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  1. Oops, good catch. I wrongly assumed that Honda used the same mirrors on the VTec series. The 5th gen VFR800 had the old condom-type mirrors till 2000 - I swapped to a set of the sleeker style mirrors for my '99 VFR800 back in 2001. A few years later I swapped them onto my '92 VFR750.
  2. Fab shot of your VFR at dusk. I'm guessing that your VFR is the last year of the 3rd gen. Its graphics and wheel & seat colour were never available in North America.
  3. No sweat, John, I only mentioned it because I tried to make that swap to my '91 in 1996. The '94-'97 look far nicer, and a more talented fabricator than I could have sorted out those minor hiccups. Of course, everyone is a better fabricator than I am
  4. From the album my VFRs

    This totem is the Salish Bear pole at the summit of the Malahat highway near Victoria BC. It was carved in celebration of the 1966 centennary of the merger of colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The elevation is a modest 356 metres, or 1157 feet, above Saanich Inlet which can just be spied in the background.

    © Lorne Black

  5. I hesitate to contradict my good friend John, but swapping 4th gen brackets to a 3rd gen is more involved than it appears. Whilst it is true that the 4th gen footage brackets will bot straight into place there are problems. Iirc, on the left side side there with the small metal fairing. The right side is complicated due to the rear brake master cylinder and the heat shield. Nothing unsurmountable, but it complicates what looks at first like a straight exchange. On the other hand, you can easily fit the 2000-2009 mirrors for a sleeker look.
  6. Thanks for the reminder - I might have to fit in the Callahan-Weaverville stretch on Hwy 3 into this years trip to Laguna Seca.
  7. Brian - do you spend your whole life on Monitor Pass!? Lovely shot, I hope to ride it on my return to Laguna Seca this July.
  8. Cool!
  9. <broken_record>Don't forget to check the starter relay. Their connections have a habit of becoming resistive and failing. If so, even a perfect alternator and rec/reg won't help because there is no path to the battery</broken_record>
  10. From the album my VFRs

    View from the Malahat viewpoint just north of Victoria, BC, in the summer of 1998. Sadly, the totem pole has lost its ouster of late.

    © Lorne Black

  11. Nice shot of the Crayola Collection
  12. That is a lovely photo as well. Looks like a chilly day for a ride, though.
  13. As Terry says, it was standard on the 1990-1993 VFR750F. Btw, the NR750 had a natty 2-piece articulated cover on its side stand.
  14. Just noticed these two articles at MCNews Australia. First, about VFRs: A Very Fine Ride Second, touring Oz: Riding around Australia
  15. Boy, what a lovely spot to ride. I have long thought of travelling to New Zealand, and your photo provides yet more incentive. Btw, despite being halfway 'round the world, your scene really reminds me of the PCH north of Big Sur, California: