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  1. It looks similar to the one for the 8th gen bike. http://powersports.honda.com/documentum/MW01/08L74-MJM-D10.pdf
  2. 8th Gen VFR800 Oil Change Guide

    I just did mine yesterday and I think the right side could probably be left on but I took mine off. I tried to skip the radiator screen but I couldn't get the filter out without removing the bolt from the radiator and the screen. I got the filter off but I couldn't get it all the way out. I didn't feel like forcing it just to save a few minutes and risk breaking the fan. This is my first bike with body work in years so dealing with that part was different but the manual does cover it pretty well.
  3. Hello from Bonner Springs,KS

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. VFR is definitely different ride than what I have been on for a long time. I did have a 94 BMW R1100RS back in the day. The V Rod was actually a pretty fun handling bike. Maybe not in comparison to a sport bike but for a bike with a 240 rear tire and a long wheelbase it handled pretty well. I take no offense to anyone's comment against Harley. I like all bikes and it doesn't matter to me what you ride just that you ride.
  4. Just picked up a new 14 white Interceptor today. Coming off several Harley's most recently the Night Rod Special I traded on the VFR. Always wanted a VFR and finally got one. Looking forward to some great rides and weekend trips to Arkansas for some curvy roads. Not much of that around here. Lots of good info on this board. I hope to learn a lot and use the search function to avoid asking questions that have been beat to death already.