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  1. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    I assume the black caps are the 330 Ohm resistors? I'll take a look later...
  2. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    Here it is! Done with oil and filter changes. From all the motorcycles I have owned this was the most cumbersome oil change ever :) Trying to load the cozy map next. Does anyone know what the set of (capped off) connectors are in the last picture?
  3. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    Thanks Knute for the link! Not sure why the one I found did not work.... Dutchy, You want a pic of me, the bike, or my wife I'll work on it! My ST1100 has 110000 miles on the clock. Nothing wrong except for a minor oil leak where the alternator is attached to the engine. I'll keep it until something really bad happens to it.
  4. Hello, New owner of a 2004 Honda VFR800 here. I acquired the bike for commute duty to replace my aging ST1100. The PO fitted a PC3USB. Does anyone have a link to the Cozy map (cozye_ver5.djm?)? It looks like it is gone from the download center. Thanks, Thomas

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