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  1. aah i see, yes, it looks the same. FWIW (I just learned what that stands for!!), mine has lasted about 7 years and seems fine. different manufacturer, but if the quality is similar, you shouldn't have any problems.
  2. I have a stebel nautilus compact tucked in my front fairing ... spilled coffee, dropped cell phones. it's a great addition and helps those driving cars to suddenly become aware of their surroundings. @Samuelx, you're running this off of a relay, right? don't know about the 8th, but 5th runs the horn and brake/turn/running lights off a 10amp fuse which I (and others who have installed it) don't think is enough for the draw of the horn.
  3. It's like times new roman vs arial. not much, but for me tough to look at. 1998/9: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TACHOMETER-TACH-honda-VFR-800-VFR800-INTERCEPTOR-intercepter1998-1999-/222361895560?hash=item33c5cd4288:g:3cEAAOSwnHZYZnnn&vxp=mtr 2000/01 http://www.ebay.com/itm/98-99-00-01-HONDA-VFR800-VFR-800-Cluster-Speedometer-Tach-Gauges-67K-/142267387533?fits=Year%3A2000|Make%3AHonda&hash=item211fcc0e8d:g:2MMAAOSwUKxYlR8k&vxp=mtr&autorefresh=true
  4. got the helmet, rode in to work today with it. it's amazing. i had no idea how soft an interior should be! the cheek pads aren't specifically cut for speakers - but it's pretty clear that for those with the cut outs, what they did was trace an outline in the outer layer of foam (towards the ear) and not glue it down. It's a little noisier than I expected. The longer I left it on at home the more I realized i'm not as "long oval", but the interior is so customizable, it was just a matter of peeling out a couple layers of the foam on the sides of the upper insert, not it fits like it grew to my head. i can wear my sunglasses without smashing my temples. the new (to me..) shield style is great. it's very stiff by comparison, both in it self and how it pivots with the helmet in the hinges, and has the recess for the pinlock insert - there are no questions about where it goes. and the optics are cleaner, there's less distortion. I like that the visor doesn't really open that far, just enough to get it out of the way. I always had to set my x-11 visor in the middle of the range so that it was out of the way but also didn't catch the wind. weeeeeeeeeee!
  5. I have Angel GTs on now, going to try the T30s next. The rear is ok, but the front feel is terrible with about 30% left, but i've possibly been hard on it recently. my suspension is stock, fresh forks (seals, bushings, oil) except with a 929 shock. always stock pressures.
  6. what carburetor do you have on it? I put mine back to stock to sell and gained back all the low end torque. If you ever see a purple '96 1200c with dual front disks, it was probably mine :p I do miss the belt drive..
  7. for reference, here's what the end should look like. nice choice of levers ;) WELCOME, by the way!
  8. yes, also the paint code sticker on the tray under the seat - yellow is Y124 something. regardless, super clean bike!!
  9. BusyLittleShop can handle this - he has peg lowering blocks for sale that fit a few generations. I've had them for about 20 thousand miles and they're great. Curious, was your bike repainted red?
  10. looks like there are paint runs in the tail, noticeable just below the cowl. I'd say it's "one-off". I think the tank and seat cowl may be original paint, but the rest of the tupperware appears to be a different shade, lighter/redder.
  11. well, they're still getting investment money.... https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/fusar-technologies-inc#/entity
  12. for those of you who have de-linked the brakes, regardless of "feel", what are your stopping distances before and after?
  13. this was such a nice thread to read! from starting out potentially selling your bike to a complete fix...with help from the community :) i went right down to the parking garage to check my nut, and it hasn't moved.
  14. Thanks for all the replies! Yes, i'll need to take it apart. the new signet x and the signet q pro tour have speaker pockets, but from what i read, the regular "signet q" either doesn't or it isn't advertised. interested to see how it goes with this one. i'm way too excited my x-11 was used when i bought it in about 2003.
  15. this is great info, thanks! all the sudden my bike started blowing this fuse some time back, very intermittently. It all went away after I redid the forks, which naturally mean taking the front of the bike apart and moving everything a little. I did notice where the two wires come out of the front brake switch, one was bent pretty far so I straightened it. I'll check through it again.