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  1. No. That certainly makes it a LOT easier to finish the rest of the silver bits. These newer bikes are really pulling at me. Buuuuut, last week, I bought a 5th Gen with a noisy engine. 😜
  2. These bikes look so damn good, especially in great pics like these. I’d love to disassemble one, hard anodize all the silver alloy bits to black, and reassemble. That would leave only red, black, and that beautiful bronze.
  3. Blue 8th gen

    I’ve always thought of the VFR as a technical tour de force and gentlemen’s express. Therefore, the color should exude a level of class. That bike looks like some kid bought what he thought was a sportbike and is trying to make it look sporty with Subaru’s Hyper Blue. Not appropriate, IMO.
  4. Should I have buyers remorse?

    Never have remorse with a VFR. They’re all kickass bikes.
  5. New to 5th GEN

    Thank you.
  6. BMW Dealerships

    Selling bikes is easy. The majority of customers who walk through the door already know what they’re interested in and have done a fair amount of research. The shop I worked in required a credit check, copy of your driver’s license, and a signed insurance waiver. You were welcome to ride anything you liked. The bike would sell itself. Either you like it or you don’t. Also, we carried “cheat sheets” that had the pertinent pricing numbers for every model. We were allowed to make deals on the floor, without all the haggling BS many dealerships make people go through with a sales Mgr. The easier it is is on the customer, the more bikes the dealer will sell.
  7. Hi ducnut, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  8. OEM vs Remus vs Delkevic

    There’s a Remus setup on eBay, right now, for $199.
  9. Excellent read. Thank you, for posting.
  10. Anybody do track days?

    Been off the track since ‘07. 😕 Pics in order: 1. Putnam Park 2. Mid-Ohio 3. Barber
  11. New to 5th GEN

    Honestly, I was kind of hoping I’d stumble across a yellow one. I was working in the industry that year, but, couldn’t afford the only one we had gotten in. A guy buys it, like the second day it was on the floor. The memory of that bike has always been with me. Probably could’ve found one, if I were actually looking to buy a VFR. It was pure coincidence I saw this one. Just happened to look through the classified section of a forum I hadn’t been on in a while. I guess, it was meant to be. I’m extremely happy to have it.
  12. New to 5th GEN

    I wish Staintune still offered a slip-on. To me, it’s the most appropriate quality and sound for these bikes.
  13. New to 5th GEN

    It was most recently owned by an elderly gentleman who, I think, could just no longer ride it. It’s my understanding the bike only did 26mi, in the last couple years. I bought it through their family friend, who helped facilitate moving the bike on. Not much of a pic, I’m afraid. Haha. It’s still loaded in the truck, until I return from work on the road.
  14. New to 5th GEN

    Thank you, for the links. I’ll have a read, this weekend. I sure will. If you need to move them, PM with details. Thanks!
  15. New to 5th GEN

    Bought a ‘98 with 16K. Helibars are the only addition. I plan to pull the bodywork, completely go through all the systems, plugs, thermostat, fluids, filters, suspensions, etc. This is a really nice bike that needs a little TLC. It’s missing the seat cowl and original clip-ons. If anyone has leads on those items, I’d be interested. I used to service a ‘98 for a friend. I told myself “If I ever come across the right bike, I’m going to have one”. It’ll share space with a ‘15 Tiger 800XCx, ‘02 SV650S, and ‘96 900SS.

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