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  1. Ducati supersport

    I have a Corolla? Oh wait, what's that out the back patio under a tarpaulin...It's a 2010 Corolla. Gee, forgot that was there! VFR Panniers & top box is for carrying clothing, helmets, camping gear, books, lap top and other assorted personal effects. Ducati luggage is for carrying tools, diagnostic equipment, spare parts, extra coolant, oil, breakdown membership card and satellite telephone in case you get 100km's before your first break down.
  2. Ducati supersport

    So which is the better bike? Honda VFR or Ducati Super sport? The Honda is cheaper, reliable, better pillion seat, dash, less vibration, includes a centre stand, bigger fuel tank, bigger panniers, two top box options and has adjustable riders seat height & handle bars. The Ducati has more power. ..and the winner is, The Ducati! Yay!!!! Whoohoo! Who care's if it will shake your teeth out, break down, can't carry anything larger than a tooth brush, has a 200km range and has a dash you can't read or make heads or tails off. ...It has more powa! Power always wins! Silly people who thought the VFR had a hope in hell against the Ducati Super sports! Ok, got that off my chest.
  3. Ducati supersport

    Here is an interesting way to compare the VFR to Supersport. Spend the same bucks on each. Price's would vary country to country, but here in Australia, for the price they want for the basic Super Sport, I can buy a VFR and; - Akrapovic slip on. - Quick shifter. - Lithium ion battery. - OEM panniers, bags, locks etc. - OEM 45 litre top box, carrier, plate, lock etc. - Hugger, radiator guard, tank pad, levers, bar ends & handle bar spacers. I could then take off the centre stand and the first time I pull into the petrol station when the fuel light comes on, only put 12.5l instead of 18l of fuel. That would give the VFR an extra 3kw, no weight gain, over 100 litres hard lockable luggage, a comfier riding position and some bling/protection all for the price of the SS ready to ride out the dealer yard stock as a rock. Track fun? Well the VFR still won't equal the SS on paper, but without the luggage the extra 3kw and -12kg approx will help narrow the gap. And if you compare the VFR DLX to the SS erm, S, then you'd have to get into some gold plating or something to get the VFR up to that price, or pay the insurance for the next 5 years. Or maybe buy the VFR stock and with the change, buy a second hand fireblade thou for the track. Again, prices will vary between countries, but here in Aus, I can buy a 2008-2011 CBR1000RR for the price difference between the VFR (only DLX here) and the Super Sport S ride away. Edit. Actually, for the price of the Super sport, I can buy the Kawasaki ZX-14. Yeah, it's heavier than the VFR or SS. But put helibars/luggage on them and they make a decent sports tourer and good luck trying to keep up with one on the road or track.
  4. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    Erm, like wow. I didn't expect that from Honda. New gold wing? I expected wider, longer, heavier and even more accessories you could never ever use but that, that I didn't expect. Lighter, funkier, better looking. Well done Honda! I'll keep my VFR though.
  5. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    The VFR just doesn't come across as a "wheelie" bike to myself. My previous bike Kawasaki ER-6n is a 650cc Naked. Nakeds imho are a "hooligan" sort of bike, they just seem right to wheelie to myself over a sports tourer such as the VFR. I used to wheelie the ER-6n a lot, usually just a very low carry or bounce, but occasionally I'd put some serious air under the front tyre, right up to balance point. Wheelies and Nakeds imho go together. I've wheelied the VFR a couple of times, with the TC on and felt it spank my right hand, and a couple of time with it off just to say that I did it. But it just seems to myself that the VFR just isn't for doing wheelies on. I have lots of fun on mine chucking it around corners and cracking the throttle open & QS gear changes to make the V4 sing!
  6. Buying advice - 8th gen

    My take on ABS is that it's a great training tool to teach you to never need it. If you practice your braking, having ABS is a great way to find your traction threshold with confidence. On a non ABS bike, you'll be worried about locking the front up and potentially crashing so some riders may never find that threshold and never reach the full potential of their bike's brakes. On an ABS bike, you can practice braking deeper and deeper until you feel the ABS kick in and then you know that you've reached the threshold.
  7. Well I just noticed that Akrapovic have added a new product on their web site, a different slip on for the 2017 8th gen. The part number, weights & power figures are different between the two; 2016 S-H8S03-HRT 72.7/75.8kw, 73.8/76.4nm, weight of 2.4kg compared to stock 4.9kg. 2017 S-H8S04-HRT 71.0/72.8, 70.1/71.4nm, weight of 2.3kg compared to stock 4.6kg. Akrapovic supply dyno sheets for both slip on's so assuming they use the same dyno & parameters, it indicates a bit of a difference between 2014-2016 & 2017 models, probably due to the 2017's Euro 4 compliance. I guess that the Akrapovic slip on is an OEM in Europe so, is there a different Honda part number for the 2017 now? http://www.akrapovic.com/#!/motorcycle/products?brandId=30&modelId=137&phaseId=1
  8. You can also take off the centre stand. That would be worth 3-4 pounds? Mostly though, if you stop eating those cheese burgers.....
  9. Ah ok, I missed your tongue in cheek. I usually loose 2-3 kilo's in Summer. I'm 5ft 8 and currently 77kg, usually 75kg in Summer so I'm not that much over ideal BMI. No, really, I'm not!
  10. The usual. It's winter atm where I am so a full textile winter jacket with back protector is probably 3kg on it's own, 1.5 for the Helmet, 0.5 for shin boots, another kilo for textile pants with armor. It add's up. Try it yourself. Jump on the scales in your regular day wear then gear up and see how much extra you weigh in gear. You'd be surprised.
  11. So, ride squid/naked then? Full ATGATT adds 8 kilo's according to my bathroom scales. I highly doubt I could loose 8kg from my lean & mean physique!
  12. Except that Gasoline has a weight of 755 grams per Litre. So filling up the tank half way only saves 7.5 kilo's. You can notice the difference between empty and full petrol tanks when your chucking the VFR around in the corners. it's a lot more flickable when on empty.
  13. The claimed power output from the many slip on exhausts out there varies a fair amount. I've got the Akrapovic on mine which claims +3kw (4.1hp) and is one of the higher ones that I saw when researching, but it also happens to be one of the dearest slip ons. https://www.akrapovic.com/#!/motorcycle/product/road/15112/documents?brandId=30&modelId=137&yearId=4067 Another way to increase "go" is the OEM quick shifter. Faster gear changes without having to blip the throttle equals quicker acceleration. After that, the best way to go quicker on the VFR 800 is the kilo shave. Some people take the centre stand off which is apparently 2kg of weight and then use a paddock stand to lift the rear off the ground for chain maintenance. Lithium ion battery is another 2-3kg shave. After that, best weight saving is to not fill the tank up to full.
  14. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    Well that's interesting. One of the first "mods" I did to my VFR when I bought it was fit the 24mm Motopump spacers. With them fitted I noticed that with the steering turned, it would tighten the throttle cable to a point where it was very slightly increasing engine revs and I opened the throttle play up a couple of mil to solve it. Out of interest, in your pic, you said you released the cables from two cable holders, as indicated with the red arrows. What about the third cable holder closest to the throttle itself, right at the top of your pic. Did you release the cable from that holder as well or is the cable thru that holder? I'm just wondering if my throttle cable is routed correctly or different to yours.
  15. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    The issue is the handle bar spacers I can see in the picture. When you have the spacers fitted, it reduces the amount of slack you have in the throttle cable between left and right. If you take the spacers out and then check the free play between left and right, you will find you can adjust the cable free play up tighter before it causes a problem.