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  1. So now you need to find a 35mm Ti axle nut or your VFR will be unbalanced
  2. Yet another newbie

    Welcome, and congrat's on finding such a tidy, low mileage 6th gen. And with matching panniers. Good to have another member from Oz.
  3. Tire advice for 5th gen

    If you are happy with the current PR3 then I'd suggest just replacing the front with another PR3 or a PR4. If you decide to get new front & rear then go for the new Pilot Road 5. But, then I am a fan of Michelin's PP and PR series, and have found they give decent grip & mileage, and feel great on my VFRs.
  4. They are long gone now, but here are my red '91 and black '92. Bought 2nd hand in 1993. The next day, taking the long route home I stopped at the Bremerton, Wash., navy yard for some pics. That is BB-62, the battleship New Jersey in the background. My '92 VFR was 12 years ld when I got it in late-2004. Swapped on a spare grey seta and changed to the Euro-spec decals. Beautiful light that day at Beacon Hill park in Victoria, BC.
  5. my VFRs

  6. Opinon Time - Tires

    Reynolds: I don't have a 1200, but I've found Michelin Pilot Power worked very well on a variety of Hondas over the past few years. VTR1000F, VFR750 ('92), VFR800 - both 5th and 6th gen. Two years ago I opted Pilot Road 4 and was surprised that they felt as good given they are more touring oriented than the PP. Plus they lasted much longer. Oregonian: looks are in the eye of the beer-holder, but if the Road 5 are as improved over the Road 4 as the Pilot Power RS are over the Pilot Power 4 they will be a terrific choice. Don't forget that you can't see 'em while riding
  7. 800 engine in 750

    Thanks, John, a scan would be great. There isn't a lot of flat space on either the 3rd or 5th gen wheel hubs, but I might be able to rejigger it to fit between the lug bolts. If not, the scan will be a nice addition to my files. Thanks,
  8. 800 engine in 750

    BiKenG, that sounds like a big project. Can't find any measurements of the engine dimensions for 3rd or 5th gen motors. Perhaps some of the guys who have spare dunks could take a tape measure and let you know. Don't forget to check if there's room for the 800's airbox. John, I like the decal on that rear wheel hub. Could you elaborate on it? I'd like to find something similar for my '09's white wheel.
  9. KPH - MPH speedo face supplier?

    Objection, your honour, council assumes facts not in evidence. John is correct that 5th gen RC46 the odometer/tripmeters cannot toggle between km and miles so you'd have to live with that. (Otoh, my 6th gen allows me to toggle the speedo/odo/trip between kph & mph. But then, all those are digital displays.) However, swapping speedometers would be fine. Looking at John's speed you see that, for example, 70 mph is about 110 kph. If kph was the major scale the needle would be in the same relative position. As shown in this scan from a Euro-market 5th gen owner's manual.
  10. Kananaskis, Alta

    Thanks for the kind words. My '98 VFR800 replaced a VTR1000F which replaced a '91 VFR750. I loved all three but my fave of all was the yellow '99 VFR800 that replaced it. Much as I love my '09 VTec it hasn't captured my heart. More than once I've perused the want ads looking for another '98-'01 800. Maybe one day…
  11. Starting up issues

    Before you do anything else, check the condition of the 4-pin connector to the starter relay. One wire is the +12vdc output from the rec/reg. If it has failed then no charging gets to the battery. Here's what a bad one looks like. when connections go bad
  12. Rest stop photo opp

    No worries, the Laser took their cue from the MV Augusta F4 - not a bad role model.
  13. Rest stop photo opp

    Lovely, sunset-at-the-beach shot. Is that a Laser exhaust set? Unusual in America, methinks.
  14. Melted starter relay

    Anytime a connector overheats like that it is (almost certainly) due to corrosion or poor contact. If it was just too much power flowing then there would be issues with the wire itself, and not just manifest at a connector. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll need a new starter relay and replace the 4-pin connector. You might find good replacements at a motorcycle salvage yard. But, beware as there are right & left handed starter relays. The two main connections are not interchangeable; one must go to the battery and the other to the starter motor. Good luck,