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  1. MyVFR With The Wife - 5

  2. Instruments going dead

    Usually a loose battery cable, but there are ongoing issues with a ground connector behind the dash of some owners bikes that become corroded and lose good ground contact.
  3. received_771324006373574.jpeg

  4. VFR natural habitat

  5. IMG_0410.JPG

  6. FinalRide.jpg

  7. VFR800 at Thunderhill

  8. Vineger Hill Ride Aug 2013

  9. Rolling005.jpg

  10. IMG_0400.JPG

  11. Linking to Off-site Images

    You must have been talking about attachments and not the gallery, I found the attachment setting is throttled so I changed that too.
  12. Linking to Off-site Images

    HMM I think maybe I can up the quota a bit, holdover from the old server that had limited space. after looking at it, I have the setting at unlimited? not sure whats going on?
  13. Linking to Off-site Images

    HMM I think maybe I can up the quota a bit, holdover from the old server that had limited space.
  14. Linking to Off-site Images

    As long as you are using the images for vfrd you can just use the vfrd gallery, its free and easy to hotlink into posts.
  15. Repeat Log Ins

    If you have the browser security settings too hi that can cause this, the forum operates with cookies so if you have your browser, your antivirus software, or firewall set to reject cookies this will continue to happen. I never have to log in every time.