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  1. Slave rebuild necessary?

    Great info, thanks man. Actually had the slave go out that I replaced my old one with, just stopped holding pressure and puked it's guts out everywhere. Now the original is on and works great. Miles
  2. Reg/Rec caught on fire...

    Rectumfrier sounds about right! Well all the parts are on their way and she should be up and running by the end of the week! Hopefully with a quality RR replacement this won't ever happen again...
  3. IMG_20170507_201441992.jpg

    Thank you very much! Waiting for the moment in time when I have the money and can find one at the same time. Getting the entire bike back to fully functioning order has been an endeavor, the paint work was the easy part 😁
  4. Reg/Rec caught on fire...

    Yeah no shit! Was probably the best place it could have happened, if I was on the side of the road it could have taken my whole bike down with it... Just have some fairing repair to do and the seat is fairly unscathed for what happened, I have a new cover I'm going to throw on it. Ordered a new type reg/rec from wiremybike.com along with a new plug for the VFRNESS. The reg/rec that was on there was an aftermarket "replacement" never again, learned my lesson the hard way. The irony in this is that I had the spare OE reg/rec in my backpack too just in case.... didn't think it would go out like that though. Thanks guys! Miles
  5. So this weekend I was down in Shelton, WA at The Ridge Motorsports track flagging and doing some track time. I rode down that morning (130 miles) with no problems. Also I've had my Reg and the VFRNESS installed for about 3k miles without any issues. The only thing I ever noticed is my lights would get brighter at 9-11k RPM's. Anyways I was able to ride the track for 20 minutes, about 8 hot laps of pure V4 glory with no issues. Parked for a brief 5-10 minute lunch before I hopped back on the track for about a mile to get back to my post at turn 8. When I got off the bike I noticed a little smoke from the rear wheel area, first I thought maybe hot header? Or some smoke from the tires? It was probably 85+ with real hot pavement. I walked around the other side and saw flames erupting from my f***ing fairings!! Luckily I had a fire extinguisher at my post and blasted away at it to no avail, had to rip off my side fairing and unplug the damn thing. Very sad way to end an awesome day 😥
  6. IMG_20170528_190120038.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  7. The JunkenViffer Story

    Here is all of the photos thus far from my Fourth Gen VFR build. It's been quite the adventure! Hope you enjoy the photos.
  8. IMG_20170528_190115940.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  9. IMG_20170528_190055795.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  10. IMG_20170528_131314759.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  11. IMG_20170507_201441992.jpg

    Thanks man! Means a lot 😁
  12. IMG_20170507_201525483.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  13. IMG_20170507_201441992.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  14. IMG_20170507_201343899.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story

  15. IMG_20170507_201326310.jpg

    From the album The JunkenViffer Story