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  1. That's good to know, I appreciate the info! Nice to know a stock baseline for power. Are you near sea level? I think I'll wind up checking on the PAIR or AIS and see if it really is removed. Makes sense, considering its function it could affects things if it's not working right. No sir, carbon fiber 18" two Bros that's now 11"
  2. Oh OK I see. Yeah mine is a two Bros carbon fiber, which has been fairly weathered by UV. I tried to polish it up but a lot of the resin is gone. I'm not too worried about it though, if the shortened version has the desired sound I may clear coat it. Straight pipe is fun but I need at least a little sound deadening. I gotcha, is it common to delete that on these bike? Damn emissions always ruining the fun.
  3. What do you mean by getting pitted? And I'm assuming your talking about just straight pipe yes? Open exhaust sounds realll nice, but I'm not sure I could do open all the time. I wound up cutting the pipe from 18" to 11". Will repack and rivet tomorrow. Stoked to hear how it sounds. When you get that Dynoworks read out be sure to post it! Also I'm not familiar with AIS.
  4. Interesting, OE style filter, and OE exhaust as well?
  5. Yes I will definitely contact him. I usually go to Nels at 2 Wheel Dynoworks in Redmond. He did wonders for my Aprilia, but that was EFI. Would be nice to go to someone who's about the bike! Also I'm in the middle of contemplating shortening my Two Bros can... I want more DB's and I like the look of a shorter can. Plus why spend $300 on a different one. Maybe I'm not seeing the downside at all, slip ons have such a minimal effect on Dyno numbers. Though everybody swears by one thing or another, back pressure, and air flow..
  6. Yes safety is key! I have full gear and a chest/back protector I wear under my jacket as well. I went through a field at 45 last year and walked away so I'm always sure to gear up for the worst! Well that's good facts there. I going to run an AM air filter to see if I can't lean out the AF mixture just a little bit. After flipping through a few threads I've decided to go with the Piper cross filter, and also close up the hole in the air box. I'll Dyno it after and post the results. Could potentially get a little carb work done as well, for it could have been jetted for the UNI filter that was in it when I got it. I'll check to see if the carbs are in sinc too
  7. Yup, same guy! His work is fantastic. I met up with RFVR and the fabricator as well and he knows his stuff! He now has a 4th Two Bros and a 5th gen factory system on his desk. Although my system is there for repair only, but it seemed that replicating it would be within his ability. I would love to contribute to all of your causes in getting a replica made, but no such business has been discussed with the man. This is something that would have to be discussed through RVFR. But for those with 5th gens and of interest, definitely contribute!! For if all goes well, maybe he can be tricked into doing the same for the 4th gen... 😉 Miles
  8. I agree. Seems like people are leaning the if Tyga can't do it nobody can way. Which isn't true, but I understand since this is the first time there's been hope for aftermarket performance headers for the VFR in years. If this guy can do custom header system for the 5th gen, then a 4th two Bros replica would be easy. Just getting the funding and people to follow through is what's key. I'll post photos of this guy's work on my Two Brothers header when it's complete!
  9. Right now I'm working with a private fabricator who is rebuilding a section of my two Bros header and also making a collector and high mount mid pipe. He's also working with another to replicate a set of 5th gen headers. They are out there, just gotta find the right people!!
  10. I have a UMI aftermarket filter that I pulled out of the bike when I first got it. It was over oiled big time. I put in factory style because I wanted a good baseline for my Dyno. I'm going to throw it back in and try snorkel delete and plugging the hole too and just see what happens. Average I've seen is low-mid 90's so I'm at a OK place. Just wanted to see what people are getting to see if it's worth the $$ for more ponies. 106 is pretty high! What have you done to the bike? I'd be extremely pleased if I could get 13 more ponies out of her...
  11. So I'm curious, what kind of power is your VFR 750 making? Also what modifications have you done to get there? I have a Two Brothers full system, factory style paper filter, and someone cut a hole in the air box for whatever that's worth. No idea if it's been jetted, but the carbs looked untouched with factory Philips head screws.
  12. From the album The JunkenViffer Story

    Pre 5th-Gen Mirrors and Zero Gravity DB
  13. From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  14. From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  15. From the album The JunkenViffer Story

    The supersport tail cap is a really sweet addition!