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  2. Hey thats the Veefalo! Featured
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  4. You can get one for a steal here in the States, I must admit the Veefalo has been a solid bike, rides rather well after 50k miles. I have to get the ohlins rebuilt now I put too many miles on her.
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  6. featured...put the puckies on the floor, put the puckies on the floor
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  10. I was true for my 1993 civic sti hatcback. Not so for my 2008 civic coup. 2nd to 3rd the revs drop out and it's a chore to get into gear. Then pop the clutch and wham it's a big learch to 3rd gear. Not a very smooth 5 speed manual tranny on my coup. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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  12. Dude seriously? It's a day long project at most. To get rid of her over this I'd a shame. Unless it's just a great excuse to get your wife to green light a new bike? Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  13. Magazine shot but I like it, featured
  14. Yea looks like your spindle bolt failed and came loose, or was not tightened properly during service. It holds the cush drive bell onto the rear drive assembly. The shifter cover looks damaged, its built to be a sacrificial piece in cause such an event where the chain goes. Might have to get a new one and press in some new bearings and a gasket and your back in business. You recovered the bell housing I hope? Check the drive spindle it might have sheered or the threads torn off. $200 or so in parts you can do the labor or $300 - $400 at a shop. Its fixable for sure.