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  1. 😇 Stephen, exploring is sometimes a reward unto itself. Besides, from the look of Brian's photos 📷, we see the world in a similar fashion. Otoh, I took my pal for a jaunt on Santa Rosa Creek road and he was … not impressed. It is a real goat trail; narrow, broken pavement and no centre line. But I wanted to get a photo of the bikes from the spot where Motorcyclist magazine had all those great cover shots.
  2. Brian, sorry that the anniversary is of sad occasion. Still, it is always good to get out for a ride. Hope you guys have a great time. My trip in early July took me over some of your route so allow me to offer these road reports. As regards traffic & CHP, well, you're on your own All these roads were in good shape and had no construction projects (July 3/4, '17): * Ca70/Ca89 Quincy to Graeagle * Gold Lake Hwy: a little dusty but no showstoppers * Ca49 Sierra City to Auburn: weird that some passing zones are so short * Ca89: from Ca88 to US395: love, love, love Monitor Pass * US395 to Ca108: from Walker to the junction is pretty entertaining * Ca108 to Sonora: Strawberry Inn about the halfway point is a good place for a break. Lots of snow roadside atop Sonora Pass compared to the last few years Btw, thanks for clueing me into a new route: Wentworth Springs/Ice House roads. I'll have to try 'em on next year's ride to Laguna Seca.
  3. I've found that the c-spanner can get snagged, especially when positioned underneath the hub, ie. to rotate ccw. Get your head down so you can see how it is seated on the hub.
  4. 'ing fantastic, John. Where on earth do you find these treasures? The only 'restricted' info I ever came across was a dupe of a dupe of an American Honda service procedure for fixing the buzzing tanks on FL-FP VFR750. I was about to collate them into a pdf for myself but if you could email your version I'd owe you one. PM me for my email address.
  5. As it happens, I returned Wednesday afternoon and I really like the Pilot Power RS. Since Y2K, I have liked Michelin Pilot in their various configurations on my VFR750, VFR800, and VTR1000F, and the new RS are more of the same. There is an obvious difference in colour for the two compounds on the rear, and it remains as the miles pile up. The softer edge compound also shows a different wear pattern - see below. After 6300 km (3900 miles), the majority of that from my ride to the WSB races at Laguna Seca, they still have plenty of life. I expect to get another 2000 km or so before replacement, but then I am not planning another long ride this year. Never had any rainy days so I can't comment on wet grip. The RS won't last near as long as PR4; my previous tires were PR4 and they got near twice the mileage. To be honest, I can't say that I benefit from the extra grip but it is nice to have it in your pocket.
  6. John is correct, Honda VFRs oe handlebars sit flush with the top plate so that the fork tube protrudes above them. Note the groove near the top of the fork tube: a thin c-clip is fitted by Honda to prevent the 'bars from lifting off the fork. Btw, the non-VTec VFR800 handlebars are about 5/8" taller than those on '90-'97 models, and as important they fit 41mm fork tubes. (the VTec went with 43mm units)
  7. Lee, I should add that Indian Valley/Peach Tree are a bit of a goat trail - bumpy pavement, tight & twisty. But Ca 25 is one of my favourites, grippy pavement and nice curves make it great fun. G14 is mostly wide open sweepers through rolling grassland. G16 through Carmel Valley is tighter and hillier. Both make a great alternative to the bumpy monstrosity that is US 101. Check them out with Google Earth, or sign up($20) to Pashnit for their write ups of all the good California roads: http://www.pashnit.com/motoroads.htm
  8. Lee, We've often worked our way south to Cambria, then ridden PCH up to Monterey - not possible this year. One option G14 & G16 from Paso Robles to Carmel. Another is Indian Valley & Peach Tree roads, then Ca25 to Hollister. No doubt warmer & drier than the coast, though. My apologies if these routes are old hat to you.
  9. Ned, First, is the stator completely dead? Two years ago atop Grand Mesa my '09's stator became weak enough that it couldn't keep the battery charged. After stopping for photos the battery was too flat to run the starter, but I was able to bump start and keep going. Managed to struggle to Delta, Co. for the night and a small local shop had a spare battery that would fit. In my case the stator put out almost enough to run the bike and I could get 5-600 km before needing to recharge. With a second battery I could swap it as needed. You'll get more life from the battery if you pull the headlight fuse and disconnect any electrical accessories (grip heaters, electric vest). O'Reilly's or Napa have small digital meters and chargers - I bought both during my bikes crisis and they allowed me to complete my trip and get home to Victoria.
  10. Yeah, us old timers would have loved to have met you at Laguna Seca. That would have been right in the middle of the 10 year WSB era there, and at a time when AMA Superbike was a force to reckon with. Nicky Hayden beat Mladin for the AMA Superbike win, and Haga and Corser split the WSB races. Ah, the good old days.
  11. Yoshi, no sweat about getting your dad up & the hills as there are plenty of SCRAMP volunteers w/golf carts to assist. Also, it is worth pricing some of the motels in the Monterey area as Thursday's rates can be a small fraction of the weekend.
  12. Check the starter relay connections. The output of the rec/reg goes through it on the way to the battery. Remove the rubber boot and check that all the connectors are in good knick. Here's what a duff one looks like, granted from my '92 VFR750:
  13. HS, years ago I noticed a significant amount of oil in my VFR750's airbox. Never did figure out the cause (overfilling the oil?) as it only happened the one time. It might be something as simple on your 1200.
  14. Rob, keep the mag clutch cover. Consider the scuffing as patina - think what the does to the value of a Louis IV chair
  15. Could you elaborate on the better turn-in vis-à-vis PP3? What I noticed was the RS seemed a little heavier & slower steering than I recall from any of my previous PP/PP2/PP2CT/PP3, or PR4 for that matter. Just enough to be noticeable. Like you I am curious to see if the mileage claims from Michelin hold water. Lastly, have you ever seen a tire that more obviously shows it is dual compound?