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    1993 Honda VFR750F
  1. Here's my white 93. 24k on it, new to me this year. Hondaman what length is that Delk? 18 or 14"??
  2. Can I ask what lengthy that is? 14 or 18"?
  3. Welcome and beauty bike, nice low km too! RC36's are the nicest year imo. I'm guessing it was painted as I have never seen that colour combo. Lots of good info here.
  4. Hybrid Exhaust

    Interesting. Seems like not many guys do it yet everyone seems to want a highmount. I'll have to get the link pipe first and go from there.
  5. Hey all, how many guys are using a custom setup exhaust? Eg a Delkevic high link pipe with another brand muffler. I know the link pipe is 2", is this a common size amongst mufflers? What hanger do you use for the muffler? Any other brands of link pipe? I want a high level pipe for my 93 but also want a better quality can then Delkevic. Devon
  6. What do you want for it?
  7. They do sound fantastic in videos. One of the best. Gonna hold out for a high mount though.
  8. Found this while looking for a highmount. Seller is asking $200. It mounts at same height as stock looks like. Could i mount the can on a highmount midpipe?
  9. Parting out a 1993

    Will you sell the amber rear integrated turn signals?
  10. Braided front brake lines

    Hmm I don't find the stock setting uncomfortable at all.
  11. Saw this on the Facebook RC36 page. Looks like they will be making a panel for the side stand. Maybe seat cowls to come.....
  12. Braided front brake lines

    What are Helibars? Yes i I called Galfer directly to order as I couldn't find them through any distributors. Even Galfer doesn't stock them. Mine were made for my order.
  13. Braided front brake lines

    Just put a full Galfer kit on my 93. Clutch and both brake lines. Went on perfectly! Pricing was about $200 Canadian.
  14. Second one is the new style. Glad it all worked out!