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  1. I get roughly 20K miles out of a chain. I change the sprockets every 3-4 chains, when the teeth look rounded or curved. I inspect/adjust tension and lube routinely. A few years ago, as an experiment, I installed a chain and ignored it, only adjusting it once or twice near the end of its life. I still got about 20K miles. Paul in SoCal
  2. I like the early 2000's GSXR R/R. I have them in all my 4G VFRs. Paul in SoCal
  3. My 4Gs' frames also get that hot when riding in warmer temps and/or direct sun. Paul in SoCal
  4. I'm not sure you'll need to remove the center stand, but I think you'll need to remove the shock. Do you have a Hanes/Clymer manual?
  5. I would replace the gaskets while its all apart. You have the time and access to the pump is quick, and most of the coolant is drained at this point, right? I might have an extra set of PAIR block-off plates, I sold my '95 before removing the PAIR system last year. Let me know if interested. Paul in SoCal
  6. Remove the PAIR?
  7. All my VFRs get used routinely, but over the winter one of them sat for about 3 months. When I started it, it leaked fuel. So I parked it. A week later I started it, and no problems. Haven't had a leak since. Sometimes the o-rings can shrink, and then expand again, without actually being compromised. Thats the only thing I can think of. Maybe start it up again and see if it it still leaking, maybe you'll get lucky.
  8. Next week. New job, new schedule...
  9. I'm planning two trips out to the desert next week. Monday: Temecula to Anza, 74 to breakfast/brunch in Idyllwild (Cali Greens Cafe). 74West to home. KSU 730am. Wednesday: Temecula to Anza to Palm Desert, north through Joshua Tree to 29Palms, brunch in Yucca Valley (Tommy's Kitchen). I-10 back home. KSU 7am. Its an early start, but anyone should feel free to join me. It should be pleasant on the way out, hot on the way back. This will be a casual ride, minimal hooliganism. Paul in SoCal #MotoPC2017
  10. My leak was coming from the cross-over pipe in-between the V. The o-rings on both ends were completely flattened. It's a real pain, but possible to get to, and remove, the cross-over pipe without removing the carbs. Those o-rings, if I recall, were also a standard size picked up at an auto parts store, or possibly Lowes. Paul in SoCal
  11. I don't know the diameter. When I had to replace mine, I just removed them and brought them to an auto parts store to get sized and replaced. Paul in SoCal
  12. I had an aluminum low-mount on my '95 and loved it. Yes it's loud, but it's a beautiful sound. If you try mounting it on the high mid-pipe, it's going to stick way out past the rear cowl. I think I paid $75 many years ago. But it could have been more, I can't remember. Paul in SoCal
  13. Ya it's hard to tell. But that melted connection makes it difficult to ID the source of the problem. It can't hurt to clean up all the wiring. A little bit of corrosion leads to resistance and to heat and takes out the whole connection.
  14. FWIW, that is similar to what happened on my 4G. I replaced the wires with slightly larger gauge wire from the R/R to the relay and added a better ground. Plus cleaned up some of the other wiring to the stator. Are you in Corona CA? I'm in Murrieta, I could lend a hand if needed.