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  1. Aussie Vfr Riders.

    VT750, his first bike for 25 yrs uses it as a daily rider, and doesn't go that hard so brakes sufficient. He is currently saving for something a bit more serious haha.. Funny though my wifes CB400 has twin disc.
  2. Picture Thread

    What is the bag you are using, did it survive the wet. Colour match is a bonus.
  3. Aussie Vfr Riders.

    I'm in Adelaide and have a 2014 model for a couple of months now and loving it.
  4. Tip over now my 8th Gen won't start!

    My bike fell over last week, rolled off the side stand. 1st time in 14yrs I had a bike fall over. Fortunately only a busted Clutch lever, so glad I fitted Crash knobs. BUT..... This is the first bike I have had crash knobs fitted . Voila.. And the resetting of the tip over switch by turning the ignition off/on had to be done to restart. One positive I know I can pick the bike up The simple act of turning the bars to the LEFT rather than straight or to the right would have been enough to divert the event.
  5. New And Improved Alternative Ram Mount

    Awesome mount, great solution.
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    I noticed this on my first ride and thought that's cool must be EFI thing.
  7. Lane Filtering has been recently made Legal in Adelaide Australia (couple of weeks ago) max speed 30kmh, no use of Pushbike lanes or LHS. Though I have been doing it for the last 30+years it is nice to now be legal.
  8. Exhaust - Akrapovic or Arrow?

    Is it louder than standard with the baffle in or just a different tone. The Arrow is the one that has caught my eye as well.
  9. New Hepco Becker C-Bow Saddlebags

    A lot more affordable than the Honda hard boxes. Doesn't look like too hard to fit and remove. Which is a big bonus with the Honda boxes.
  10. Any New Frame Sliders?

    Oh man that sux, hope your okay
  11. Hello from Adelaide Australia

    Cheers Grum, I contacted Honda Aust who confirmed the inclusions, Tnx for your positive support. I have been back in touch with the Dealer and they are organising the bits for me, so all good. They mentioned that the other couple of VFR's they recently sold were also missing this gear, and as they and new owners were not aware they were not supplied, so the Forum has already been of great service to me. Thanks
  12. Hello from Adelaide Australia

    Haha thanks Dutchy, have had VFR a little on the mind this week, error corrected.
  13. I have just picked up A brand new 2014 plated for very good price there may be one sitting in a dealers somewhere only two differences to the 2017 model.
  14. Any New Frame Sliders?

    Thanks for sharing. Has anyone had the unfortunate incident and tested them? PS: my first post
  15. Hello from Adelaide Australia

    I see that you guys love to see photos so here is one of it still in the showroom :) And one of my old trusty Yam