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  1. project 86 750

    You can just swap the locations of the float bowls and the limiting tabs are defeated so the caps can stay. It makes getting on them with a long screwdriver a little easier. Don't forget, the slide springs are actually different front and rear, slightly longer go in front. And I would 100% replace the fuel tube o-rings while they are on the bench, it is time. Put 42s in my latest 86, bit it has a Kerker 4-2-1 slip on with a large Sudco can. And pretty sure I'm on 120s (edit: pretty sure 125 mains, need to check my notes). Runs perfect with my setup. Stock needles shimmed with one of the washers from the pilot screws. Slide holes not drilled bigger. I wouldn't line that tank. It has a screened fitting on the end of the pick up tube. I think you can just see it with the sending unit removed, maybe I had to use a dental mirror. Clean the best you can or perhaps use the electrolysis method. You can't mix and match 86/87 with 88/89 front fairings. They split at different locations. The rears have different sub frames too as mentioned, and the Euro models incorporated grab handles. Unless I was gifted a non-US set, I'd stick to 86/87.
  2. project 86 750

    Yeah, but you still have to get the clear anodizing off, to then polish, before clear powder coating. I've done just a swingarm and kept it just polished... holy shit, it was a lot of work. Can't even imagine doing a frame myself. Please don't tell me, 3d, that you own a polishing company. And the 17/17 is magical on these bikes, I fairly recently finished one. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy riding the shit out of my 16/18(&17)" combos.
  3. New here

    Cool! Stripes on rear cowl have been modified too, I see. Welcome.
  4. project 86 750

    Ok, thanks. Well, I have 3 already with the original finish, so I'm gonna do it. But I did always think that Honda fucked up in 2007. The R/W/B should have been silver and that beautiful Dark Red should have had the black frame.
  5. project 86 750

    OK then, one vote to proceed to keep balance. +1 Oh, and a question: How are you going to prep? Media blast or etch or... ?
  6. project 86 750

    I want to do the same thing on an 86 I am starting a restore on too, the anodizing on the frame and swingarm is so stained and cloudy. And I don't want to polish and maintain them (and getting thru that anodizing is a bitch!). But I want to paint a satin black finish, not powder coat, because I have limited funds for yet ANOTHER rebuild. Plus I'm tired of powder-coaters getting it everywhere it shouldn't be and cleaning up their shitty masking.
  7. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    That is a pretty unique 4 into 1, I don't recognize it, but it looks Yoshimura style. When you have the canister off, inspect the rivets holding the front piece onto the tailpipe and see if it looks like an original install.
  8. New garage tenant!

    So cool. Nice.
  9. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    Excuse me, you are correct, mine is 4-2-1, as they all are. I have also replicated the small bend from the Kerker 2 muffler slip on system to utilize the stock muffler crossover tubing and use 2 silencers of choice.
  10. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    There were very few "full" systems made for the RC24/26 as the bike already had individual stainless header pipes going to the rear muffler sections. Yoshimura and Kerker were very popular 4 into 1 rear sections utilizing the stock headers. I'm not sure I've even seen a Hindle system for that bike. I happen to have a Kerker (pretty sure) unit with a Sudco canister on my RC26. Hindle/Sudco/Holeshot were very often the exact same units with different badges.
  11. Just me on the Viffer.

    Get better. PT is so much fun isn't it? Plus depending on insurance you get to at least pay co-pay. And lose your PTO hours to go during work. Yay. "the stuff I think I can or should be able to do.. But no..........." That is/was a hard thing for me. "I'll just... nope can't do that. That's OK, I'll just... nope can't do that either. Any motorcycle racing on?" Cheers! (That's something I can still do... drink!) Mike.
  12. Just me on the Viffer.

    5 1/2 weeks after hand surgery #2 right now, and it doesn't appear that it worked, but we'll see. I will still be able to ride, eventually. This year sucked as far as hands and motorcycles go, both riding and working on them. So many projects just ground to a halt. So... looking like spring. Not really interested in cruising around on wet leaves in 42 degree weather.
  13. Just me on the Viffer.

    Goddamit. So jealous. That is some really good looking gear alll together.
  14. Two VFR's in One Day?

    Track bikes are always available. A nice 86 VFR750F at a reasonable price is not.
  15. RS850 Replica

    Got it. Had a feeling it wasn't an issue.