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  1. Also added this from when I re did my 97 vfr. Had these two decals laying around for the last 5 years. Glad I kept them. So much white.
  2. Ok, got it done this am. Went with a skinnier stripe. I think it looks much better.
  3. I just a bolted on a piece of metal where the red reflector goes . Cheap and easy.
  4. I'm guessing you had to adjust brake and shifter then for that drop? It's weird , they don't look like that much of drop. 1 3/8"
  5. Duc2v4, I agree with you. I made this one out of scrap I had just to get an idea. I may make it a little skinnier as well. So this will be the weekend project along with the new exhaust and puig tinted wind screen.
  6. I think you'd be happy with it then. I feel now that I've had it a short time that positives out weigh the negatives on this bike. Honestly if you don't like it you can always sell it. I usually don't keep bikes more than two years , but this is the first bike I bought new. Also most reviews compare the bike to liter bikes too. So yes, it will feel under powered. Also for the price of the leftovers not many bikes offer what the vfr can for the money. My list of wants before buying it: v4/v2 motor, something I can lean into corners, wind protection, reliability, good looks, comfortable 2 up capabilities. Vfr ticked all the boxes. I guess my only gripe is the weight. Coming from the fz weighing only 400lbs but I'm getting used it.
  7. Well I just sold my fz09 with quite a few mods to get a 14 vfr last weekend. I loved that fz, so much power everywhere. I'm assuming thats how the speed triple is . I was very worried I'd miss the fz. I had a 97 vfr a few years ago and really missed the v4 motor and sound . After putting 85 miles on the new vfr I can't say I miss the fz. I couldn't stand the wind blast of the naked bike and even with upright riding position it wasn't comfortable for more than an hour. The power isn't the same obviously but it has enough past 7k to keep me happy. Sorry this is long winded but I know where you're coming from. I read and watched many reviews of this bike and most weren't good. I test rode it and liked it . Got too good a deal to pass up on it.
  8. Funny, I almost bought the shoei gt air wanderer, ended up getting a really good deal on the gt air Pendelum style. As far as stripe, I was thinking of taking it down to the seat and continuing up the tank. Unfortunately adding the stripe by the headlight won't work. No good way to do it, unless the stripe was an inch wide.
  9. Thanks, and I did watch that vid a few days ago. Not many vloggers for 8th gen vfrs let alone vfrs in general!
  10. I made this out of carbon fiber vinyl. Did this on my fz09 and it looked awesome. Not sure if I like it on the vfr. Could just buy the typical tank pad. What do you guys think?
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Debating drop down pegs as well. Again not sure on .5 or 1" drop. Decisions..
  12. I did lower the seat as I was on my toes with it in the upper position. I haven't ridden it since I lowered the seat however. I feel more comfortable flat footing the thing now. Have you noticed much difference other than that with the lowered seat?
  13. Hello all, just bought my vfr this weekend. Looking into risers. I was fairly comfortable after an hour ride on it. I'm 5.9" so a little riser would make a longer trip easier I think. I'm just trying to decide what size to go with. Looking into the moto pumps .6 and .95. Then I see helibars has a .75 which sounds nice but more money than moto pumps. Is the .6 noticeable enough? I've searched plenty and very few people seem to even own a newer vfr. Thanks