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  1. 2017 WSBK picture show...

    Nice as always ,Larry!!!
  2. So I might have done a thing......

    Smoked LED taillight
  3. The veefalo she is smoking.

    That sucks!
  4. Gear Driven Cam Conversion & Restoration

    Love that flat torque curve. thats why i haven't replaced mine in all these years.
  5. July 19th

    This looks to be my route home.
  6. July 19th

    5 more days to departure!
  7. SumSum 4 Scouting Trip

  8. So I might have done a thing......

  9. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Holy shit, this is still dragging on? Wow, it better be worth it in the end!
  10. So I might have done a thing......

    I don't like the flushmounts. We're invisible to cars as-is!!!
  11. So I might have done a thing......

    Wheel bearings have been cleaned and repacked with fresh grease. RC51 heads over on FB were all like: Just buy new bearings man! And I was like: Naw, I'm good, thanks. $7 worth of grease and a little time and they're mint! With only 4,000 miles, they'd better be! New tires Friday!!!
  12. So I might have done a thing......

    There's gold in them thar Hills!
  13. Peg drops: BLS lowering blocks vs KD foot pegs?

    I never had to modify the frame? The BLS blocks were dead easy to fit. I guess it depends on how adventurous you are! One good mod deserves another, I always say!!!
  14. So I might have done a thing......

    Oh that was a random internet pic. Mine is not scuffed.
  15. So I might have done a thing......

    Clutch cover mod would be tough. Stock cover is magnesium, so can't be modded by seb. Id have to buy an aftermarket racing cover in aluminum, and have seb mod that. Would be a $500 touch by the time I'm done. Ouch! Stock on the left, aftermarket aluminum on the right, just for reference.