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  1. So I might have done a thing......

    Thanks guys first day back to work light duties
  2. So I might have done a thing......

    Stitches out yesterday We gonna be good, later!
  3. So I might have done a thing......

    Oh yeah, had a nice cold Hoegaarden yesterday. Good stuff. 🍺
  4. So I might have done a thing......

    Thanks guys. Surgery went well. I should be right as rain by January.
  5. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Will have to extrapolate my work schedule and see where it lands. Hooefully right in the middle of my regular week off, so I don’t have to burn holidays, or at least only one or two.
  6. So I might have done a thing......

    Won’t be finishing the RC51 in time for winter. No ride for me. All I had to do was clean and coat the rusty fuel tank (already taken off and washed/aired out) and install/size the new drive chain. Sucks.
  7. Clutch And Grab

    6 years later and 34,000 km later and the Ferodo/EBC/OEM clutch combo is still going stong. And Seb’s clesr clutch cover is flawless. No leaks and looks good! No staining in the lexan window, etc.
  8. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    Thanks Tony! It’ll be a blast!
  9. So I might have done a thing......

    Managed to blast the fuel tank innards at the car wash to get most of the loose rusty scale out. Bemoeve it or not, the pic is an improvement over what was before!!! Dried it and now trying to find time to do the tank cleaning and coating kit. Hurt my right arm a bit loading furniture, so it might be a bit before I can tackle the tank.
  10. So I might have done a thing......

    The mounting bracket was made by a fellow RC51 owner who did a limited run of them. The fan slightly covers the end tank of the rad, but not much. It had to, to clear the frame spar.
  11. So I might have done a thing......

    SPAL pusher fan mod.
  12. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Those rads look pretty rough. The ebay ones for the RC51 actually look quite nice! i replaced my bend LH one with another used stocker and upgraded my oil cooler to a 3 row unit. I read that the VTEC 800 rads are 8% larger, according to Honda PR.
  13. So I might have done a thing......

    10 years of being parked with ethanol fuel in the tank. The bike ran PERFECTLY before I took the tank off, started immediately, revved perfectly, idles perfectly, etc. I had ridden it home like 10km when I bought it and it pulled like a freight train. I removed rhe FPR and blew out the entire fuel rail and HP supply hose with compressed air. NO RUST came out. None. I also blew the FPR clean, and there was only a speck or two of soft debris in there. OE fuel filter must have worked! Guess which of the two fuel pumps I'm putting back in??
  14. So I might have done a thing......

    Guess what I'm doing now?