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  1. Norway

    It´s nice to see "my backyard". Trollstigen (or Trollpath/rise i. e.): http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=62.458233,7.670259&spn=0.03679,0.145226&z=14
  2. P7070090.JPG

    This is down from Gaular Mountain. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Hella,+Norway&aq=1&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=63.255964,115.224609&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Hella&ll=61.354079,6.535149&spn=0.038143,0.112524&z=14
  3. Carbon Fiber Helmets

    +1,000,000. A freakin' year to get a helmet? :huh: I'm too scared to even ask what it cost. Good Lord, I hope that helmet rocks. :biggrin: I had almost forgotten about the helmet when I got the message it had been sent from the webshop in Germany. Price was hefty, almost $1200. But I got a 20 % rebate, and that was about the same price as a standard C3 costs in Norway. The C3 is reckoned to be the best flip up helmet in my part of the world. The carbon technology is from the F1 domain, and Michael Schumacher is sad to have been contributing in the development. At almost half a kilo less wheight than my existing C2, and a noise level of 84,5 db at 90 km/h, (almost half the sound level of the C2), I think it's worth the money.
  4. Carbon Fiber Helmets

    Finally got my C3 Carbon from Schuberth, delivered one year after I ordered it. Why it took a year to deliver, I don't know. It is a limited production of 2000 units. Mine is no. 1686. It is a perfect fit and feels comfortable. The light wheight is surprising, compared to the old C2. Now I'll have to wait for for the snow to melt, to test the other qualities, as low sound level, water tightness and antifog. I have also ordered The bluetooth com system. Hopefully it will not last a year before delivery on this.
  5. 2003 Vfr800: Battery Replacement

    I was about to order the YUASA YTZ14S when i came over this test in the German Motorrad magazine: 01/2007 "MOTORRAD NEWS" verdict: 10 out of a possible 10 for the cold start and load test! Test verdict from "Motorrad News": "The strengths of the Delo battery are top marks in our test and an acceptable price. But this battery too needs care and attention in the winter, and can react to neglect by refusing to work. It has been awarded our Best Buy recommendation for its great performance." A total of nine starter batteries that fit in the standard battery compartment of many BMW bikes such as the K 1100 RS or R 1150 GS were tested (including Varta, Yuasa, Odyssey, Exide, AWS). TEST PROCEDURE: "To make sure that the nine candidates all started in the same condition, we first connected them to an intelligent charger (Saito ProCharger, suitable for gel and acid batteries) for eight hours. The heavy duty units were then left to settle down overnight. The reason for this is that shortly after they have been charged, batteries exhibit what is known as a hybrid voltage. This is significantly higher than the true battery voltage, but means very little, and it must first be allowed to dissipate. After this resting period, their cold starting current was then recorded using a special instrument (Bosch BAT 121) according to European standard methods - our first measurement. After another 24 hour break, the pressure was applied again: For the load test we connected a device consuming 300 W (heating mats) to each battery, and measured the voltage after 15 and 30 minutes in order to see the reaction to the discharge process. After being subjected to this harsh treatment, the batteries were then connected to the charger again, and the voltage measured after 15 and 30 minutes of charging. These values indicate how quickly the battery can ideally recover after heavy use." I ordered this instead. Seems like a good product, but the price in Europe is 50 % higher than the US prices for the Yuasa. In Norway the Yuasa is almost 50% higher than the Delo AMG. DELO AGM starter battery
  6. Tales Of Zumo

    I had a software update on my Zumo 550 and found this screen:
  7. Carbon Fiber Helmets

    I have ordered a Schuberth C3 Carbon, to bee delivered in 2 weeks. After reading this thread I ´m confident that I will get a helmet that are lighter and stronger than my old C2, and not as brittle as some claims. Only thing I´m a little curious to know, Are cf helmets isolating heat (from the sun) better than ordinary dark colored helmets? I have read somewhere that cf slip-ons don,t get as hot as metal slip-ons.
  8. Motorcycle Routes in Western Norway.

    First of all, thanks for putting my blog on the opening page. If the road is so narrow that two vehicles can not pass each other without one has to give way, it is permitted to use the entire road´s width. We have roads with center lines, but as long as they don´t have a double line, one can cross without being fined. The roads with missing center lines usually has little traffic and we prefer to travel outside the tourist season, usually in late May (best weather). In July and most of August the roads are way over-populated by tourists and it's not as fun to drive, but compared to the traffic in the Alps, our roads are virtually empty. Suprises? We have had one situation, coming out of a corner, a car blocking the road, caused injuries to a rider and his bike, but thankfully we´ve been lucky so far, although there is only one of us who have not had any incidents at all. Fine levels in Norway are high, but police seldom checks on these roads. If you get caught, expect fines from $100 to $1200.
  9. Pics of custom painted VFR's

    I don´t know if you are interested in 4. gen, but I had mine repainted in yellow. Originally it was black, but after some incidents with blind cars, I decided to have it recolored. (More pics in my gallery) Washed and polished
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fd02gNmQiY MC-routes in western Norway. The Fiord district. I´ve had several requests on what parts of western Norway is worth travelling on a motorcycle. In this blog, I´ll point to some of the more interesting routes for motorcycling in western Norway. Of course there are lots of other routes worth riding, not mentioned here. The Videos The videos are from the website RoadMC.com, a virtual clubhouse for me and my biker-friends. Since the site is not maintained anymore, I´ve got permission to publish the footage on YouTube. The quality could be better, as these videos are from pre- or early YouTube era, and the codecs from that time where not as effective as they are today. Click the projektor-icon, and then doubleclick the thumbnail for viewing in YouTube if you want to view in fullscreen. Full Size Sauda - Roeldal Full Size The Aurland Mountain Road The route from Aurland to Erdal is very scenic and if you want a rerun, you may take the Laerdal tunnel (15.3 mls long) back to the starting point. Banks of snow at the Aurland Mountain Road, (This bike is gone, crashed in 2005) The Laerdal tunnel Full Size The Sogn Mountain Road The Sogn Mountain Road is one of Norway´s more scenic roads, overlooking the peaks of Jotunheimen, the highest mountains in Norway. Sogn Mountain Road, Norway Full Size The Atlantic Road Full Size Lysebotn Having no footage from this route, I found this one on YouTube. Lysebotn, Rogaland, Norway The road down from the mountain is famous for its switchbacks including the tunnel at the bottom with its 180o corner, deep inside the rock. photo: Norwegian Tourist Office) Full Size Gaular Mountain Down Gaular Mountain, Norway Full Size
  11. If this is what you need, you can get it here: http://www.powerletproducts.com/product/10...socket-cable/10
  12. Has Gear Saved Your Life?

    My gear after a nose dive from 80-90 kmh, some years ago, The helmet.
  13. hondav4_5_large.jpg

    I wonder if Sbarro Design has been involved in this design. Sbarro Hubless Concepts
  14. Trailer Wheel Chock

    PitBull copied a guy who has been making those for WERA guys for a few years. They are THE way to go for trailer restraint. No tie downs needed at all, which also frees up a lot of room in your trailer without straps going everywhere. Much faster to load and unload too. Unfortunately it doesn't work with single sided swingarms, it needs a rear axle. Which takes you back to the wheeldock if you don't want to compress your front end and this one for the rear. www.kyaracing.com.au/product.htm

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