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  1. New VFR Owner - Hi and a few Questions

    Didn't they call it "Self amalgaming tape" or summat like that back in the last century?
  2. One Year Review Vid

    Eerm. I've just "done" 9,000 in two months...
  3. And I may have found another tank, so I need to be sure it's "fixed" before I go that route. I think I'll be looking to remove the thing completely, bit more weight gone?
  4. I am suspicious of a faulty canister. It's just getting the time to pull it apart and have a look that I need. And as the bike is running fine with it effectively bypassed, the urgency has moved on somewhat.
  5. Might be because the requirement came out in 2016, so 2015 bikes most likely needed it to be installed to allow them to be sold in 2016/17. The VFR 1200 hasn't got Euro 4 for some reason, and cannot be bought new anymore. I'm not certain of this, but a 2014 version might well not have it installed? Where did you get the fender extender from?
  6. Here it is. Well hidden though. I'll quote from another forum how it works, as far as I can tell if it's a "Euro 4" spec it has this as a finished product... "The EVAP canister has 4 opening in it. One is connected to the breather from the tank where the fuel vapour enters the canister. Another is the purge line where the vapour is drawn, via a solenoid valve, into the throttle bodies. The third is a fuel drain line, presumably in case the canister becomes saturated with vapour, which is open to air via a short hose. The last is the air intake where fresh air is drawn in as the vapour is sucked out. I've attached the diagram from the service manual. It looks to me like there would have to be 2 blockages for the canister to allow a vacuum in the tank: the fuel drain and the fresh air intake". Or the valve stuck with two blockages.
  7. Nope. UK VFR 800F's have them to meet the "Euro 4" emissions standards.
  8. Tires!

    I'll be honest here, I absolutely DO NOT trust Bridgestone in the wet. White lines, skip. Manhole covers, skip A puddle, well they slide. I don't know if it's me but the last time I put them on my old Deauville, (O21 front, 023 rear) I spent way too much time threading the bike through roads and tensing whenever something came up that might make them skip. So off they came, after less than a thousand miles. RS3's went on and the bike was transformed. I was scraping the pegs after 50 miles, in fact they were too good for that bike. My latest VFR 800 came with PR4's, almost new and there was just something about them that made me edgy in the dry, but they seemed ok in damp and wet conditions, but they were such a pig to turn in. I really had to put effort in to turn the bike. Best way I can describe it is that they felt remote, not really telling me what was going on. So I've put RS3's on that as well. Transformed the bike again, it really doesn't matter if it's dry or wet, they turn in, they quicksteer (necessary in London) they tell me what's going on, they don'e seem to be wearing much at all and dry or wet and the only thing that limits me in heavy rain is me. The way it should be. I think turn, the bike turns... I do a commute that isn't brilliant for tyre wear, I also hang off a bit so it's tricky to gauge wear, they are supposed to be really good wearing tyres, I do about 800 miles a week so I'll soon know. No skipping, no slides, nothing that worries me at all. I gave the PR4's to a mate, he loves them. I'll stick to the RS3's.
  9. Air filter

    Exactly the same. Only the oil spec has changed I think. Now a 10/30 instead of a 10/40.
  10. Gear indicator error

    When mine did it I found a load of crud around trhe front sprocket. I think I had over-greased it...
  11. I'd suggest the dealer should be checking it if I'm honest.
  12. Guess mines an Aussie version then now.
  13. Did I just read that right? The Aussie version doesn't have the carbon canister system?
  14. Cheers. I think the noise was coming from the Carbon connection. The tank "vent" I put in is simply a plastic piece of hose from my Vacuum gauges, I cut the hose from the canister so it was open to atmosphere, pretty sure that this is where the noise was coming from. I could be wrong, my daughter picked up the noise before I did, having 60 year old ears means I don't always hear stuff as well. But once she pointed it out, it was plain as day. Oh. And I'm still missing the Linked Brakes my Vtec has.