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  1. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    I just sent my rough route to Darren and Rob this morning. We will see what they say.
  2. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    That would work for me. I was planning on going thru Orofino and heading up the Lochsa with my destination being Missoula that day. I was going to throw in some side routes in the Orofino/Kamiah area too. Old Idaho 7, Greer Grade and Kamiah-Nezperce Grade. They are just 5-10 mile up-and-backs. Feel free to pm me with your route and we can work it out. I have something roughed out with stops being Missoula and Red Lodge/Billings, but I am not set in stone after Missoula.
  3. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Yup. La Grande, Oregon. You are correct, the trip down I-84 isn't very long. I have a preferred route through Oregon that zig zags thru the state that hits some amazing roads and it is about a 440 mile day. Key towns are Shaniko, Fossil, Spray, Ruggs, Heppner and Ukiah. In fact, that is the trip I was on last year when I ran into your group in Fossil last summer. Americas Best Hotel in La Grande has always been more than generous with leaving vehicles in their lot for a week at a time. PM me and I can give you more details of my route. Might be meeting up with some other VFRDs in Western Montana. (No details yet).
  4. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    That would be me It was cool to see the herd of VFR's stream into Fossil last year. So this year I will be participating in the V4 orchestra with the Aprilia. I haven't decided if I will be riding from Portland or trailering to LaGrande and riding from there. I knock off almost 900 miles if I trailer to LaGrande. The big Ape has a habit of eating rear tires and the latter option may save my bacon on this long of a trip. The roads to LaGrande are great but I plan on covering those roads on a 3 day trip to LaGrande/Lewiston/Hell's Canyon/Baker City before the Sum Sum. I'm coming up with around 3600 miles round trip not including 2 days riding in the SD area.
  5. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Booked! I've been a member since 05' but this will be my 1st VFRD ride. I met some great VFRD folks as their ride took them thru Portland last year. Looking forward to it!
  6. 2016 Aprilia Tuono Factory 1100 - Chinook Pass1.jpg

    I got tired of waiting
  7. Aprilia

    My Italian Adventure after the VFR
  8. Aprilia Tuono

    1000 miles on my 2014 Tuono V4R and so far I am LOVING it!! I put 32,000 miles on my 03 VFR800. Obviously I loved the bike to log that many miles. I had the opportunity to spend a little time on an 03 RC51 and I definitely fell for the fully adjustable suspension...and the power! So my next bike was an 07 CBR1000RR. One day I ran across a promotional video for the Tuono V4R on youtube and the sound that the Aprilia makes instantly drew my attention. So I decided to move on from the Fireblade after 12,000 incredible miles. I did alot of research and I finally pulled the trigger on a Tuono V4R and i have not regretted it yet. In my opinion the Aprilia isn't as photogenic as any of the Honda's I've owned, but it is a weapon. I have a smile on my face every time I twist the throttle. I think the Tuono V4R has that familiar V4 feel to it, the character of the RC51, and the power exceeds the Fireblade. I think the 2016 Tuono 1100 better better looking than the older 1000. A drawback to some riders is the tank size/fuel consumption/range. I don't have an issue with 120-130 mile range. The CBR softened me up to that, so it isn't a deal breaker for me. Another little nit picky thing I don't care for is the lack of an actual functioning rear fender. It sorta works but it reminds me of when I put the fender eliminator on my VFR. You end up with water being flung up on the rear seat that eventually ends up soaking your butt. Not a biggie. Most Aprilia dealers offer demo rides, so go give one a spin and see for yourself.
  9. Gutted Stock Exhaust Too Loud

    I gutted my pipes years ago and it was a little loud for me for everyday riding. I bought some stainless steel scrubber pads from Walmart. They are in the shape of a donut. I cut thru one side and lengthened them to be in the shape of a tube. I stuffed them in the pipe using a larger diameter screwdriver. I inserted them 1 at a time until I got the sound I desired. Super cheap fix and it really took the "bark" out of the pipes but it still had the rumble. If you don't like it you can always fish them out with needle nose plyers. Probably cost about $5. My "stuff job" lasted for years.
  10. Kooskia

    I'll never forget Kooskia, Id.........My ground decided to give up after stopping for a coke (day 3 of a 6 day Idaho trip). I was prepared, I had 2 mechanics riding with me, the how to fix the bad ground printed from VFRD, and a new ground wire to get the bike running........all while trying to outrun a storm that was approaching from the south. Oh the stories we have from taking road trips!!
  11. Diablo Strada: All's well now

    That's a head scratcher. It is true that the Strada is a high mileage sport touring tire and offers excellent grip for the mileage it produces. I have never been frightenend or had the experience that you are witnessing. I have only run the Pirelli Diablo Strada rear with a Diablo front and I found them to be very confidence inspiring at spirited paces. I am able to scraped pegs running that combo if I desire. Maybe the BT016 front and the Diablo Strada rear are not working well together? I am no racer but do ride aggressively in corners. And the tire has performed very well for me in all conditions that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I do run my rear tire around 40 when cold (vs 42). Thats too bad that tire was not for you. Everyone has different riding styles and comfort levels.
  12. Pirelli Diablo

    A riding buddy had the Diablos mounted on his 5th gen and I rode it once and was SOLD. Since then that is the only tire I have purchased (with one small exception). I have had the Diablos mounted on both the VFR and the RC51. I found them to be a great tire for the RC51 but found that I preferred the Diablo on the front and Diablo Strada for the rear on my 03 VFR. The Strada's profile was easier for me to hold the same lean angle thru a corner. It seemed like I was always overcorrecting with front and rear Diablos. No fault of the tire, I'm sure it is my riding style and riding preference. Here is my results with spirited rides and a 15 mile commute for the VFR. I did not keep track of mileage on the RC51. Diablo (front) 7663 mi 8214 mi 8026 mi Diablo (rear) 3910 mi Diablo Strada (rear) 8600 mi 8600 mi 7600 mi
  13. PNW area ride videos

    It does in the mountains, our weather here is a little rough on roads. We get alot of rain and occasional snow. Windy Ridge (Mt. St. Helens) gets lots of rain and a good amount of snow. That's what you get when you ride up to a volcano!!
  14. PNW area ride videos

    Here's a few videos of area rides to get you warmed up for the upcoming PNW VFRD meet in Troutdale!! Windy Ridge, Wa (new school music) http://vimeo.com/13914506 Old Man Pass, WA http://vimeo.com/13914268 Bagby Hot Springs Rd, Or http://vimeo.com/13916207 Windy Ridge, Wa (old school music http://vimeo.com/13914428

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