happy.
  8. Used to be a guy around here that had an early '60s fire truck. It got used a lot for high school senior pictures, wedding parties, limo service, bar hopping and rabble rousing in general. Lights and sirens worked and he had fitted the area normally used for hose storage with bench seats and cooler.... You get the idea. I never had the opportunity to ride/party on it but he stayed pretty busy driving people around through the warm months.
  9. Jeebus, that's a hell of a thought. I would have thought they would have given up trying to kill you by now. They've failed twice already. I'm beginning to suspect that Gary's hobbies include watching me get drunk.
  10. Bump
  11. I've always had the '02. I put new plastic on the motorcycle..... and that is really about it. In reality, it is/was a daily rider that got washed when it rained. It looks OK from 20 foot, and I'm happy with that. Mechanically it is still solid, and that is what matters to me. <vows not to be 'that guy', if there is SumSum4> ....off to look for the TMac '17 thread.
  12. Have Kansas flag, will travel to points as yet unknown. Waypoint available for those travelling from the east.
  13. I think that is the MCcruise http://www.mccruise.com/
  14. My ride to work Friday morning. I'll use the new value of -6.9° @ 70mph.