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  1. made progress today, I am under the impression that the stock plastic washer should be under the needle C clip. I don't have that washer. so I went from 3rd to 5th clip position and it's much better! but not perfect to my taste :-) so I may try 6th ... that said, it's really between 1500 to 2500 now that I have the hesitation after that the bike pulls much better. I tried to change the airscrew but that didn't make much difference. Any other ideas? Thank you
  2. 4th groove from the top I assume correct? I'll try this weekend.
  3. Hi, yes it's a CA bike. It wasn't a bike from a member. So I took a 55 miles ride today, the bike runs great after 4k RPM, but still hesitate under 4k and/or while on small throttle openings like 1/8 1/4 then the bike really runs well. I've got the stock needles now but not installed, the FP are still there. I look on Honda parts and the Stock needles needs a washer which I don't have and Honda doesn't sell anymore. Does anyone knows the thickness for these? or better yet have a set of washers laying around? I am thinking to go back to fully stock and go from there. thank you
  4. Sorry everyone for the late reply, I finally got around to cleaning the carb for a 2nd time and now it's working as expected! Goes through RPM fine.
  5. Anyone on the open port / breather that may need a filter?
  6. One question. What are these 2 tubes which are out in the open? Shouldn't they have at least a small breather filter?
  7. Yes, took all the jets out and cleaned. Also spray carb cleaner throughout and waited to see it coming out before putting the jets back it.
  8. Alright, carbs are back in. 3rd clip on the needle, 2.5 turn (ca bike) 132 main, 40 idle. The bike started great, idles ok, for now the issue feels like the bike is struggling to get off idle, once past 3/4000 rpm she goes up ok. This is on the rear stand, not riding. I haven't checked for an air leak yet I'll have limited time in the next 10 days.
  9. Thx, I know Derek. I've done plenty with him regarding the 640 carb and fcr... i had promised myself to buy injection only going forward....
  10. Braided front brake lines

    I've got a set of front stainless brake line from a bike I parted out. it was coated with plastic which started to come off. otherwise fully functional. sounds like the newer brake lines don't come with any plastic around them. Make offer!
  11. pilot screw: 2 turns out Bowl - 10mm should I change any of that?
  12. I haven't taken the pilot yet. Will count. Bench sync, I'll check how to do that. I have a carb tune vacuum tool but always used it with the bike running. I bet YouTube can help thank you!!
  13. So I am adding the K&N filter to replace the open air box, and you are suggesting i go with 132 main even it should be the dynojet main which I don't have? I don't mind messing around with the needle which are easy to get to, but once I have the carb back in, I'd rather not mess with the main..
  14. SO the previous owner was known to muck around and taking the carbs appart as the weather changed.... so.... I got the bike last weekend, I haven't ridden it. It has been sitting in the garage for about 6 years. i am going over it before anything. i did put fresh gas and it started, so that was my green light to dig further. I hope it makes sense. the neighbors said he had to let it warm up like 10-15 minutes before each ride, I found a totally open air box, and this weird combination of needle and jets... so I'll start from scratch. exhaust is a full (header/silencer) twin brother left side exit.... yeeeaaaa.... does anyone has a picture of a stock needle? I see some on eBay I'd like to make sure they are the correct ones. also, does the stock needle needs any washer/spacers? regarding the dynojet needle, it's in the 5th groove from the top!?,! A carb tinker he was... Rest In Peace Steve :-)
  15. Hi everyone, I got an estate sale VFR750 '91. So unfortunately I can't know much of history on the bike. I took the carbs out, I got a 40 and 132 jets and the needle pictured below My questions, 1- what is the stock jetting, I under either 38 or 40 and 128 or 130 , which one ? 2- is the needle below the stock? (I doubt it) and if not, what is the reference for a stock needle? I do not care about performance, I only care about getting the bike back to an easy to ride bike, I don't need the last bit of horsepower. the bike has a K&N filter and a twin brother full exhaust (collector and left side carbon exit) thank you