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  1. Warmup time/miles?

    Thanks, I had seen that suggestion elsewhere and looked hard at these hoses. Mine seem to be in perfect shape and so I am going to leave them be. Now that I understand the procedure I can get back in there pretty easily if a problem arises. People's writeups sure helped, it took some reading to locate the t-body boot screws and then to have the confidence to pry up the throttle assembly, it sure felt like it was bolted to something. Getting it back in was easy even though it was only 45F in my shop (I did not bother with turning up the heater) but I had sprayed the boots with WD-40 or the cheapo walmart alternative and the throttles went back in with a good press downward. I was ready to warm them up with a heat gun on low if needed. Marvelous little engine, power on par with a 1st gen Supra or GTI and yet so small and light.
  2. Warmup time/miles?

    Getting back to this, I just birthed the thermostat and at first I thought I'd bought the wrong replacement part then I realized the old one is a lot taller because it is stuck wide open. I also checked the valves, they are OK. I'm getting new plugs, putting it back together in the next few days after the parts arrive. In the meantime I have to put on a front tire and replace the fork seals. It'll be good to have the bike warm up properly, running too cool can cause serious oil sludge. Thanks for the tips, -Joel.
  3. Weak Starter

    Jeez bump start it and go ride until after the holiday.
  4. Weak Starter

    Hard to imagine owning an older bike and not owning a voltmeter and a battery charger. Have him check the battery voltage, charge the battery, jump the battery from a car... The solenoid can be jumpered as a test but I'd be afraid the buyer would turn that into a disaster. Sounds like they do not have a lot of experience solving the problems associated with a 20 year old motorcycle.
  5. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    Thanks! It looks like my pedal was a bit bent so I heated and bent it to something that looks more correct. It might be OK now without creating more range on the adjuster. As per the PO my bike has been knocked over both ways and has the scars to prove it, so that makes sense.
  6. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    Update: I do want to lower the rear brake pedal a good bit more. This may involve grinding the locknut down to reduce it's height and shortening the threaded rod a bit. The brake light switch will need to be adjusted.
  7. Hi all, Wanting a little more legroom on my 2000 I added some Buell XBR pegs, kit # N006.1AD (Under $40 shipped from New Castle HD in PA, USA) The mounting area needs to be narrowed about 1mm total, take some material off both sides. The pin hole is also overly large but I doubt this is a problem. The stock pin and spring works fine. The sidestand is clear. I rotated the shifter a bit and dropped the brake pedal to max. It seems OK. I'm generally used to reaching up a bit for the rear brake so I may not want more drop on it. Cheers, -Joel.
  8. Warmup time/miles?

    An oil temp gauge would be nice. Gettign the oil up to temp is important. Riding around my neighborhood, I did find that the RH radiator heated up before the bike was at thermostat temp (82C / 180F I believe). With the display showing 135F the RH radiator was too warm to keep my hand on. SO I suppose I need to do the thermostat, but then I need to check the valves also so... Thanks for the info! -Joel.
  9. need o2 sensors

    You can get a lot of gunk off the business end of these with oven cleaner (sodium hydroxide) and in an ultrasonic cleaner with soapy water or similar.
  10. need o2 sensors

    The sensor itself looks like a typical Civic, etc. part but the connector might be a bit different (doubt it though). Wire might be a bit long.
  11. Hi all, New 2000 owner here. I searched but have not found any info on how long it should take the bike to reach operating temperature. On a cool morning, 45F or so, I get to only 155F or so on an 8 mile ride at 50mph with a few stoplights. It took longer than that to get to 200F and I got there only after idling in my driveway for a minute or two. I was trying to get it warmed up enough to get the condensation out of the oil, a perennial problem on my Ducati M900. It hit 100F in less than a mile also, if that helps. Thanks for any insights, -Joel.