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  1. Used to be a guy around here that had an early '60s fire truck. It got used a lot for high school senior pictures, wedding parties, limo service, bar hopping and rabble rousing in general. Lights and sirens worked and he had fitted the area normally used for hose storage with bench seats and cooler.... You get the idea. I never had the opportunity to ride/party on it but he stayed pretty busy driving people around through the warm months.
  2. Jeebus, that's a hell of a thought. I would have thought they would have given up trying to kill you by now. They've failed twice already. I'm beginning to suspect that Gary's hobbies include watching me get drunk.
  3. Bump
  4. I've always had the '02. I put new plastic on the motorcycle..... and that is really about it. In reality, it is/was a daily rider that got washed when it rained. It looks OK from 20 foot, and I'm happy with that. Mechanically it is still solid, and that is what matters to me. <vows not to be 'that guy', if there is SumSum4> ....off to look for the TMac '17 thread.
  5. Have Kansas flag, will travel to points as yet unknown. Waypoint available for those travelling from the east.
  6. I think that is the MCcruise http://www.mccruise.com/
  7. My ride to work Friday morning. I'll use the new value of -6.9° @ 70mph.
  8. If it takes this much time to unleash the factory power, I'm going to stick to just buying motorcycles that have the power I want as they sit on the showroom floor.
  9. I propose a class-action lawsuit against Honda by all of us who have been gypped out of our full allotment of Factory Power. Nowhere in the factory manual or bill of sale did Honda state they were only providing me with a percentage of their designed power output. Nor did they state that I would be required to purchase aftermarket items chosen on the basis of timely supply to restore my Factory Power to its full potential. Are any of you attorneys-at-law?
  10. Hello, Olive.
  11. I've been using the same pair of Aerostich Elkskin Ropers for ~15 years. I commute in all weather. When the temperature gets below freezing I will use a different brand of insulated, gore-tex gloves for my commute. With my heated grips, I am comfortable in the Elkskin Ropers down to freezing for my 15 mile, all-highway commute. For longer trips, I keep both pairs handy. I absolutely love my Elkskin Ropers. I've never tried the gauntlet length. In my opinion, my gloves got better and better as time and years and wet-dry cycles went on. They fit somewhat loosely when I initially bought them. But after all these years, they literally "fit like a glove" should. To me, the thickness is confidence inspiring. If you are looking for padding and armor on your gloves then these are not for you. But you will get tons of abrasion resistance from these gloves. I condition my Elkskin Ropers with Lexol at least once a year (usually more) to keep them supple. I also melt in Sno-Seal as needed to give them some (minor) degree of waterproofing. To my mind the Lexol is very important, as I feel the gloves dry out over time due to the wet, dry cycle that I subject them to. Over the years the gloves have gained a beautiful patina and smell that I have grown to love. I took a spill at SumSum3 in Montrose, CO last year. I slid ~40 or 50 foot. The gloves were not breached and I have continued to ride with them, but after finally settling with insurance I have ordered a new pair that will be delivered with my new Aerostich suit. I'll be honest, I will not be as happy with my new gloves as I am with my old ones. But I figure in about 3-5 years, I will be back to the patina that I love. Aerostich has a very liberal return policy. If it were me, I would order them, get a pair on your hands and look them over and then make your decision.
  12. I agree with MaxSwell, I doubt you'll find any studies that purport modulars to be safer than a comparable full-face helmet. For me it was about convenience. I wear corrective glasses and, for me, the ease of putting my helmet on and off without messing with my glasses greatly outweighs the potential, perceived increased risk of injury. I had a fairly minor crash at SumSum3 that scratched the hell out of my faceshield, but I was uninjured. Back to snot... I've always felt the "snort and swallow" crowd are just pulling the irritating agent further into their sinuses and prolonging their agony. When I had my full face helmet, I would open the face shield and blow. It would go down the front of my suit... I don't care, there are always bug guts there anyway.... or on the inside of my helmet. I would wipe it out at the end of the ride if it got too gross. Antihistamines give me the jitters and I have to be pretty bad off to consider taking them. I wouldn't ride if I was taking anithistamines, but I know most people don't react to them that way.
  13. Or in real life. You should be cutting me some credit.... I'm trying to take care of them deer for you.
  14. Did I leave out a comma or semicolon or something?