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  1. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Calling out to everyone to bring a flag from your Nation, or State.
  2. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    OK. Lee2002 has reserved room #23 First dibs on the second bed goes to perpetual SumSum roomie, gswanson.
  3. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    I know a guy who could never figure out the radio his used car came with.... he attached the battery cables at noon. This was before the interwebs and he wasn't supplied with a manual.
  4. Well said. Add in frosty roads and leaving my neighborhood on my morning commute goes to pucker-factor 11.
  5. Advice on moving VFR on 5.5ft truck bed

    The very few times I've crammed mine in the back of a truck, I stuck it in there diagonally. I did not trust my tailgate as it is held horizontal by swaged cables and a stamped piece of sheet metal. Plus I like the structure the closed tailgate provides to the bed rails when I cinch down the tie downs.
  6. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I'm not riding ahead of you just to clear a path through the deer. You ain't going to suck me into that mess.
  7. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I don't have that one... but I will! It is the one time every three years I get to really get a drunk on and make a total doofus of myself. I think Didit has really missed the opportunity to bill this as free entertainment.
  8. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Hey Maxswell, let's coordinate shirts one night this go-around. We shop at the same place.... you pick.
  9. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I voted for South Dakota. For me, South Dakota is about 120 miles more than CO, so that is pretty much a wash. I like the idea of seeing some sights that I haven't seen since I was a kid and hopefully some new things along the way. I am concerned with the traffic and congestion in that area, but it is still my choice. Below is a google street view from the area as I explored the region electronically.
  10. Turkey Vultures' defensive mechanism is to projectile vomit all over you. It is even nastier than I imagine their shit would be. There is a large group of vultures that roost about a mile from our house (and have for twenty years or more in the same tree). One the way home from work one day, I rounded a corner in the neighborhood to find one munching on a dead rabbit in the road. I was going slow and impact wasn't a concern, but as that monster bird lifted off, it puked all over me and my bike. The smell was disgusting. I made a beeline for the nearest car wash and hosed down the bike and talked another patron into hosing me down as I stood and turned in my suit and helmet. I also got shit on by some kind of ocean bird once in the middle of the Pacific. Not a speck of land, another person, or another boat in sight. That bird nailed me. It was like someone dropped a 20 oz, rotted-fish smoothie on me. I'm not a big fan of birds. A bird that size would definitely cause some hurt when hit, either to the bike or rider. Better the bike than you.
  11. Phillip Island track day

    I think this is a great photo.
  12. Chain Mileage

    I don't usually find any reason to disagree with BLS, but I think he missed the most important positive point of the Scottoiler. I think the great advantage of a Scottoiler is that it is easy to use. This leads to frequent oiling. This regular, constant wash of oil over the chain will flush off grit and debris leading to a cleaner chain from a mechanical point of view (but not an aesthetic point of view). This is grit that could otherwise abrade or cut a sealing ring. I don't use a Scottoiler so I don't have a vested interest. I'm the guy that points the car wash wand at the chain while it circulates in first gear at idle and puts on whatever product has recently captured my interest or is cheaply available. Even with my meticulous chain maintenance regimen, I still get ~20,000 miles out of a chain.
  13. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    I would suggest that some riders would be better off hiring a competent mechanic than doing their own maintenance. If your throttle changes or binds because you are steering your motorcycle, you need to take your motorcycle to a professional for your own safety. In a properly adjusted system there will be no change in cable free play bar-stop-to-bar-stop. Again to the original poster, I would suggest checking the terminal mounting points of the spiral outer shield to ensure they are solidly mounted and can not move in their mounts.
  14. Ice vest. Make or buy?

    I'll start by saying I ride daily in all weather. It was 100° F here today on my commute home, so I recognize your situation. I find the best solution is a chilled hydration backpack bladder in my riding suit. As long as I'm sweating, evaporative cooling keeps me from overheating. Drink, Drink, Drink from the bladder. Comfortable? Not really. Bearable, yes, but I enjoy riding and if comfort was the deciding factor I would take a cage. Below freezing weather is another thread. To your question.... I've heard that the human body generates about 100 watts in a resting condition. Wikipedia indicates that these cooling chips are 10% - 15% efficient. That means just to pull away the heat your body generates your going to need 1,000 - 1,500 watts. I don't have a clue how many watts your body is absorbing from the 100+ degree atmosphere but, presumably, you're wanting to pull that away from your body too? Let me assume for a minute that you're absorbing another 300 watts from the atmosphere during your ride. (I have no clue if this is reasonable, understated, or overstated) You now need 2,600 watts of power to provide your cooling needs assuming 15% efficiency. My motorcycle generates 4,700 watts @ 5,000 rpm. Assuming you're pulling 2,600 watts (at 12 volts) of this to satisfy these cooling needs, you're going to need a 250 amp fuse for that circuit's anticipated load. I believe the NASCAR guys use a cooler filled with ice and a small pump with a circulating circuit. Refill with ice as needed.