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  1. New to 5th GEN

    Welcome ducnut! That looks like a pretty nice, fairly stock machine. I would bet that you can probably find someone who will trade you stock bars for those helibars, they seem like a popular mod for a lot of folks. Like you, I picked up a low mile red 98 recently. My to-do list is similar, basically a lot of deferred maintenance and a few upgrades to the brakes and suspension. http://vfrworld.com/threads/refurbishing-my-99-5th-gen.52488/ -This is probably the best thread I have found for a refurb guide. It gets into more detail than most, but it is well written and has a lot of nice progress pics. Both this board and VFRW are great resources and have a huge amount of info posting just waiting for you to search and read. My bike: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NKHZOKAfENCAWJ3z2
  2. Extreem Heat shielding on a 5th gen

    One more off topic quickie - Gig, is that a full Two Brothers exhaust setup including headers? how about you sell it to me, sound good? Paypal ok?, thanks. Nice bike, where'd you get the little pad for the seat cowl?
  3. Looks great Matt, I have been getting a kick out of the volume of stuff you have been posting on FB. Looks like you got a nice bike with a bunch of quality aftermarket parts on it. Lots of good info here, check the 6th Gen section and a quick search should turn up most anything you want to read & learn about. Welcome!
  4. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    This x2. Sticking thermostat here, figured I'd give the sillycone hoses a whirl, plus I could get BLUE, so fly. For what its worth, a quick look at partzilla makes it look like you can get OEM replacements for most of the hoses for a little less money (for my 5th gen at least): https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/motorcycle/1998/vfr800fi-a-interceptor/water-pump
  5. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Seb, I just pulled the trigger on a set and the ss clamps from AS3 for my 5th gen. I will post up any thoughts once I have them in hand.
  6. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Thank you much! Snagged a decent looking "tested" set on fleabay for $25 shipped. I will be doing this mod as a part of the refresh on my '98.
  7. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    x2 Can someone positively ID the part # or specific donor bike model and year for the GSXR coils that have the "tophat" over the top style seal/boot? Thank you in advance. My ebay search for "gxsr coils" brings up quite a few variations (especially considering the volume of non-factory options) and Partzilla doesn't show specific part images for these.
  8. Unchain My Bike... Or So I Thought...

    Theoretically, wouldn't the reduction in mass from chain to belt allow for quicker acceleration/transmission of power to the drive wheel (much like a lightened flywheel in a car)? Or is the mass of the chain truly negligible when taking the amount of force into consideration? In general, I tend to agree with you, I doubt it'd be measurable in a meaningful way (some fraction of sec quicker in the 1/4mi? some tiny bump in low rpm torque on a dyno?). But what about the feels?
  9. Unchain My Bike... Or So I Thought...

    I'd be curious to see a kit price for this conversion for 5th and 6th gen's (pipe dream I know). Do you think there'd be a market for it that could tolerate the price tag? What do you think this mod would like performance wise on paper? Would the bike be measurably quicker or would all the benefits deliver on the 'feel' side of things only? I am intrigued by this idea and project.
  10. Newbie with new mods!

    Looks like this is already done, have a look at the projector pics.
  11. Unchain My Bike... Or So I Thought...

    Ah yes, you appear to be correct. I missed that Larry mentioned RC45 in his posts, apologies.
  12. Unchain My Bike... Or So I Thought...

    Way out of my depth here admittedly, but you say 'this doesn't help Larry'... why not? If it solved the belt length issue, wouldn't swapping a 6th gen swingarm onto a 5th gen be an easy and relatively cheap swap?
  13. I am also running switchbacks in the clear/smoked turn signal housings. There is no real 'road projection' from the bulbs that I have. They are listed as 192 lumen output, which makes for a nice vibility bump, but not an extra usable vision on the road.
  14. Hello & Intro

    Yes, I snagged a left side mount already to sacrifice for this purpose. The right one one get chopped, just removed. Seat cowl is already on the bike and isn't going anywhere. I have access to a blast cabinet I will need to look and see if I can find a place that does ceramic coating locally.
  15. Hello & Intro

    Thanks so much for the info. Follow ups: Pegs: What year CBR600 pegs are a direct swap? I am pretty comfortable on the bike so far, I've taken a longer weekend trip and have ridden 2 hrs without discomfort, so it isn't high priority, but a quick 1/2-1" lower wouldn't hurt anything given my height. Also, I have found the stock seat to work pretty well for me. If I am riding how/where I want I am not spending a ton of time just sitting on the seat anyhow. Headers - I am going to hold out for a bit and hope that one of the potential new performance headers that get talked about here become available. If not, I will likely just sand blast and coast my stock header. Can - The TBR on the bike is nice, but I just find a high mount to look so much better (and I'd go CF while I was it). I am also going to remove the passenger pegs (chopping a lefty to keep the helmet and seat lock) when I make the switch. Filter - There are better options for sure. For now it was on the 'new to me' bike check/replace list, so I just grabbed something stock(ish) to keep her throat clear. Does anyone want the K&N I took out? Yours for the cost of shipping and the time to clean it.

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