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  1. Handlebar Muffs

    You really should have some sort of protection in front of the covers, they tend to push the levers.
  2. Now you are just having fun with me... damn you!!!! I have a VFR trackday already purchased for next spring.
  3. 6th Gen Refresh

    These are some developed very recently. Output shots are pretty impressive. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/led-bulbs/exterior-interior-bulbs/7440-profile-peak-led-bulbs.html
  4. Brake Bleeding VTEC and 5th Generation

    So the process is . Front Brake - Front Right - Front Left Rear brake - level out and Right Push up and bleed at the..... - PCV - (Fit Front Left Capliper back) - (remove wheel and rear caliper, move to 2 o'clock position) - Rear Center - Rear Outer and then the right hand side valve opposite the battery?
  5. Handlebar Muffs

    I would consider the oxford ones that have built in structure, the scooter ones are suicide. Can't risk not being able to access controls at speed.
  6. I was just joking with you. I'm jealous that you are in spring/summer right now enjoying the VFR while mine sits in winter storage.
  7. Newbie with new mods!

    Ooh, that Honda logo is a nice touch. The US-Spec bike doesn't have that DRL that yours does in the bottom right (of the right side of the bike headlight). Those Cap boobies are great, they seal out all the dust and water and stuff. I'll have to use me some of those. I didn't realize we had that much space behind the headlights. Thank you Honda for giving us that kind of space! I think I'm going to end up mounting LED spotlights as cornering lights. I'm more of a form/function kind of guy, and they cornering lights would give vision through the corner while the bike is leaned over. It pretty much points up and to the sky. The H1's fit with no trouble though. I'm glad you replied... not enough people do the projector upgrade. Your's was very cleanly done :).
  8. Brake Bleeding VTEC and 5th Generation

    Okay this makes no sense << What is the "right center front" or "left center front?" That's not clear at all!
  9. Nice stan, what is your address and what hours are you away from home?
  10. 6th Gen Refresh

    Oh yeah, turns out they make an even better product. Nice. Ulitmately a protected connector is the best connector. I use dielectric because it’s around, but I’ve considered something new once this one runs out. It’s on my amazon wish list now. Ultimately metal to metal connection will always prevent issues of insulation between the wires.
  11. Advice needed on second bike

    I have a Versys and agree it’s great to have as a balance bike. Tons of fun in it’s own unique ways too :).
  12. I solved this issue by using one of those disc lock cords. They make a hell of a lot of sense so you don’t forget haha
  13. 6th Gen Refresh

    Please don’t do that, just put dielectric grease on the connectors and call it a day. Not sure of the logic behind soldering together connectors. Your VFR looks much nicer than mine, it’s jealous. I kinda wish I would’ve just waited out buying one until $500 more meant nicer paint and running condition... well this one just needs a repaint I guess. Yours is going to run great for quite a bit.
  14. 5th gen engine in 6th gen

    Shit yeah! You must be pretty fast, post up some lap times :D! I am interested in this swap now, even though I never expect the VFR to be a problem.
  15. Capture

    Doing this to my VFR now, nice Dutch.