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  1. wrapping a VFR

    BikenG, Thank you for the insights, the knowledge of the cutting tape is great, what I have in mind will need a perfect edge in the middle of a flat surface, I was having second thoughts on if I was going to try and cut it with a razor or get the edge right the first time...both daunting tasks. And I do expect some compromises in finish when compared to paint but vinyl is reversible paint not so much.
  2. wrapping a VFR

    Impressive. I am seeing complete boat hulls wrapped, on high speed boats too. They do add a clear overcoat wrap to it ( I've been told), seems to stay on,it looks great, as good as a paint job costing 10 times as much
  3. wrapping a VFR

    Can a trim strip be done as well?
  4. Thermostat issue?

    Thanks Glenn, that slightly rich smell bugs me but less and less. This bike runs so good, never misses a beat from idle to red line, every time smooth as silk, 200 + miles per tank. I would rather touch nothing unless it needs it.
  5. wrapping a VFR

    For now, just the belly pan, is this a bad thing? I don't know much about wrapping
  6. Thermostat issue?

    I opened the bike up yesterday and looked at what it would entail to change the t stat, thought about how well it runs and thought "screw this" there will be a time I have more apart and I will get to it but for now I would rather ride. this is our season down here, right now!
  7. wrapping a VFR

    great write up, thanks, that looked really good when completed. This would be way more than I am going to go for but that makes me feel as if my project may last if the prep is right.
  8. Sebspeed Clutch Window Mod Group Buy 2017

    I am down with this for my 95 , PM sent!
  9. Nice bike!!! I had the M900 air cooled and really had a blast on it. Like yours the PO had the little concave bar end mirror that will end up killing you because of distance distortion, but they look cool. Only issues I had with mine was electrical relay problems so I always had a spare relay around under the seat.
  10. wrapping a VFR

    If I do anything at all it would be more of accenting some lines and I believe I would defer to a pro wrap guy. Of course pictures will be posted!
  11. Anyone try doing a wrap job on a VFR? Working around boats all day I am seeing wrap jobs that are very impressive, better than hull painting in many respects. I was thinking of doing some moderate appearance changes to my 95 but really would rather not use paint or decals and like the reversibility of vinyl wrap. Anyone done any of this?
  12. ..give me this anyway: I am wearing twice the gear than just about every other biker I will see this weekend. This event is 98% HD boys in a no helmet state. Do I get a credit for that? :>) and, Oh yeah, that was a heck of a smack you took in that photo, thanks for sharing, really
  13. Thermostat issue?

    Great idea, I will do just that. I have always thought this bike was running real cold because of the gauge but it runs like a fully warmed up bike
  14. Thermostat issue?

    Ok Dutch, thanks for that. It ran as if it was up to temp so I wasn't going to jump right in. After my last Ducati, (999) which spent most of its time over 230 degrees and saying it was, this is a big change to be able to idle in traffic at OAT of 95 degrees and not be concerned. Duc sure was pretty though Thanks!!