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  1. The claimed power output from the many slip on exhausts out there varies a fair amount. I've got the Akrapovic on mine which claims +3kw (4.1hp) and is one of the higher ones that I saw when researching, but it also happens to be one of the dearest slip ons. https://www.akrapovic.com/#!/motorcycle/product/road/15112/documents?brandId=30&modelId=137&yearId=4067 Another way to increase "go" is the OEM quick shifter. Faster gear changes without having to blip the throttle equals quicker acceleration. After that, the best way to go quicker on the VFR 800 is the kilo shave. Some people take the centre stand off which is apparently 2kg of weight and then use a paddock stand to lift the rear off the ground for chain maintenance. Lithium ion battery is another 2-3kg shave. After that, best weight saving is to not fill the tank up to full.
  2. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    Well that's interesting. One of the first "mods" I did to my VFR when I bought it was fit the 24mm Motopump spacers. With them fitted I noticed that with the steering turned, it would tighten the throttle cable to a point where it was very slightly increasing engine revs and I opened the throttle play up a couple of mil to solve it. Out of interest, in your pic, you said you released the cables from two cable holders, as indicated with the red arrows. What about the third cable holder closest to the throttle itself, right at the top of your pic. Did you release the cable from that holder as well or is the cable thru that holder? I'm just wondering if my throttle cable is routed correctly or different to yours.
  3. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    The issue is the handle bar spacers I can see in the picture. When you have the spacers fitted, it reduces the amount of slack you have in the throttle cable between left and right. If you take the spacers out and then check the free play between left and right, you will find you can adjust the cable free play up tighter before it causes a problem.
  4. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    This is a gatorgreg thread with obligatory video clip after all. Splitting hairs is the least that will happen in here!
  5. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    I thought it was only 200rpm increase, not 250rpm.
  6. How sensitive is the ABS?

    I'm still riding on the OEM Dunlop D222 Vaseline hoops and it's the wet season here atm so it's easy to activate the ABS for me. You don't get the pulsing thru the front lever, but you can notice the front tyre squirming I guess is the best way to describe it. The rear feels differently. Again I don't notice any pulsing thru the pedal, but you can feel some kind of pulsing thru the tyre and up thru the bike. Again, hard to describe. But the ABS on this bike works very differently to my previous bike, the ER-6n which had heavy coarse pulsing thru both the lever & pedal when the ABS activated.
  7. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Oh, I'm sure my opinion of it will change once I've ridden it with the exhaust installed instead of strapped to the pillion seat in a box.
  8. Specifications and Differences

    Yes it is. I distinctly remember reading the specs when I was researching the bike as I bought mine in 2016 just prior to the announcement to the updated 2017 model. The Aust website quoted 242kg, which is also the same weight specified in the owners manual. (page 129). The Aust Honda website now quotes 239kg on the 2017 model. Honda's Aust website is one of the worst motorcycle website's I've ever seen, but it's what we have here down under. http://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Sports_Touring/VFR800F The power output varies from source to source, the Aust Honda website does not list power outputs. But when reading reviews and so on, the power output was often quoted as 76kw on the 2014-16 such as the www.bikesales.com.au review on the bike, but this review has been revised to reflect the 2017 model with 78kw, red & silver colours and also interestingly enough, 226kw curb weight instead of what they quoted previously, 242kg wet. http://www.bikesales.com.au/editorial/details/quick-spin-honda-vfr800f-49422/
  9. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    Well I put an Akrapovic slip onto my VFR today! Can't say that I have noticed any difference though. Still sounds the same, didn't notice any extra power and if anything, it felt a little bit heavier. Pouring down with rain atm and I've got limited room on my patio so no room for a decent pic with it properly installed. Overall it was easy to install. The only hassle was fitting the centre stand stopper rubber into the Akra's bracket and torqueing the clamp with my 1/2 drive torque wrench adapted down to a T45 was fiddly. Can't wait for the weather to clear up a bit to get out and try it on the road and take better pics.
  10. Specifications and Differences

    There is also a change to the weight and power output on the 2017. It's now listed as 239kg, down from 241kg and power is up to 77.9kw from 76kw on the 14-16.
  11. Not a bad watch there Gatorgreg. Thanks for posting. Amazing that your doing those sorts of speeds on a public road there. Just out of interest, if the Popo caught you for 100mph on those roads, how much trouble would you get into? Here in Australia, 100mph (160kmh) on the open road, 68mph (110kmh), would be instant suspension of license for 3 months, impound of vehicle for a month and a couple of thousand dollars fine.
  12. Quick Shifter Experiences

    There is another part number in the system for the QS, an updated version, part number 08U-MNM-D11. Not too sure what the difference is between the two. The "D11" usually comes up as the replacement on the euro sites such as www.motorcyclespareparts.eu. https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/honda-genuine-parts/08u70mjmd11-kit-quickshifter.aspx I've used partszilla before myself, no problems.
  13. Depends on where you are in Australia. Prices on cars/motorcycles are a bit higher over where I am in W.A. due to freight costs from east coast. I paid 15,740 for my 2016 in November 2016 and also got 12 months rego, 45 litre top box, carrier, hugger & tank pad.
  14. Man I really am loving this bike

    Now you know why I don't post much. ...I'm too busy riding mine!
  15. Coming back to VFRs??

    If your after a bike with a top box and panniers, you'd better stop looking at the Ninja then. it can't have both together OEM. About the only problem I am aware off with the 8th gen over the 6th is the heavier clutch. For what ever reason, Honda put a smaller slave cylinder in the Hydraulic clutch on the 8th which means a heavier clutch. May or may not be an issue depending on your hand strength. Personally for me, the only problem I have with my 2016 8th gen is that I can't ride it enough. :P