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  1. Fwiw, back '07 I stripped the yellowed and chipped clear coat from my '92 VFR's forks, then brightened them up using emery cloth for the worst areas and scotchbrite & solved autosol everywhere. Two years and 20K km later, including 3 trips to California and a track day, the finish still looked bright and shiny. I had expected the alloy to dull but was pleased that it did not. My '09's forks are painted black and I hope they respond as well when they need refinishing. In this pic the old clear coat is gone, and I've finished 'polishing' one leg.
  2. I will assume that you mean the fuse attached to the starter relay and not the relay itself. Does it blow when you try to start the bike? Or at some random time during a ride? More detail needed. The only reason a fuse blows is that the current flow in the circuit exceeds the design spec. 1. remove, or at least disconnect, any non-factory wiring. 2. check all the connections on the starter relay. Remove the rubber cap to get a good look. More than a few have had a failure of these small connectors due to overheating from corrosion. 3.The two large cables connect to the battery and the starter. Ensure that their fasteners are tight. Check the cable leading to the starter, looking for any damage to the insulation and that it is tight on the starter. Good luck My '91's failed starter relay 6th gen starter relay.pdf
  3. Unlike say tires or chains & sprockets, the clutch ought to survive the vagaries of normal use and last the life of the bike. But even if it were to expire prematurely, it isn't a particularly costly repair.
  4. Yep, VFR750F used a gasket, but the service manuals for the '98-'01 and the '02-'09 specifies Three Bond 1270B or equivalent for sealing.
  5. Arno, there are no twisty road or knee dragging in your photo, but it sure makes me impatient to start my summer road trip.
  6. I recently had a set of Michelin Pilot Power RS installed on my '09 VFR. Since 2000 my preferred brand has been Michelin. Several sets of Pilot Sport and Pilot Powers, though the last set were Pilot Road 4. During this time I've also tried a few sets of Dunlop, Pirelli, or Bridgestone but none feel as good to me. The new PP RS might steer a little slower/heavier than the PP3, and the lack of tread is really striking. Hopefully, Michelin did their maths and they'll prove up to the challenge of wet pavement. So far I like them and am looking forward to see how they fare on my upcoming California trip this summer. Cycle World review Pilot Power RS
  7. Congratulations on finding such a tidy VTR, Rob. It looks fantastic as is, but I can see it has an awesome future in store. SP1 or SP2? I've read good arguments in favour of each. A Brit mag recently called them under appreciated classics that will only rise in value. Terrific choice of wheels, btw. This Sport Rider article might give a few more ideas, though you've no doubt done massive research already: http://www.sportrider.com/honda-rc51-rvt1000r-great-sportbikes-past
  8. John, Any opinion on the merits of various caliber:master sizing? curious in Victoria
  9. Another source of trouble might be the starter relay, adjacent to the battery. Output of the rectifier/regulator goes through it on the way to the battery. Here's a pic of the failed unit from my '92 VFR750:
  10. What great action image - it's my favourite featured image in quite awhile.
  11. That looks even colder than on my trip through Kootenay NP back in 2014. It was September 1st and the temp was barely above freezing. Love the Leo Vince cans - I've got a set on my '09.
  12. Great job, Mossy, care to give us some details about the build? It looks like you re-used the oe controls & instruments, but what about the lights - Triumph Speed Triple? How tricky was it to reroute cables & hydraulics to get such a clean look?
  13. Good catch, BAR. I really liked the look of my old Bell helmet, but it was not in the same league as the Shoei X8 Rainey that I bought that year at Laguna Seca.
  14. I plan on returning there in about 3 months
  15. I use oe Honda filters & Motul 5100. As to what weight oil to choose, it really depends on the climate & usage. Here is a good primer on oil viscosity: 10W-WTF!? Dispelling Myths About Oil John is right about Fram. Their filters failed because not enough thread engaged the engine. This happened after Fram had off-shored production but failed to ensure manufacturing kept to the design spec. Candy forgot to include the RC45 and the 5th gen as they use the same basic engine design as the 6th & 8th gen VFRs.