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  1. Minimum voltage to charge battery when riding?

    recheck the wattage calcs, I believe 12 gauge wire is ok for 20 amps, so amp x volts = watts...240 watts. I am certain you can figure 12gauge for 25 amps but that would be pushing the possible heat gain in the wire. Link to ampacity table below https://www.bing.com/search?q=ampacity+table+for+wire&form=EDGTCT&qs=SC&cvid=3794e751e2bd448a85dca364d9938cde&refig=f1e56a4ff882495cf41e9222bc4b74c1&cc=US&setlang=en-US&elv=AXK1c4IvZoNqPoPnS!QRLOMDDUgKjy8Rd71vvKtwhIXiBiM8BGbcKgyBt9GO14J89UbfcvKG67a1xaeKfQANbeWTGU!pKqzqMaejRQWIe58p&PC=HCTS
  2. Chain Mileage

    must be winter :)
  3. very nice, a question: it appears there is an extension fairing on the belly pan that covers the kickstands and almost goes back to the rear wheel..is that a stock item? It really gives the bike a great appearance
  4. Running cold

    the coolant temp at the block would be optimal because that is the temp you are really interested in. But the temp of the coolant leaving the block just after the thermostat shouldn't be all that much different because any coolant leaving the engine hasn't seen the radiator yet. There may be an issue with the temp probe not being in the coolant liquid, now that may cause an issue.
  5. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    I cancelled my outside job here today because it is 63 F...no, really, we get to be terrible whiners after being here for 30 years. some of my friends are talking about soup and binge watching The Crown
  6. Running cold

    Covering radiators is common in colder climates, truckers had devices to do it from the cab with a louvered assembly. As a guy in a mechanical business my thoughts always go to the possibility of new parts either being bad or subject to an installation error. The design is to keep the water recirculating in the block until it comes up to temperature and when the t-stat opens it can circulate through the radiator, as soon as the temperature of the loop starts to drop the t-stat starts to close and the flow becomes diminished to the radiator until the temp starts to rise again. I just went through this with my 95 VFR, after a lot of valuable opinions and theories I pulled the thermostat out (a bitch) and sure as shoot it was open at room temperature, not good, new t-stat cured it and it runs a steady 185 F even in the relatively cold temps we have had here in Fl last week, 40 degrees F. I don't believe a larger radiator will affect the designed function of the system.
  7. Running cold

    For your own testing peace of mind you could insert an inexpensive pvc plumbing valve into either of the cooling hoses and run an adjustable restriction system and see what happens when you manually cut the flow down. You are talking about it running rich, maybe the engine is running cool enough to cause that. There is also a company or two that builds an inline thermostat deal, usually for race cars, looks trick as hell but smallest size seems to be 1" hose, would have to be modified.
  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.corbin.com/&ved=0ahUKEwj17KCcqqnYAhUE8IMKHTZjB04QFggoMAE&usg=AOvVaw0_hcJhGPn2xn-YzY934A8R This may be the link, in Hollister CA
  9. Just call Corbin motorcycle seats. I called the shop in Ormond beach Fl but everything goes to the main Corbin store in California
  10. Eddie's corner.jpg

    yeah, noticed those shiny pipes right off, looking good VFRoz! What are the boots you have on?
  11. I received my solo seat butt pad from Corbin today. If any of you Gen 4 guys want one of these Corbin is still producing them from templates, not in stock I don't think. It took me 3 weeks from order to fitting it over the Christmas season so that was more than reasonable, as was the $58 price. See if you like it.
  12. Running cold

    Nice bike! If it hits 90C (194F) in traffic but runs colder at speed the thermostat must not be functioning, new or not. The tstats job is to keep coolant in the block and out of the radiator just to keep this very thing from happening. It could be a malfunction of your temp gauge but I expect you have tested that by checking radiator temp already but if not, that is worth checking as well. Good luck! Yeah, what front end is that?
  13. 750.....you gotta stop showing pics of that beautiful gen 3, it breaks my concentration :) Not really, show more!
  14. Great idea! I also hope not to use my frame sliders but nice to have them

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